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- Hide Preview | 62 Comments | submitted 7 months ago by WarriorMonkMode [Post Locked]

When I first came across this sub, I had parroted the teachings until they became second nature.

I lifted, ate right, gamed multiple women, reinvented myself and became self employed.

Then, the siren's call of MGTOW called out to me: I had grown bored. Gaming women had become a chore. What was the point? Why work out? Why continue reading? I was perfectly happy being on my own.

That's when it happened: I had become comfortable in my own mediocrity.

Gained 50 lbs. I haven't seen my resting six pack in 4 months, always promising myself that I'd get my shit together tomorrow.

That cute new girl? Eh, I'll get her number tomorrow.

Read a new book? I'll just do it tomorrow.

Post quality content? Tomorrow.

Always tomorrow.

Then tomorrow would come, and the cycle would repeat: tomorrow was, conveniently, always a day away.

Excuses would come: "but I'm Redpilled, so I know what the fuck is going on and it's my choice to be a lazy fuck. Don't I deserve a break!?"

My point being is that no matter how far we've come along on the Redpill, we're walking a fine line. The only difference is that the stakes are raised the further we come along, as well as the risk of falling off the wagon.

The assaults on our psyche never end. The propaganda is unrelenting. The fact of the matter is that a Redpilled individual is a hostile entity inside the blue pilled matrix. We must always be vigilant. We're not welcome within this system. Like the human body, white blood cells are produced when a foreign entity is detected in an attempt to eliminate the threat. The matrix is always adapting, both passively and actively looking for ways to get you back into the fold.

It doesn't matter if you're ultimately beneficial to the host. The fact of the matter is you're different and that's the only justification the body needs in order to eliminate you without remorse.

I was talking to a friend of mine who had bought "the Manipulated Man" and proudly posted it up on his Instagram. "Fuck the haters #theRedPill" he wrote underneath. When he shared the picture with me I immediately called him up and said "take that shit down, you dumb fuck!"

Too late. Within minutes, the post-wall single mother of two beautiful mixed race boys with two different fathers from his gym unleashed verbal diarrhea upon his wall telling him that he was walking a dark path, he was reading toxic material, how the book was the work of a self hating misogynist, how she had concerns about his mental health. And on and on and on.

The next day at the gym, gym mates pepper him with concern. The women looked at him like a pariah and his coach took him aside to "set him straight" about his relationship troubles with his ex, who has been in contact with the gym. I shit you not, one of the purple belts sat down with him and said that "men are the source of all evil in the world, and you must fight that!"

He sat down with me later that day, embarrassed. I laughed at his misfortune: "I'm positive that I told you not to say shit about TheRedPill to anyone, this is why." Needless to say this guy feels like he's walking on eggshells the last several weeks at his gym and has to look for a new gym.

We're never more than one step away from surrending our sobriety and indulging in our bad habits of the past. For me, it is food. For him, it is validation. TheRedPill is a double edged sword: you can accomplish great things with it if handled competently, and it can end your life if you wield it recklessly in an attempt to seek validation.

If you want to share knowledge, don't expose yourself carelessly: disguise your message under the the guise of simple self improvement. It is your responsibility, for your own safety, to always be finding a way to communicate your thoughts efficiently whilst also refining the message you're trying to convey.

You can lie to the world, but always be honest with yourself. Once you start lying to yourself, you'll lose your grip on reality, just like inception, and you'll get lost before you even know it.

In the same vein, you owe no one an explanation.

Nobody needs to know outside of this forum why you choose to think the way you do. All they need to know is where you stand and to stay out of the way.

Anyway, just remember that you have no friends out there. Only competition and enemies. You're a foreign entity in a hostile host. If you draw attention to yourself, the host will send the betas out to repurpose you and get you back in line, or eliminate you. Don't try and flaunt your knowledge when you don't have anyone backing you up, the opposition is already looking for witches.

Each individual ant in a colony acts as a "cell" as if it were a part of large organism. The colonies can connect with other colonies and form what we call "super colonies." Essentially super organisms.

We're but cells in the super organism of the matrix. A living, breathing super colony that spans continents. Until the "virus" that is the Redpill infects more cells and repurposes them, you as an individual need to stay under the radar. The tallest nail gets the hammer after all.