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- Hide Preview | 46 Comments | submitted 8 months ago by Rollo-Tomassi [Post Locked]



Imagine, if you will, that you buy a lottery ticket and you win. After taxes the payoff is $2 million. Not an exorbitant amount by today’s standards, but still quite a lot of money for the average paycheck to paycheck person. For some it may be what could be described as Fuck You Money, easily enough for most people to retire on very comfortably.

How would this newfound fortune change your life? How would it change your family and your friend’s dealing with you? Would they be happy for you? Maybe jealous? Would you be able to manage the changes in your daily routine? If you were accustomed to one lifestyle and then switched to a more affluent lifestyle would it be a good change? Or would you become someone else?

Now lets say you could possibly win $100 million if you made an almost certain bet. There were still some risks involved, but nothing that would threaten your life in the short term. How would winning this kind of money reflect on your daily routine? Would it be different than your winning $2 million? Money would cease to be an object for you for the rest of your life and likely the lives of your children, maybe even grandchildren and all you really had to do was make a smart bet that you believed would pay off.

What if you only won $1 million or $500,000, but you were only making $36,000 a year and scraping by the best you could? Again, all you have to do is look for the best opportunity to make a short term sacrifice and the money would be yours. Would you compromise your ‘principles’ (assuming you have any) temporarily to change your life in the long term more significantly?

Imagine you had a Golden Ticket that had a potential to win you $70,000 per year or if you played things right it had the potential to earn you $10 million per year if you were wise enough to capitalize on it. How would that change your outlook on life?

What rationales would that prompt you to in order to reconcile that other people might not have the same potential for cashing in –without really earning it – that you do?

[-] MattyAnon 66 Points 8 months ago

The fact that women don't act in a way that realises and leverages the fundamental truth of the Golden Ticket proves that they are in fact women.

It's actually not as easy for women as the article implies. Quality men don't pay and don't commit easily. To net a quality man she has to prove her sexual worth prior to commitment (quality men don't buy goods untested) and then she's vulnerable to him deciding she's not the woman he wants to commit to. Post-sex, he has the upper hand and there's always the risk he'll demand a prenup (and if he has an ounce of intelligence he will).

She also feels deep down that any man who will commit to her easily isn't good enough for her. Most men utterly fail to walk the tightrope of being with her while convincing her that he's good enough for her.

Long term golden ticket winning requires short and medium term sacrifice - something humans are utterly miserable at. Most people will take short term great sex over long term financial options, and "worry about that later". Most men won't chat up women because the short term pain of potential rejection overshadows long term sexual happiness. Most people don't cut down on calories and exercise more even though the benefits are stunningly obvious.

The Golden Ticket also comes with a huge cost in her assessment: commitment with a man she cannot respect and who her friends don't find attractive. Most women struggle to be able to settle with (and settle for) provisioning-offering beta males who are waiving their golden tickets as vigorously as their weak little arms will allow. "Maybe... if I just hold on a little longer... Mr Sexy Prince Charming will offer the same commitment as weak little billy beta here".

She's been taught since birth that she can have her alpha fucks AND her beta bucks in the same person. It's not until she's 30 and compromise is foisted upon her that things change. Until then she's available for men like me to enjoy at negligible cost.

[-] Halfcowdog22 16 Points 8 months ago

Wait what? She can have both if they guy lifts, has money, can defend himself, is socially dominant and is still faithful to his girl. Just most guys with those qualities wont commit because theyre not family oriented for whatever reason.

[-] [deleted] 23 Points 8 months ago

Just most guys with those qualities wont commit because they're not family oriented for whatever reason.

Ah, but they are all those things because they do not commit. It is no coincidence

[-] [deleted] 4 Points 8 months ago


[-] [deleted] 14 Points 8 months ago

It's all about why you commit, if you commit so you can keep her, you're doing it wrong. If you commit because you like her but will leave her if you get bored, you're in the right frame of mind

[-] MattyAnon 14 Points 8 months ago

She can have both if they guy lifts, has money, can defend himself, is socially dominant and is still faithful to his girl. Just most guys with those qualities wont commit

How can she have this if the guy won't commit?

[-] [deleted] 8 months ago
[-] HeadingRed 9 Points 8 months ago

About 30 years ago a good friend of mine used the "golden ticket" analogy to describe women in pretty much the same way. My dumbass young and overly optimistic self said something like it's different now - women want to work, she'll love me for me and "Even if you're right it doesn't matter because I found the good one who doesn't think that way.

And in the affluent suburbs of Chicago I see boatloads of trophy wives driving 100k SUV's. When you encounter them with their husbands sometimes you see they are pretty well matched physcially. And often not. McLaren pulled up in front of the store while I was out the other day. Guy got out - 50's fit as fuck. Wife gets out - 30's looking good. I'm staring at the car and they are talking as they get out. I hear "pick him (son) up tomorrow from X because I can't be there" clearly talking about their kid.

There's some golden tickets out there and they are electroplated with a CZ in the corner. And there are golden tickets 24k about an inch thick covered in perfect 5kt D diamonds.

About any woman can get a golden ticket - the amazing thing is about every women thinks they can get the McLaren when they are Corolla grade material.

[-] MattyAnon 3 Points 8 months ago

it's different now - women want to work, she'll love me for me and "Even if you're right it doesn't matter because I found the good one who doesn't think that way.

hahaha ... I think we've all been there :)

About any woman can get a golden ticket - the amazing thing is about every women thinks they can get the McLaren when they are Corolla grade material.

And most settle, and then BLAME THE MAN.

Even when they settle, they're still getting an income for live. For even a modest income that's still an income value (after tax) of $100's K. And she gets that either in marriage or in divorce. No-lose for women.

[-] HeadingRed 3 Points 8 months ago

-And most settle, and then BLAME THE MAN.

Took me a while to get that one - how angry they are at their own choice. He becomes their daily visual reminder of how they didn't get what they really wanted.

Also how often they think it's just because they are not attractive enough - when it's the attitude and personality that kills the relationship almost every time.

[-] griz3lda 2 Points 7 months ago

Compromising your principles wouldn't be the deterrent, rooming with someone you don't like for life/longterm would.

[-] CainPrice 30 Points 8 months ago

This extended metaphor on marriage pre-supposes that the majority of women are mercenaries who are -deliberately- seeking out and marrying men of means, that they don't necessarily even like, with the specific intention of divorcing them later and cashing in. That happens with an extremely small minority of women and isn't a common thing.

The overwhelming majority of women marry a man intending to go the distance, but end up bored and unsatisfied 4-7 years in. They really did marry the guy with the best of intentions. They weren't sitting on a "golden ticket", comfortable that if things didn't work out, they'd be able to cash in via divorce, which let them marry a guy all willy-nilly. They really thought, in the moment, that getting married to that guy was the right thing for their life.

Where things go wrong is when we get to that 4-7 year mark, women wake up one morning unhappy and realize that they live in a world where most of their friends are divorced, the few that are allegedly happy seem obnoxiously so when you read their Facebook pages which makes an unhappy women think her normal marriage is actually an unhappy one, and single mothers are glorified as heroes regardless of the reason for the divorce or how great their husbands were. Only then, in this future moment 4-7 years later, when a wife really begins to seriously consider divorce, does she realize "Hey, this isn't going to be so bad. I should be okay financially."

I guess you could say that she's had this golden ticket her entire life, but she didn't notice or think about it sitting in her pocket until she was married for 5 years and unhappy. The idea that any significant number of women are wandering mercenaries, hunting for men to cash in on via a brief marriage and subsequent divorce, is pretty out there.

[-] DeontologicalSanders 23 Points 8 months ago

The lack of intent doesn't make the consequences any less severe. Or any less likely to occur.

[-] NeedingAdvice86 15 Points 8 months ago

This.....if you are meeting tons of chicks that go around contemplating how they can marry their way into a golden ticket at this level of foresight then you have shitty places that you are seeking women.

The vast majority of women are, in fact, looking for the dream of a family\children which is the envy of their community. In another irony of human mating is that guys who come off as good husband material also tend to be boring as fuck dudes who lack the imagination\personality to keep long-term tingles. Most are actually quite lazy, dim and don't have the personality to be interested in exploring various things in life......most of them once they get easy access to some kind of pussy on a fairly regular basis get quite lazy...become fat slobs...have little imagination in leading varied, interesting lives and basically drone on with the 9-5 workday, Sunday dinner at her parents house and the same vacation every summer to the same place. So it does become boring as fuck...the hypergamous chicks cheat and divorce their boring duds hoping to find again the adventure of their earlier days....but the vast, vast majority of women don't divorce but turn their entire world\focus toward their children.....these women are the ones who wax unendingly at every gathering about their children and soft bitch about the many faults of their husband....many begin to display a barely hidden distaste for their husband but have little interest in going thru the rigors of divorce or another round of dating\mating. Mostly because they think that all men as just as boring and can't imagine that there is any man who is of enough value to put forth such an effort again....better to just focus on the kids and enjoy the nice home, etc.

[-] MattyAnon 13 Points 8 months ago

pre-supposes that the majority of women are mercenaries who are -deliberately- seeking out and marrying men of means, that they don't necessarily even like, with the specific intention of divorcing them later and cashing in.

I'm sure most women hope not to have to divorce... but they are very very clear that they win in all possible scenarios. That's why they object so strongly to prenups.

They really did marry the guy with the best of intentions

Not really. Sex is on the decline before marriage and after that it falls off a cliff. It's not "best of intentions" it's "I'm not getting good sex and I don't find him that attractive but marriage benefits me". Those intentions are not honourable however you phrase it.

[-] RPmatrix 4 Points 8 months ago

Where things go wrong is when we get to that 4-7 year mark

IME it's more like the 18-24mth period that things go awry if you haven't bred ... and even if you have, I've had 8 LTRs longer than a year but less than two.

They were lust/attitude based relationships, not so much 'love' and definitely not for 'breeding'! They were all "snow lepoards" when I met them, all "amazing special women" but people change. I think quite a few women are 'snow lepoards' until they meet a guy like me who 'changes everything' about the way they 'thought about' themselves and guys/relationships.

TBH I still have a few soft spots in my heart for some of these women and a touch of guilt at the 'accidental alpha widows' I made ... oh well, sometimes I feel guilty when I see a fat cat lady who would've been a smokeshow when she was skinny and in her 20's pumping 'pussy power' and certain she would end up with "mr wonderful' and ended up with "Mr Puddles" (the cat) instead

My thoughts are that, "biologically speaking", that IF the girl I was with, became pregnant in our first month together this is just enough time for me to ensure my child survives it's first 18mths at which point I can 'rinse and repeat' the whole thing with another woman, just as nature intended some of us males to do

As the 'honeymoon phase' would last 12-18mths which is long enough for the child to begin to walk and talk, making it (somewhat) easier for a mother to handle taking care of it on her own (with the tribe of course)

[-] RedGunnera 30 Points 8 months ago

I know that if I had a ticket like this I would be spending a lot of time thinking about it.

How can I get the most out of my ticket?

What social situations do I need to seek out to have the best chance?

What strategy should I take for when to settle for a good option vs. when to hold out for a better one?

What is the payback on my ticket for putting in all this extra work on self improvement vs. “just being myself”?

It would become a very consuming activity and would add a lot of additional stress to my life through trying to maximise my ticket as a form of loss aversion.

As for rationalising that other people may not have a ticket as gold as mine, I am already aware of the answer to this one - being grateful for what I’m given and understanding that the world is inherently unfair.

[-] a_passager 29 Points 8 months ago

History has shown that societies with a number of people like this will trend into a class system.

Fortunately biology compels parents to care for their kids and pass on the benefits they have, regardless of identity. Unfortunately it is possible to put laws in place that limit who benefits

[-] AlphaTrumpsfapping 21 Points 8 months ago

100% Adults should be able to make a better life for their children.

A dollar in the hands of the individual always goes further than in the hands of the government.

[-] redpillcad 13 Points 8 months ago

Worthless tickets inspire bitter barren bitches who wear pussyhats and live in cat colonies

[-] MoDuReddit 11 Points 8 months ago

As much as I enjoy indulging "what ifs" in a scenario simulation and question posing way, this post feels pretty much like mental masturbation daydreaming about winning the lottery.

[-] [deleted] 13 Points 8 months ago


[-] MoDuReddit 3 Points 8 months ago

Ok, then I'll bite deeper.

You think having lots of money suddenly will change your life. Having money opens doors, it doesn't change you.

You conflate money with value. All the money in the world means jacks shit if you'r stuff in the middle of Africa. Yeah, you can buy anything, but you're still in a shithole full of flies.

You conflate money with status. Probably because you want both and think they're inseparable. Watch more documentaries and less MTV Cribs.

You're concerned about your perception among others, instead being concerned about how you feel.

You're concerned about what others would do and what they "earn", instead of focusing on what you want and what you get.


Is that deep enough for your or do you want me parse your essay line by line? Because sometimes I get bored.

[-] do_it_or_leave 13 Points 8 months ago

The ticket is a pussy, The contact is the marriage contact.

You really missed the meaning of the essay.

I guess it's goal is to make men empathize with female behaviors.

Should you get angry with a dog that ate your lunch if you stored it on it's reach? Or should you blame yourself for not securing your food away from the dogs?

[-] MoDuReddit 7 Points 8 months ago

Maybe OP should write poetry, instead of self-help essays with analogies.

[-] endertheend 15 Points 8 months ago

Maybe you should lift more, talk less, and stop being an insufferable faggot.

[-] MoDuReddit 3 Points 8 months ago

Actual good advice, thanks.

[-] RPmatrix 0 Points 7 months ago

words are cheap bro ... and this is TRP btw

[-] [deleted] 8 months ago
[-] MattyAnon 4 Points 8 months ago

You're still missing the whole point of the article.

[-] MoDuReddit 0 Points 8 months ago

Mental masturbation, got it.

[-] daffy_duck233 2 Points 8 months ago

Click on the link and read the full article. Then to the comment section of the blog if you want everything spelled out for you.

[-] [deleted] 8 months ago
[-] [deleted] 8 months ago
[-] lovetoprogress 5 Points 8 months ago

All replies here are by red pilled men thinking how a woman would approach the issue..


Their brain is differently wired, different priorities and the have their Hamster Wheel!!

I have personally always looked at problems at the long term cost/benefit (even now when i'm middle aged)

[-] FlyGuyMyEye 5 Points 8 months ago

Can't say I'm a massive fan of Rollo's writing. Same old garbage and use of long words to try to sound more intelligent than he is.

However, there is value in some of it, but it could be much more concise and to the point which surely is part of what this sub is about, cutting through the crap to get to the value.

Women are hypergamous for resources and men are for younger more attractive women. It's the nature of the beast and our evolution. Have more of either to get more of the other, works on both sides.

[-] U-94 5 Points 8 months ago

Live as low key as possible. Still do my day jobs, which I enjoy. Minimal investments. Keep leasing my car.

Donate to no one. Deuces. Byeeee.

[-] Thunderbird93 -5 Point 8 months ago

What about that Instagram model ur trying to fuck who expects you to ball out at the club? Gotta buy that bitch bottles in V.I.P to get into the glorybox my man. On a serious note though,help me out. How do I post on RP? Got 132 karma,been lingering for years. Cheers broski

[-] [deleted] 8 months ago
[-] matorin57 2 Points 8 months ago

What is your question? You gave 3 scenarios and asked analogues of the same question for each of them but the magnitude and context makes a big difference. I get this is marked as a rant, but it seems too incoherent to respond to. Also your last line seems completely out of place. Talking with some disillusionment about gaining wealth without earning it, but in the prior scenarios you talk about how a landfall of cash would changer your relations.

What are you asking? What is your point?

[-] saucierlol 2 Points 8 months ago

Thats an excerpt. Read the article..

[-] Fatfeministnproud 1 Point 7 months ago

Absolutely loved this. Very cheeky and never explicitly states the metaphor. Well done. I wouldn't expect anything less after reading the rational male.

[-] hearse223 1 Point 8 months ago

Your golden ticket is the air you were given to breathe, you make the rest happen.

[-] teabagabeartrap 1 Point 7 months ago

I would all put into an nice account that does 3% monthly emission and never have to show up at work, but keep the life I have. Instead of going to work, I would train my body in the morning at around 9 o'clock and then pursue any fine art and try to get real good in it. Drawing, metalworks or woodworking are the things I have in mind.

[-] Thunderbird93 1 Point 8 months ago

"A risk averse consumer may decline a risky prospect even if it offers a positive expected gain. A risk neutral consumer completely ignores risk and always accepts a prospect that offers a positive expected gain. Finally, a risk loving consumer may accept a risky prospect even if the expected gain is negative." As pertains to portfolio returns I see alphas like James Simons or Jeff Bezos as risk lovers. Just look at the garage pictures of where Amazon started. Guess one could buy low interest bonds if you are risk averse but I'd rather have high interest yet risky speculative stocks because fuck it

[-] [deleted] 8 months ago