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- Hide Preview | 61 Comments | submitted 9 months ago by knowledgelover94 [Post Locked]

People are self interested by nature, not selfless. If you want things (which we all do), you must have something valuable to exchange to acquire it. Without having value or virtue, you mean nothing to others. People will only help you to the extent that it provides some kind of benefit to themselves.

Rebuttals: What about parents helping children? You are valuable to your parents because they see themselves in you. They don’t help other children nearly as much as they help you because you are theirs. You carry their blood and legacy, therefor there is nothing more beneficial to their interests than to help their children (even though it appears to be unconditional love and charity).

What about the government or actual charities? It’s pretty obvious that politicians are self interested, but the mechanisms of democracy and bribery get them to act for the people or for donors. There are some people that work hard helping others, but they get rewarded by the feeling and praise of helping others. Every culture has created values/ethics that glorify the one who benefits the community. This very well may have a survival advantage for the species, but make no mistake, charity is performed for the pleasure of feeling you’ve done good and the pleasure of approval from society.

Transactions applied to Women: Women will only have sex with men that they deem valuable. Different women value different things. You may attract a woman with a virtue, such as being good at sports, fighting, art, music, dancing, charisma/personality etc. She may also be attracted to your physical attractiveness, and usually both virtue and physicality are factored into her perception of value towards you (and a myriad of possible other things like wealth and status etc). Therefor, to increase success with women, you must work on both your virtues and your physical attractiveness. You don’t have to be good at everything, hone in on whatever skill you have. Then, look for women that value the skill you possess. Working out and eating right is the main thing men can do to improve physical attractiveness.

Contrasted with Blue Pill: Blue pill people believe in accepting who they are currently and that “good intentions” and “acting nice” will lead to success with women. They blame women when they’re not attracted or lose interest. They think women charitably choose men and hold onto men that nicely accept their charity. The truth is that “niceness and good intentions” are not valued by women very much (or by men). Think, would you fuck an ugly girl that has nothing going for herself if she was nice to you and wanted the best for you? No. Niceness and good relations come out of mutual benefit. Only when both parties are providing things that each other value does prosperity flourish.

Conclusion A blue pill person would read this and say that my outlook is what makes the world selfish and uncharitable. The truth is that everything in the world acts out of self interest regardless of wether you accept it or not. Selfishness is morally neutral, and the sooner we accept it, the sooner we can build arrangements with mutually benefits. It usually requires hard work though. This post can also help explain why Marxism is bullshit and capitalism is legit.

So, are we gonna swallow the blue pill and blame the world for not conforming to our ideals of compassion and charity, or swallow the red pill and strengthen ourselves to be valuable enough to make a favorable transaction?