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- Hide Preview | 35 Comments | submitted 10 months ago by Pocketyuf [Post Locked]

tl;dr: >!hate towards women won't help you in the long run. Women are what they are.!<


Every day, a lot of new posts appear into this sub, some of them making constructive insights about what TRP is about, giving tips, sharing good material, info and experiences. Sometimes though, it's inevitable to see posts about media and/or quoting women blogs demonstrating things that we all know about: feminism, hypergamy, cock-carousel rides, settling in with a beta, desperation of post walls, etc. and while it's important to have those kind of posts to call out women bullshit, avoid traps, keep the general awareness sharp and to have an occasional laugh about some absurds it's also common to see angry replies or aggressive quotations about contradictory points.

Look, we've all been there. When you are coming from a blue pill perspective, it's kind of expected to be shocked when you realise that things aren't the way you thought they were. It's common to be frustrated about the things we did wrong throughout the years and all the shameful blue pilled behavior we'd been pulling off for so long. So, it's no surprise that this shock and frustration can easily turn into anger towards women, their shallow selfishness, hypocrite behavior and lack of self-awareness. What I mean is: when you are leaving blue pill territory, it's easy to hate women for being who they are and for not being what you wished they are.

While it's understandable that this feelings may come, they are expected to be just a phase, that's why the title. Don't dwell too much into angst. After some time lurking, learning and sharing, if you are still mad about women behavior, this shows some possible scenarios:


1 - You've been blue pilled for too long, or your blue pilled phase somehow was too traumatic

Some of us take longer to move on and change. Adaptability, while important, is not easy as it seems, but you shouldn't lose your focus on improving yourself, and accepting your past and mistakes is a big part of this journey. Instead being upset about your past condition, try to be grateful about having a chance to change and becoming a better version of yourself.


2 - You still can't accept reality (denial)

This can happens for several reasons. Perhaps you are not totally convinced yet. Perhaps you are just still hopeful or too stubborn. Perhaps you still are blue pilled. Whatever it is, feel free to keep lurking and ask as much as you want, but if an advice is in order: don't close your mind. Don't ignore patterns and accept that sometimes, you can be wrong.


3 - You envy women

"Women have it too easy. They are born with inherent value and privileges. They don't have to do shit."

So? Men and women are different, period. You shouldn't compare yourself to women. It's like comparing elephants to bananas. Women are wired differently, have different tools and goals. As expected, society see and treats women differently as well.

If this is your case, you probably can't handle your shortcomings on a healthy manner. You feel you can't get what you think you deserve, so you are mad about people who have it. Don't go through this road. Work on yourself and stop blaming others for not getting what you want.



Going into red pill unavoidably is going to be bitter at first. There is no way around that. It would be great if I just had to be nice to people to have the woman I want, my dream job and have a happy fulfilling life, but this is not reality. Reality is hard and we have to fight everyday to get what we want, because nothing worthy on this life comes easily.

Don't forget that this sub is a source of discussion and knowledge, which means we're all here trying to improve and getting better. Ranting and venting are important and those kind of posts serves a very specific purpose, but never forget that the journey of a red piller is of self-improvement and being stuck too long angry about things that you have ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL of won't help you in the long run. You should change yourself and adapt to thrive.


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