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- Hide Preview | 45 Comments | submitted 8 months ago by Ayrab4Trump [Post Locked]

*(This is a "Request* *F**or* *C**omment" of idea being put forth)*
(This theory relates to TRP in that it wishes to counter the current decline which this sub recommends to enjoy and not bother trying to fight. Yet it was this decline that has landed many readers on this sub like so many of us did a few years ago.)



The current leftist/progressive/SJW ideology can be treated as a single religious group - a meta-religion. One that is not proclaimed directly but rather is made manifest in the aggregate actions of the aforementioned entities.

By approximating these overall actions of said groups as those of members of single meta-religion trying to impose their faith upon the rest of us by force or by politics, we can better predict the actions of the left and put forth a defense against them by invoking the the spirit of Thomas Jeffersonian separation of Church & State.



I will first present how leftist, progressives & SJWs are acting in a manner which can easily be described as a religion.

  1. Dogmatic and will not cede to dissenting opinions
  2. Followers accept bulk of ethos as religious canon
  3. Their priesthood whips their followers into a frenzy
  4. They aim to produce fervent/zealot/fanatical members
  5. Have language police
  6. Have thought police
  7. Tolerates having literal roving gangs of members beat-up or threaten non-believers
  8. Become irrationally intolerant of others in a moment's notice if identified as heathen
  9. Like increasing drug tolerance, desires ever more ultra-orthodox displays of devotion to attain 'true' follower status amongst peers
  10. Is constantly proselytizing
  11. Will not leave you be; doesn't believe in live and let live
  12. Desire to take over institutions in order to promote their meta-religion
  13. If given power in government immediately move to spread their faith regardless if it usurps prior culture
  14. If given power over education system immediately moves to indoctrinate your children as de-facto practitioners of their faith
  15. Highly hypocritical and uses double standards when applying criticism to their own kind vs outsiders
  16. Often does not shy from lying at the drop of a hat if it furthers their ideology
  17. Will conspire with other members against enemies
  18. Doesn't mind sacrificing even their own members if it furthers the agenda
  19. Has subgroups that can splinter and start sectarian in-fighting amongst themselves (usually ignored)
  20. Bristles at being called a 'cult'

The list could have more entries, but these actions are that of a group that is not just cult-like, but also an organized self replicating religious group.

This is significant because if the leftists were treated like the religion they are, it would be obvious that other members of actual religious groups would demand they not be allowed to pass laws as per their faith. Other faiths would demand their religion's tenants be promoted into law, just the same. At the least they would ask that there is a live-and-let-live law that doesn't allow any one religion/sect totally over power the electorate.


Indeed, freedom of religion means we don't have to be forced into any one else's. Thought & speech policing are exactly the opposite of the first amendment when done by one religious body over non-believers! From this viewpoint it is clear what the counter argument for the current political leftist narrative is. They hide behind the fact they are not a pronounced faith so that you may avoid considering the "leave me the fuck alone" defense when they politicize to you.


SUGGESTIONS:Already we see how badly they react when they are called out directly for cultist group behavior. This informs our approach: attach the 'meta-religion' moniker to them via social media until it virally spreads and memes its way into derivative incarnations.

At the least it could cause those on the sidelines to slowly red-pill themselves. At best it might even get a few NPCs to also face a larger reality which breaks them out of their spell.


Feed back, criticism, opinions are welcome.