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- Hide Preview | 67 Comments | submitted 7 months ago by ghosts_of_me [Post Locked]

Today I took a long lunch break from work to hang with a plate who lives nearby.

When I got back to work my hair was wet from the post coital shower and I was wearing shorts after I was in pants before. But most importantly I had that glow of confidence I'd like to call a sex pump.

I was working alone representing my company inside another companies building. I bumped into a stunning, tiny brunette we'll call Aleesha, who I already knew and had shared meetings with in the past.

We talked for 5 minutes about some procedures we are working on and during that time I had no problem holding direct, but relaxed eye contact. My posture was very relaxed too, as I was leaning backward on a table and she was standing in front of me. I was feeling like a king lion.

Since I just had sex, my brain was still in that mood. So while she was talking to me I couldnt stop thinking about what a beautiful creature she is, and imagining ripping her clothes off.

I did this without breaking eye contact at all. If i glanced up and down her body it would be creepy and I knew that, so instead I just imagined very filthy thoughts while looking in her eyes and smiling a little.

Some of it must have gotten into her because in the middle of one of her sentences she slowed down and trailed off, while still looking at me.

"Are you okay?" I said with a sly giggle.

"Yeah" she said, shaking her head and carrying on with her sentence.

It was one of those moments where if we were in private, it would have been so easy to get physical, fast.

The lesson here is that you can sexualise your interactions without words. I looked hot, I acted relaxed, and I eyefucked her. This resulted in her brain melting for a second as she struggled to keep running her professional mouth in front of her own filthy mind.

Try this, gents. And I'd love to hear if you've done this too.