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- Hide Preview | 67 Comments | submitted 4 months ago by ghosts_of_me [Post Locked]

Today I took a long lunch break from work to hang with a plate who lives nearby.

When I got back to work my hair was wet from the post coital shower and I was wearing shorts after I was in pants before. But most importantly I had that glow of confidence I'd like to call a sex pump.

I was working alone representing my company inside another companies building. I bumped into a stunning, tiny brunette we'll call Aleesha, who I already knew and had shared meetings with in the past.

We talked for 5 minutes about some procedures we are working on and during that time I had no problem holding direct, but relaxed eye contact. My posture was very relaxed too, as I was leaning backward on a table and she was standing in front of me. I was feeling like a king lion.

Since I just had sex, my brain was still in that mood. So while she was talking to me I couldnt stop thinking about what a beautiful creature she is, and imagining ripping her clothes off.

I did this without breaking eye contact at all. If i glanced up and down her body it would be creepy and I knew that, so instead I just imagined very filthy thoughts while looking in her eyes and smiling a little.

Some of it must have gotten into her because in the middle of one of her sentences she slowed down and trailed off, while still looking at me.

"Are you okay?" I said with a sly giggle.

"Yeah" she said, shaking her head and carrying on with her sentence.

It was one of those moments where if we were in private, it would have been so easy to get physical, fast.

The lesson here is that you can sexualise your interactions without words. I looked hot, I acted relaxed, and I eyefucked her. This resulted in her brain melting for a second as she struggled to keep running her professional mouth in front of her own filthy mind.

Try this, gents. And I'd love to hear if you've done this too.

[-] goodbyelogic 120 Points 4 months ago

It would be risky to shit where you eat tho. Becareful doing that at work bro. Nonetheles, good post

[-] illimit_ableman 107 Points 4 months ago

Agreed OP, good eye contact is magic.

Caveat to any newcomers, very strong eye contact is no different than getting touchy or saying some bold shit. If she already finds you attractive and you are obviously a high status male, it works wonders. If shes not into you or you are very beta, it will make you seem “creepy”.

Its important to adjust your intensity and length of eye contact according to the situation at hand.

[-] SKRedPill -1 Point 4 months ago

Continuously staring into one's eyes could actually become too aggressive. I've read somewhere that in normal conversations, about 80% of the time is spent in eye to eye contact.

The secret to eye contact lies in reading the pupils - dilated pupils are relaxed and attracted, constricted pupils are tense and suspicious. If the eyes move left, it could be recall or imagination. If they move right, it often means thinking and improvising (it could be in the reverse also - experience helps).

Small involuntary stuff like that can't be faked.

[-] illimit_ableman 1 Point 4 months ago

If it’s obvious a female is into me I continuously stare into her eyes and have nothing but good results, like I said though, it needs to be tailored to the situation. If someone thinks intense eye contact like this is good in all situations then they’re a sperg.

Looking at pupils/eye movement is too much work. Here’s a fail safe method that doesn’t involve you expending unnecessary mental energy on this.

If she stares back into your eyes and theres other obvious hints of sexuality like touching from her end, she wants your cock. If she adverts your gaze, she probably doesn’t want to speak to you. No pupil watching needed.

[-] SKRedPill 0 Points 4 months ago

And the feet, and the hips. Most people don't nearly pay the same attention to their lower body, and sooner or later that is bound to give them away.

[-] Pestilence1911 1 Point 4 months ago

This. Most women point to you with their feet.

[-] justarandomguy15 38 Points 4 months ago

I have a kind of different experience with holding eye contact.

I have a plate who's Japanese. I'm Arab and I look fairly Italian. Every time we hang out, some people would gaze down on us like "The fuck are they doing together?".

However, last time after sex was the extreme cases of those public gazes. We were walking down the street and a couple was coming in the opposite direction. The girl clearly tapped her guy with her elbow and slightly nodded her head upwards towards us like, "Look at those guys". The boyfriend was looking somewhere but after that he fixed his eye on us.

I was walking and chatting with my plate and when that happened, I stopped and I coldly gazed into his soul. After a few seconds, he realized I was looking at him so he looked away but the girl was still looking at us. So I held eye contact with her. And it was the same. A few moments later and she also looked the fuck away.

I think this says a lot about eye contact. That eyes do speak for their own. Just silently looking at something can literally mean so many things.

[-] celtiberian666 38 Points 4 months ago

Be careful with strong eye contact like that against another male, you may get into a fight, even if you don't really wanted it.

[-] GLADmyNAMEaintDICK 27 Points 4 months ago

Haha, this is true. There was a new guy at work who kept staring at me, but never said a damn thing, and I figured I must have pissed him off somehow, which pissed me off because I didn't do a damn thing, and my anger levels were steadily rising over a week, and right before my breaking point I discovered he was gay.

[-] justarandomguy15 10 Points 4 months ago

Hahaahah holly shit dude, you're getting IOIs from the wrong sex

I actually have similar experience but not only with eye contact, actual gays approaching me in public. Cold. Fucking. Approach.

I was once walking home after watching a movie at some cinema (bear in mind that this happened in my home country, a typical 3rd world Arab country where everything sexual, let alone gay, is frowned upon). So I was walking and being the clumsy fucktard that i am, i stumbled over the pavement and almost broke my neck. I regained my balance and kept walking like nothing happened.

Some guy, in his mid thirties private,he looked pretty decent tbh, approached me and casually said, "Are you okay bro? That looked tough".

"Yeah I'm fine. I just have this sprain in my ankle".

After that, he started walking with me. He chatted about random shit like how was your day, we discussed the cinema in my country...etc etc.

Whenever the conversation dies out, he says, "I like to have fun, you know?" to which I just nod or say, "Okay?"

So 10-15 mins in the conversation, and he asked me where I live. I obviously lied to him. Then he said his car is parked somewhere nearby and if I wanted a ride.

I refused thanking him for his courtesy. Up until this point, being the naive 18-year old me, I didn't have the slightest doubt he's riding dicks.

"You know, you sound like a cool guy, you can come over if you want, we can have fun you and I, you know?"

I found this weird. Like how would you invite someone to your place you've just met. I started to feel weird about the whole thing and kept my answers very short.

When he realised it's not going nowhere, he said, "Well, thank you for the short chat. That was fun. Have a good night," and he extended his hand to shake.

I shook his hand and he grasped it so fucking hard it hurt me, and then, he rubbed his fucking middle finger against my palm (to put your palm up and curl the middle finger out in my country is like someone giving you the typical finger in the west. Both gestures mean "my finger up your ass" but this guy went distances when he rubbed his finger against my palm. This movement is usually done when you're sexually teading someone. So you can imagine how fuckdd up that was.

I got instantly nervous and lashed my fucking hand off his and walked away as fast as I could.

They got balls bro.

[-] nebder 6 Points 4 months ago

The better question to ask yourself is why you pinged his gaydar so hard. If that’s not your intent find out what signals you’re sending out and stop them.

Gay dudes have to take chances and put themselves far out there for their own numbers game. Way more heteroflexible “straight” men out there than most are willing to admit.

[-] justarandomguy15 2 Points 4 months ago

I don't think there such things as "signals" that I'm sending which indicate that I'm gay. Sometimes, I can't even tell when someone is gay.

I'm not gay and heterosexual, but I understand that being gay doesn't necessarily means that you look and act like a little bitch. For example, many famous actors and singers shocked me when I found out that they were gay.

I don't know why gay guys have such balls, but they're naturally attracted to good-looking men, even if the men in question are heterosexual. The same way a curvy ass, bouncing boobs and a cute face in a girl turns you on, a large jaw, large chest and a good male morphology is same for gays.

With that being said, there are no such "signals" that you can emit for the gays to think that you love dicks. If you're a man, especially if you're attractive, they would already start imagining sucking your cock or you fucking them. It's just some of them have balls to actually try hooking up with you.

[-] nebder 6 Points 4 months ago

I don't think there such things as "signals" that I'm sending which indicate that I'm gay. Sometimes, I can't even tell when someone is gay.

Bro I wasn’t calling you gay or giving you shit. Don’t be defensive. Pure straight talk here.

Its not uncommon at all for straight men to be hit on by gay men. Gay men have the same rules such that they have to escalate to determine attraction. They are men.

Gaydar is absolutely a thing. Same as picking up on the subtle cues on how a woman broadcasts her interest and/or availability, homosexual men do the same thing. Its not that you’re wearing a sign that say hey world I’m gay. Its that something in the interaction signaled the possibility that you were open to possibly escalating to the next step. The rule for gaming women is to keep trying until they leave. If you didn’t leave, you haven’t shown the definitive lack of interest.

Horny gay men thirst puts hetero beta male thirst to shame. It could be as simple as the dude was horny and you did not exit the interaction quick enough to shut him down. Hard to say. Befriend a gay bro and ask him for his opinions. Gay men can make great friends for the hetero man. If they’re worth being a friend they know not to hit on you. Much like I don’t hit on the females in my friend circle I don’t want to fuck.

I’m saying maybe you’re doing something you’re entirely unaware of that is sending out signals that you don’t expect. Maybe you aren’t. A gay man will answer that better than I can.

Funny story: in my late teens/early 20s I had a stretch where I was sleeping in my car. I stopped at a local rest stop which I later found out that night was a gay cruising spot. I was just being friendly and chatting with people there until my cock got grabbed. That’s when young naive me thought oooh wait these dudes have been hitting on me. Didn’t even cross my mind till it happened.

[-] Pestilence1911 1 Point 4 months ago

On the topic of hetroflexability when i worked at the bar there was a gay dude, who thought gay peopme were discusting and only went for straight dudes to see how far he could get them.

We laughed at that and i told him "hes the reason people hate gays"

"I know". Hes told me some stories. Wouldnt doubt it in todays day and age.

[-] odin1111 1 Point 4 months ago

lol that story is funnny af.

[-] omega_dawg93 12 Points 4 months ago

a fight... over what?

i come from a very violent ghetto upbringing. the last thing you want to do is let some guy stare you down...bc you just got punked... and he might try to rob you etc.

stare... knod up as to say, "what's up" and get on with your life. putting your head down, getting nervous, staring away and avoiding making eye contact again will welcome a challenge.

[-] StrifePrevails 4 Points 4 months ago

It's really context dependent. I've had experiences where keeping eye contact has led to a "This dude thinks he's tough" type situation but also where not keeping it has led to a "This dude's a bitch" type situation.

I mostly keep eye contact, but never forget that whatever you do has a potential for backfire so learn to defuse situations regardless.

[-] omega_dawg93 1 Point 4 months ago

"this dude thinks he's tough" means nothing... sounds like playground shit for 8 yr olds.

come to Florida, tx, or LA with that macho man, chuck norris, rambo shit... and get blasted by a legal conceal gun carrying citizen that will walk innocent after court bc of 'stand your ground' laws.

you guys watch too many movies. approach someone thinking you need your fists and you'll fuck up somebody's weekend due to a funeral and repast to remember you.

[-] StrifePrevails 2 Points 4 months ago

Yeah it's childish, yes it's dumb, but it's a very real threat. Some dude got all up in my face because of it, luckily his friends talked him down, but idk what he was carrying. If he decided to stab me right there, all your advice would have gotten me is an appointment at the coroner's. It's context dependent.

[-] DeCiB3l 1 Point 4 months ago

It really had to theorize what could have happened, but didn't. If you look long enough you can probably find scenarios going both ways.

[-] p3n1x 2 Points 4 months ago

Not every street is the "ghetto". Don't posture over good advice. You could find yourself in a location where keeping it real and being alone isn't good for you.

You were already half cocked because of past experiences, you have no idea why she was checking you out. Or you left that part of your story out. People could give two fucks about interracial couples where I live.

[-] omega_dawg93 1 Point 4 months ago

where I grew up is ghetto... can't speak on surburbia or utopia.

i live in the deep South and people here have no problem as long as the ir couple doesn't involve a white woman... esp a fine one.

[-] _OBAMA_DID_9-11 1 Point 4 months ago

What kind of stuff happens with those IR couples? What do people say or do?

[-] omega_dawg93 1 Point 4 months ago

as long as it's not a white woman, nobody cares. but when it's an Asian, Latino, or black man with a white woman (esp a fine one) everyone tends to stare.... even other IR couples.

i have (white) friends who believe they can date any race of woman they want to... and they do bc guess what, it's 2018, and "that racist shit is old and tired."

but when Tyrone comes to the house to pick up their sister, they want to burn the Earth! "that shit needs to stop!"

i call them the "krewe of hypocrites."

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] odin1111 3 Points 4 months ago

He probably thought you were gonna Allahu akbar him, or give him an offer he couldn't refuse,

Jokes aside, does that bother you?

It seems like it does. Remember, frame isn't just for the women either, it's for EVERYONE. Also, I bet you the dudes gf was getting the tingles seeing you with her. If anything, she'd probably jump ship to you in a heartbeat!

Also, if you lift and are very muscular, shit dude, just let your hair grow long, and make yourself look like a God. haha.

I think you need to own that shit, walk around with your chest out, head high like you are the king sultan and shit.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] MilkMoney111 30 Points 4 months ago

I’ve had success with “getting caught” staring. Now hear me out, most guys do it wrong, and it comes off as really creepy. Like OP stated, it’s a relaxed and confident eye contact.

But try it with a waitress. Just find one you find attractive and watch her. Or a chick down the bar grabbing drinks. Just get caught staring with interest. Don’t be biting your lip and staring daggers. Just a relaxed gaze, like you’ve seen something that piques your interest but still deciding if she’s good enough to bother an approach. Watch her body language immediately go from casual to knowing she’s being judged almost. And a lot of times she’ll perk up, popping her breasts out more, twirling her hair, some other shit. Good IOI right there. She may not be looking at you, pretending to be staring at the bottles on the shelf, but if she catches you watching and then immediately goes to doing those things, you’re good.

Edit: peak to pique. Thanks for the heads up!

[-] Cavannah 5 Points 4 months ago

Good summation, people can't seem to "get" the difference between being outright weird and simply displaying passive yet dominant eye contact.

Also, it is "...piques your interest", not "...peaks your interest."

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] masterduelistky 27 Points 4 months ago

This is easily my biggest hurdle to overcome. I always feel so damn dirty, like I’m being exposed.

[-] untonyto 16 Points 4 months ago

Deal with underlying causes of guilt/shame. That fear that the skeleton you need to stay buried has popped its head above grass level and is preparing to talk.

[-] gulag_disco 5 Points 4 months ago

Resources? I’ve lived this all of my life, full tilt extreme. Eye contact and having the stage in conversation scares the shit out of me, I only manage through bullshitting my blaring FoF response and bludgeoning myself emotionally.

Without addressing the underlying causes, all achievement and sexual gratification functions as a pacifier. Beside shelling out for a shrink, where does one go to develop the toolkit to excise this cancer?

Anyone? Go nuts, guys.

[-] Ripred019 3 Points 4 months ago

I'm currently reading 12 Rules For Life and Dr. Peterson talks about how we all feel we are unworthy because we alone know just how messed up we are, how weak we are, how contemptible we are. It's important to recognize that we are having these thoughts and that other people are exactly the same. Recognizing then in the moment is, in my opinion, a key step in retaining yourself to think differently.

[-] airmcnair06 1 Point 4 months ago

Read No More Mr. NICE Guy

Read letting go by David Hawkins.

These books have been incredible resource for me dealing with the underlying issues behind the sexual fears, shame, anger that I had held deep down within. They helped me to understand a lot about my emotions in a way that I had never been able to put into words before. Now I can identify and let go of many emotions in the moment (5hisbis where the letting go process comes onto play).

If you are more Visual, check out The Fearless Man YouTube channel. He talks a lot about self improvement and dealing with emotions that block your connecting with women. He's not outwardly red pilled, but many of his videos are about addressing issues with yourself first and improving underlying issues and gaining happiness within yourself first, hence they are naturally red pilled.

[-] untonyto 1 Point 4 months ago

Approach eye contact as exercise for Presence: an element of Charisma. In any situation, argument or negotiation with anyone else, go in eyes first. Mainly to observe the other person's overall body language and orient your tactics accordingly. In the meantime it lets the other person see that they must overcome both you and your argument. Someone here a while back said "use your eyes as a weapon" not by blinking profusely and glaring daggers or prolonged staring. Most of the time if you are facing the situation head-on even in a relaxed manner more like an observer than a vested- interest participant the correct manouevre comes to you in the flow of the moment. It beats staring off into space and leaving the point you are trying to make at the exclusive mercy of your opponent's rational mind.

[-] masterduelistky 2 Points 4 months ago

Part of it might be because Ive been in Japan so long, which is super conservative, (no one keeps eye contact) but probably more than that it’s feelings of unworthiness underlined. Feels like I have to apologize for even just looking at people that closely. Or maybe I’m afraid that people will actually see the man behind the mask. I’m working on it, but it’s something that is so easy to lose all progress super quickly..

[-] Imperator_Red 1 Point 4 months ago

Lol get that pop psychology BS out of here. The entire field is bullshit anyways.

[-] weag5l 6 Points 4 months ago

LOL I can't talk to women at all, but I have deadly eye-contact game. We need to tag team, or something.

You ARE being exposed. In my case, it's more like something animalistic but under control is struggling to get out. Like a yoked beast. The trick is to not to do anything weird. It has to be natural.

[-] masterduelistky 2 Points 4 months ago

Man if you wanna go for it, I’ll be right behind you. haha

Yeah, finding that balance is the most important. It’s one of those things that I know the theory behind, but I always feel like I’m being rude to the person, all up in their business.

[-] weag5l 3 Points 4 months ago

Well you ARE up in their business. Isn't that the entire point of TRP? But think about it this way: it's the least rude way to get up in their business. The body language you get back can speak volumes. Let yourself do it, but realize that at some point you either have to talk to them or stop. It gets creepy for them otherwise. Also keep in mind that your reading of their body language can be completely wrong. Pay attention.

[-] surfsusa 17 Points 4 months ago

Could also be your pheromones that are giving off that I am ready to fertilize you scent.

[-] p3n1x 3 Points 4 months ago

It's a combo of everything. Don't downplay eye-fucking for pheromones though. Eyes are very powerful.

[-] anonswede 12 Points 4 months ago

This works, the few times I've done it I've seen good results.

Just today I played with it while commuting on cute girls passing by - not even smiling or approaching, just "I want you, right here right now" eye-contact. Some held eye-contact longer than usual and one even ended up smiling and looking down.

[-] omega_dawg93 5 Points 4 months ago

smiling and looking down are big big telling signs. she was yours... hope you moved in.

if not, you missed an (easy) opportunity.

[-] anonswede 3 Points 4 months ago

Opposite escalators unfortunately. Next time!

[-] RUALUM15 14 Points 4 months ago

You missed a chance at escalation

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] Thizzlebot 9 Points 4 months ago

I must say it does help getting some pussy rather than no pussy because you still have the glow and you feel great. Unless shes real trash then you don't get it, it's like the well rested perk in fallout lol

[-] JokarAkaFatum 7 Points 4 months ago

TLDR: You had sex, went to work, a girl looked at you, the end.

High quality post right there.

[-] trpblacklime 4 Points 4 months ago

Yeah, whenever im killing it at the gym. I enter beast idgaf mode and just stare at people. Im not even thinking anything when I stare. Makes some girls get tingles I can tell. It does help that im tall and ripped though.

[-] p3n1x 4 Points 4 months ago

I just imagined very filthy thoughts while looking in her eyes and smiling a little.

Work on this fellas, let the micro-transactions work for you, not against you!!

The millimeter curves of your lips and eyes tell her 'lizard brain' exactly whats up. Things you can't "fake".

[-] Imperator_Red 3 Points 4 months ago

My gf and I noticed the post sex thing. Sometimes we fuck and then go take a walk and she's like "half these girls are checking you out right now."

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[-] ruboius99 2 Points 4 months ago

Barely noticeable 1% autism.

[-] kevisazombie 2 Points 4 months ago
[-] TheRoad15 2 Points 4 months ago

There was a good post or blog out there somewhere talking about how a female subconscious can pick up on sexual queues through eye contact. When you're giving off the vibe through eye contact and your thoughts, it will supposedly trigger the same thoughts in them. So this seems like a good example of that happening.

[-] Aesthetic_God__ 2 Points 4 months ago

It happens to me a lot lol, it's really strong and at this point you know you're already in in her mind, it's like the filthy thoughts transfer to her and attraction is skyrocketing.

[-] Imperator_Red 1 Point 4 months ago

Having women at work is so absurd.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] The_Chiselnator 1 Point 4 months ago

Eye contact is important. However don't be the beta faggot that intensely eyeballs everyone it passes on the street.

[-] [deleted] 4 months ago
[-] redvelvet_oreo 0 Points 4 months ago

It’s also an example of sexual intent. But that might be to “PUA-ish” for some people here.

[-] L0neWolfAlpha -7 Point 4 months ago

OP eye rapes someone and that turns into her wanting you.

[-] omega_dawg93 12 Points 4 months ago

the word, "rape" gets thrown around casually all over reddit BY FEMALES.

can we leave that bs to them?

it's a very wrong violent act that's being reduced to directing behavior, eg, "stare rape," etc.

[-] L0neWolfAlpha 1 Point 4 months ago

You are following them by being just as sensitive to the word. After the quarantine the snowflakes started overpopulating

[-] omega_dawg93 1 Point 4 months ago

i have no clue of what you're trying to say here.