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- Hide Preview | 99 Comments | submitted 7 months ago by peacemakerzzz [Post Locked]

Typing on my phone, I told them, “yes, see you guys there.” I hit send and off I went to my friends at the bar. I’m not a naturally high energy type of person, though when the situation requires, I’d fend my way to accommodate the group. It just tires me to do so. A natural introvert, I am. It’s been almost a year since reading a lot about red pill ideology and actually implementing them in my life.

On previous times when my knowledge on red pill awareness was close to nonexistent, I would often get asked in group settings like, “why are you so quiet?” or “are you always this shy?”, but most of the time I didn’t always get noticed in bar settings. It was usually my friends who get noticed more. I lacked self awareness, so I didn’t know how to channel my inner game as an introverted male. All I knew was what was being taught/observed: the high energy type of individual. When I speak of these people, I refer to guys who can talk to anyone and everyone at the bar, do all the small talk they have on their social skillset, and get on everyone's calibration. On the other hand, there is the low energy type, the introverts, the quiet ones. These are the people who don’t operate their frame on bar settings. These are not for them, not necessarily impossible to game at that situation, but it would mean getting out of their way to accommodate the group, since bar/club settings rely most on looks, status and social preselection. This is the preconceived belief of social dynamics. What can be observed here is that high energy people may get all the social calibration they need, but oftentimes they lack the skill to attraction. Some lack game. What more for the low energy types? There is a huge distinction, but it is very powerful. I only knew of high energy game, but didn't really feel that it best suited my own, so back then (during my days of red pill nonexistence) I only get the feeling that it was all too mechanical what I was doing. A performer, I thought of myself. Ingenuine, what I was doing.

I went to the bar with my friends. It has been a while since I’ve gone out at night to meet women. I’ve been on monk mode for a long time to do some creative introspection, and focusing on my business and craft. I could feel the excitement of meeting women rush right through my veins, as if I am a guy who is on steroids. Yet, here I am with the preconceived belief that I should operate on synonymously high energy calibration as with anyone else. I said to myself, “If I maintained frame, it would be more comfortable anyway and I would love to just be in my natural state.” So I did. I’m not really a bar type of person, so it was my first attempt to displaying my own confidence without having to go out of my way. When I was talking to women, I figured that my aura was much different. It seems that my nonchalance and my eagerness to keep my cool was turning them on. I felt it was natural. I noticed most of the guys in bars act like someone they are not. Why? To get laid. They have their best foot forward—a habit of betas—to find validation and being outcome dependent.

The strong silent type is a person who is reserved, genuine, nonchalant and outcome independent. He does not go out of his way to validate people. Instead, people validate him. Women think of him as mysterious that no other can compare. Mystery is the boiling pot of desire. It’s what builds attraction. The strong silent type is not a pick up artist, just being genuinely himself, at his natural state. Instead of the usual question I received in bars about me being quiet, I was there leaning my arm on the bar, while two women were in front of me waiting to get fucked. My tone of voice was not high energy. It sounded that it was commanding with power, but not giving the impression that it was forced. I was operating at low energy at a high energy location. The strong silent type approaches women without any tricks. He does not use pick up lines to connect with women. He just commands the conversation and direct where it will lead to, provided that she is interested. If she's not, the strong silent type does nothing. He feels no loss, because he understands that it is just a playing field of high energy individuals. The strong silent type has good self-awareness. There is only frame.

But hey, these are only observations from my experiences. I find that introverts have their own game too, they just have to express it outward, otherwise the question “why are you so quiet?” would resurface again to your future experiences. No introvert would want that. Now, when I get asked this, I simply respond with, "because I just am." There's nothing wrong with it. Being quiet can be an attractive trait. Most males have high energies in bars, but they lack game.

TL;DR: described my own game and branded it as the strong silent type