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- Hide Preview | 115 Comments | submitted 7 months ago by SKRedPill [Post Locked]

TL : DR : The Chinese has beaten the rest of the world yet again, and spotted the problem before it became incurable.

The things that you can do when your nation's fate doesn't lie with the majority of fools... China doesn't brook western SJWs.

Ok. The Chinese can get hypermasculine and become too brutal and won't stop at anything to win (including stealing and copying every other nation's best stuff and genocide, and inhuman conditions for their workers), but hey, at least they aren't breeding a self destructive bunch of wimps. In fact, some of the statements below are lifted right out of Red Pill. They outscore the rest of the world on math and education for example.

"... Some in China blame boys’ lacking behavior on a lack of male role models. Fathers are rarely involved in their sons’ upbringing, according to government research. Even pop culture figures have sparked complaints: A number of parents were outraged when China’s state broadcaster, China Central Television, in September featured a boy band whose members wore makeup. The parents complained that these pop idols could cause their sons to “behave in a feminine way..."

"... “It is still necessary for a boy to be raised as a boy and a girl to be raised as a girl,” Mr. Peng said in a telephone interview. “They should not be raised based on the opposite gender"..."

".. Mr. Tang, a former football coach and teacher, said the idea for starting his club came from his discussions with parents who were worried about their sons falling behind in school. According to a 2014 survey of 20,000 Chinese primary school students and their parents in four provinces, almost two-thirds of the boys surveyed performed poorly academically, compared with less than one-third of girls. The study was conducted by the China Academy of Educational Sciences, a research institution affiliated with China’s education ministry. .."

"... State media has said video games, masturbation, and a lack of exercise have made many young men ill-suited for the military. “Erasing the gender characteristics of a man who is not afraid of death and hardship,” Peng Xiaohui, a sexology professor at Central China Normal University, said, is tantamount to “a country’s suicide.” ..."

You know what was the best part? It was my mum who sent me this article, and she tells me how the 'pop' culture has acted as a breeding ground for effeminate men doing nothing of worth expect expressing their 'feelings' and mental bullshit and masculine women and their 'brutishness'. She thinks that's why so many Americans are mentally ill -- because the pop culture is a mental illness that wants to be spread. Whoa...

Now here's the interesting part : "... Mr. Tang was also inspired by a 2006 trip to Oakland, Calif., where he saw American parents teach their boys “to overcome challenges and dangers” through physical training. In China, by contrast, many parents try to protect their sons, a cultural bias that has been magnified by the one-child policy. The survey by the China Academy of Educational Sciences found that “whether it was in life or in school, parents had a tendency to spoil boys.”.."

Can't believe the Chinese caught on so fast and copied the American way right away after seeing just one example, but then again, China has a habit of copying anything it thinks is useful, very quickly. I guess they are still red pilled aware and still masculine enough they don't need many decades of BP social programming to be undone.

Meanwhile, the New York Times will find this scandalous... and this is their opinion : "... Arguably, the club is intended to address a problem that China does not have. Chinese men still dominate the top echelons of politics and business. Institutional sexism is widespread. Wealth is concentrated in the hands of men. Women complain of sexual harassment within public transport, universities and companies..."

Yes, you read that right. Men's problems do not exist, according to women. Women are too solipsistic to realize the existence of any problems other than their own.