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- Hide Preview | 115 Comments | submitted 11 months ago by SKRedPill [Post Locked]

TL : DR : The Chinese has beaten the rest of the world yet again, and spotted the problem before it became incurable.

The things that you can do when your nation's fate doesn't lie with the majority of fools... China doesn't brook western SJWs.

Ok. The Chinese can get hypermasculine and become too brutal and won't stop at anything to win (including stealing and copying every other nation's best stuff and genocide, and inhuman conditions for their workers), but hey, at least they aren't breeding a self destructive bunch of wimps. In fact, some of the statements below are lifted right out of Red Pill. They outscore the rest of the world on math and education for example.

"... Some in China blame boys’ lacking behavior on a lack of male role models. Fathers are rarely involved in their sons’ upbringing, according to government research. Even pop culture figures have sparked complaints: A number of parents were outraged when China’s state broadcaster, China Central Television, in September featured a boy band whose members wore makeup. The parents complained that these pop idols could cause their sons to “behave in a feminine way..."

"... “It is still necessary for a boy to be raised as a boy and a girl to be raised as a girl,” Mr. Peng said in a telephone interview. “They should not be raised based on the opposite gender"..."

".. Mr. Tang, a former football coach and teacher, said the idea for starting his club came from his discussions with parents who were worried about their sons falling behind in school. According to a 2014 survey of 20,000 Chinese primary school students and their parents in four provinces, almost two-thirds of the boys surveyed performed poorly academically, compared with less than one-third of girls. The study was conducted by the China Academy of Educational Sciences, a research institution affiliated with China’s education ministry. .."

"... State media has said video games, masturbation, and a lack of exercise have made many young men ill-suited for the military. “Erasing the gender characteristics of a man who is not afraid of death and hardship,” Peng Xiaohui, a sexology professor at Central China Normal University, said, is tantamount to “a country’s suicide.” ..."

You know what was the best part? It was my mum who sent me this article, and she tells me how the 'pop' culture has acted as a breeding ground for effeminate men doing nothing of worth expect expressing their 'feelings' and mental bullshit and masculine women and their 'brutishness'. She thinks that's why so many Americans are mentally ill -- because the pop culture is a mental illness that wants to be spread. Whoa...

Now here's the interesting part : "... Mr. Tang was also inspired by a 2006 trip to Oakland, Calif., where he saw American parents teach their boys “to overcome challenges and dangers” through physical training. In China, by contrast, many parents try to protect their sons, a cultural bias that has been magnified by the one-child policy. The survey by the China Academy of Educational Sciences found that “whether it was in life or in school, parents had a tendency to spoil boys.”.."

Can't believe the Chinese caught on so fast and copied the American way right away after seeing just one example, but then again, China has a habit of copying anything it thinks is useful, very quickly. I guess they are still red pilled aware and still masculine enough they don't need many decades of BP social programming to be undone.

Meanwhile, the New York Times will find this scandalous... and this is their opinion : "... Arguably, the club is intended to address a problem that China does not have. Chinese men still dominate the top echelons of politics and business. Institutional sexism is widespread. Wealth is concentrated in the hands of men. Women complain of sexual harassment within public transport, universities and companies..."

Yes, you read that right. Men's problems do not exist, according to women. Women are too solipsistic to realize the existence of any problems other than their own.

[-] KeffirLime 242 Points 11 months ago

Despite being at a co-ed school, I could never understand why the students at Boy's schools we're so disproportionately successful with women despite not being around women the majority of the time.

I certainly understood it many years later.

It's now been amplified in the Libtard era as co-ed schools have descended into social justice havens, while boys schools have held steadfast in masculine tradition despite routine media shaming.

[-] SKRedPill 106 Points 11 months ago

Well, men can be just men in a male only space. Once a female enters, they have to restrain and compromise to accommodate. The necessity of keeping platonic company then starts to affect their natural sexual abilities.

That or group unity breaks up as market supply and demand forces will cause the boys to compete for the girls, and vice versa if a high SMV guy is in an all girls group.

[-] KeffirLime 61 Points 11 months ago

Well, men can be just men in a male only space.

Exactly, masculinity nourished instead of suppressed to accommodate the feminine imperative.

Females just happen to find masculinity attractive.

Modern co-ed schools also seem to operate on the model that the "ideal student" is centered around obedient, submissive female behavior. Encouraging this behavior while condemning rowdy, aggressive masculine behavior.

Eventually churning out a feminized cuck after 12 years of coaching.

The necessity of keeping platonic company then starts to affect their natural sexual abilities.

Due to this, a lack of masculinity and the feminized environment I found that the females became hyper masculine, while the males became hype feminized.

The neighboring all boy/girl schools had far more masculine/feminine boys and girls.

Funnily enough the men from Boys Schools seemed to have far more after school success than those at co-ed's, who were ill prepared to deal with an unforgiving "patriarchal" society thereafter. Lots of artsy fartsy types, who never quite hit lift off.

[-] SKRedPill 11 Points 11 months ago

And this. Eventually, inevitably the females will slowly but surely transform the space into an all female space, taking over one position after another - it will happen if the males keep allowing it to happen. Soon the males will have to create another space with new boundaries, which females will test and try to take over.

As an example, now that metoo is a reality, you will find that many of the men who were kicked out, for genuine reasons or not, are now replaced by women, and you have women challenging men to put them at the top and see the difference, as if leadership is reserved.

This is a cycle. It happens from the locker room to entire nations and civilizations.

[-] SKRedPill 9 Points 11 months ago

I went for special coaching to clear STEM exams in my country. Nearly everyone were boys. And this was urban city where all schools are co-ed with a nearly 50:50 split by default.

[-] 2comment 20 Points 11 months ago

The boys also start competing for female approval, a double whammy if it's both girls and all the teachers are female for different reasons.

[-] NohoTwoPointOh 4 Points 11 months ago

This should be top comment. At the very least, #2comment.


[-] PMmepicsofyourtits 1 Point 11 months ago

You can actually see this in teachers behaviour as well. Male teachers in all boys schools are more able to get teenagers to let off steam and butt heads a little. At least in my experience.

[-] sonnydanger 34 Points 11 months ago

I went to a all boy's high school. I can attest that it breeds masculine boys. Competition is high, and it weeds out the weak. You learn to grow a thick skin or else you'll be eaten alive.

[-] Orbiter45 16 Points 11 months ago

Here in TRP, we all know about the constant social virtue signaling, and reinforcement of modern values, on TV and movies. It has created a subconscious expectation of karma punishing masculinity.

The need to face of with this "inner demon," is what brought myself and many others to TRP.

[-] Andgelyo 10 Points 11 months ago

Went to an all boys catholic high school. Shit was masculine as fuck and without a doubt shaped me into the man i am today. Lots of fighting and talking about bitches. To this day, nearly all of my old high school classmates do masculine things like lift, play ball, and do manly things. Nearly all of my classmates and friends, have down well with women.

[-] DownyGall 9 Points 11 months ago

I always wish I went to an all male boarding school like Dead Poets Society. There’s something about that camaraderie that’s amazing and can’t be replicated in coed schools.

[-] Omnidempotent 20 Points 11 months ago

The message in dead poets society was that boys schools are oppressive and kill artsy femme boys. It's anti male space propaganda

[-] haroldpeters 2 Points 11 months ago

No that was not the message. The message was about thinking for yourself critically about the world, and not letting society/parents dictate what you did with your life. It was also about brotherhood, and camaraderie when being repressed and that being a narc is a betrayal of that brotherhood. It was also about true leadership, and how that comes from inspiration/inspiring people.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] geo_gan 5 Points 11 months ago

I was the opposite and always wished I went to a mixed school after instead enduring six years at an all boys Christian Brothers school. The result was I more or less had no contact whatsoever with girls for my entire teenage years. I always think I probably would have been in a much better position now if I did actually have some sort of a mixing with girls in all this time. I was basically isolated from girls for entire teenage years. As a result I never had a girlfriend (don’t think I even spoke to any girl for entire teenage years), didn’t exist in any social circle and never went to any “prom” dance which was always held on the nearby girls convent school. A few alpha boys in the school obviously managed to get with the convent girls and do were invited to the prom dances.

[-] DownyGall 6 Points 11 months ago

Well I think the purposeful intermingling has to be a part of the school's extracurricular activities.

[-] PMmepicsofyourtits 1 Point 11 months ago

We had an all girls school down the road from us, and some things like the school shows and athletic days were co-ed. Lets you have contact without letting them in.

[-] frognads 6 Points 11 months ago

My friends who went to boys schools would always back each other up, but the guys at my co-ed school would always shame and shit on each other as much as possible, definitely more covert feminine style competition. The guys who went to boys schools always did better with girls too. There was a small group of alpha guys at my school that slept with all of the 6+ smv girls and most of the guys hardly ever got laid(me included), whereas most of the guys at the boys school were getting laid. These RP truths are so consistant.

[-] IVIaskerade 5 Points 11 months ago

When I have kids I'm definitely sending the boys to an all-boys school.

[-] niklas94 65 Points 11 months ago

I'm studying with chinese exchange students atm and most of them really are very feminine and have no backbone what soever.

[-] MarcosDomingues 38 Points 11 months ago

I live near a community college and see many chinese students too. They all look wimpy af

[-] SKRedPill 13 Points 11 months ago

That's why they're relearning conventional masculinity from RP now. But hey at least they're doing it, and there are people who are aware enough that this is a problem. Here though...

[-] pnea 13 Points 11 months ago

In my experience most Chinese exchange students come from rich Chinese families (factory owners, etc.) so you have that whole laziness blase that comes with wealth and being submerged in US society thousands of miles from your parents with little accountability.

They're good at copying work and gaming the education system though.

[-] MOSFETBJT 9 Points 11 months ago

I actually have something to share. When I studied abroad there was this Chinese girl who was absolutely infatuated with me because he said that I was the most masculine guy she had ever met.

[-] DownyGall 4 Points 11 months ago

I second this. Any international Chinese students at my college were not as masculine as even our feminized men.

[-] _A_L_3_X_ 64 Points 11 months ago

i dont think it is coincidence that we are held down like this. this is all planned in order to easier controll our society, ad even if the poeple start disliking something there no one to stand up and fight because all men are pussies.

[-] SKRedPill 40 Points 11 months ago

I think the modern left feminized media itself IS the biggest conspiracy. The NYT is a special case of conspiracy IMHO - they're forever poking their nose into other countries' affairs and finding places to impose left liberal politics.

The individuals that need to be successful in the media need to be dissenters, destructive, deviant, rebellious, with big egos and bigger mouths, fond of talking opinions, highly political, argumentative, people with an agenda, very ambitious and carrying the kind of negative stuff that can quickly go viral, an ability to connect with pain and anger and inflame it - this attracts a certain breed of narcissistic and Machiavellian people.

You may not believe in conspiracy, but simply having such people up in positions of power means everything WILL be a conspiracy.

Take a look at who owns and funds media channels. We know that 80% of consumerism is dominated by women, so it is only natural that people will pander to their egos.

[-] O--- 25 Points 11 months ago

God I love how awake this sub is.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] [deleted] 4 Points 11 months ago

Hey what you said here reminds me of a comment by someone I listened to very recently (but I can't remember exactly whom).

It goes like this and I'm paraphrasing:

Journalism and media attract a very specific kind of people who express psychopathic/sociopathic behaviors, which make them really good at making new headlines, which in turn drive more clicks and viewership. What is the best thing you can do if you are a toxic and vile coward who like to pull strings (destroy your enemies) from the comfort of your seat? It goes without saying.

[-] Nicolas0631 4 Points 11 months ago

Actually I think this is not even journalists, except a few, most are badly paid, without even a stable job and clueless for inspiration.

So give them a summary, a press release or whatever than they can hope to be a click bait or just bring volume to their media and you have then doing anything you want. As they have no much money for most, any bribe even small can work.

Finally remember that even when the media loose money billionaires and big corporate group still want to spend cash to invest in them, this is not only for their love of press freedom.

What this means is that any politician, company, ONG or even individual can get anything they want released. At worst you do it by paying for it officially and it is call advertisement. If you are smart you manage it without even having to pay much.

[-] BurnoutRS 12 Points 11 months ago

Is the system designed to keep you down? Or is the system designed to keep you down, to lift you up?

A leader, a true leader who has years of experience leading men, overcoming challenges, is not ignorant to the process he had to go through to be molded from a weak little boy into a powerful man.

Human beings are finite. A great leader knows that when he dies, for things to continue on as they were, he must be replaced by an equally great man. A great leader knows that it is lifes struggles and challenges that will make for such a man.

Society can neither be so soft and comforting that it encourages its people to remain weak, nor can it be so hard and demanding that it ends them before they ever have a chanceto become strong. How far can we push that though? Pareto distribution type shit.

See, in some ways whats currently happening is that western society has gotten so weak, our leaders seem backwards, incompetant and not deserving of our respect, that people are getting fed up with it, some to the point of action. We're all here because we're fed up with being beta males and we want to do something to become greater. Once that change happens in people and those people come to seize power for themselves...

Great leaders might make a tougher society that churns out good leaders, shitty leaders might make a shitty society that people eventually reject, and those who reject it will build something better.

As far as this being planned and it all being part of a control mechanism... of course it is. Thats what it means to be human. We analyze systems, understand them and then once we understand them enough that we can manipulate them, we work them to our advantages. We actually have to be controlled, at least up until the point where our technology and infrastructure makes the need for human labour obsolete.

The middle class majority workforce, the cogs in the machine. Its only sick and twisted when you believe that those people are being forcibly kept there instead of realizing the true extent to which we will willfully enslave ourselves. That guy who "has to drink budweiser cause if its not bud, its not a party" or that guy who has bumper stickers displaying his love and devotion to a fast food chain, or to star wars.

Take TV for example. its so commonplace, so normalized, that even the poorest people have a TV. People who, by all means do not have the time or money to waste sitting around watching shit... but they feel that they need it in order to be normal people.

[-] Cainagain 2 Points 11 months ago

Very true. Probably the reason we will likely not have a revolution for a long time. Not until people are really fed up but the elite are smart. I mean they have to be somewhat obviously but yeah they give people just enough freedom and luxury that they have something to lose if they ever consider rising up.

[-] Nicolas0631 2 Points 11 months ago

Actually they are not necessarilly that smart but they currently have great cards in their hands. It is part of the propaganda to make you think the people in power are vastly superior and deserve their position.

[-] 2comment 47 Points 11 months ago

Ok. The Chinese can get hypermasculine and become too brutal and won't stop at anything to win (including stealing and copying every other nation's best stuff and genocide, and inhuman conditions for their workers), but hey, at least they aren't breeding a self destructive bunch of wimps.

As a total aside because copying seems an odd standout to genocide and other things listed, both the USA and Germany did that back at the start of the industrial revolution for their own benefit.

Within the US, for decades after the American Revolution, many copies of British books sold and rarely anything went to the original authors.

In Germany in the 1840s-1880s, someone could buy a library of books for a fraction of price it was in Britain (where it was expensive and reading seen as for the upper classes). It was one of those things that helped Germany catch up.

Copyright and Patents is a social cost on the country enforcing it. The country says "Okay, we give you this limited temporary monopoly which will literally cost us enforcement and court costs and prevent other of our citizens from developing it, because we think it will advance us overall as a society and compell you and other creators to do more." Even the founding fathers seen it that way and limited the terms of copyright much more than they are now (corporations paying politicians for rent-seeking behavior). Intellectual Property was never initially seen as some infallible right of the creator. I mean, imagine if the latin alphabet was copyrighted into perpetuity and only licensed out for use just like all those folklore fairy tales Disney stole I mean animated in their vision.

For a developing country, it makes little sense to help outsiders enforce this as it will keep the host country perpetually weak with little benefit. As they develop further, as the US and Germany did, they get more incentives to play fair, as it's becomes a matter of mutual reciprocity.

This article is tangent but the Right to Read is a good article even though Stallman is a leftist in other areas, but it's good to know because corporations want to lead everything into this type of dystopia because they are prone to rent-seeking behavior (aka sitting on their laurels and collecting as much money for as little effort, natural human behavior amplified):

IIRC, this book argues that patents hindered the advancement of the steam engine for decades until the original patents died out:

Anyway, I only mention this because when we went into China for the cheap labor, it was inevitably going to be at another cost. And being copied was that cost and known well in advance for anybody that studied history -- it's what people do and how we became the top species afterall since the beginning - "Drog's rock spear stronger than wood spear?!?! Me make too!" (Oh shit Ghur, you forgot to pay Drog licensing fees. Go to jail, go directly to jail, do not collect 200 coconut shells.) Unlike genocide, I don't see it as immoral for them to do, just downright practical.

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 11 months ago

This is why I respect Trump as a masculine figure. He takes no shit from China and the tradewar is fought on principles. We can't cry about China stealing patents and copyrights if we keep relying on them as a cheap labor source. Either be a man and be self-sufficient or continue whining like a little bitch.

[-] RiskyRewarder 1 Point 11 months ago

The West is all wrong about copyrights and patents. A simple truth for everyone, explained in the video below, you can teach it to your toddlers.

[-] InstigatingDrunk -1 Point 11 months ago

Thank you for this response. Logical reply to ops ethnocentric af comment

[-] DownyGall 16 Points 11 months ago

Wow so being ethnocentric is bad?

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] mattizie 43 Points 11 months ago

They can make them as manly as they want, inject them with all kinds of experimental drugs: wouldn't matter.

At the end of the day, they'll still be taught to be submissive to the state, and are no more than a tool. Masculinity is also about rebellion and living ones life as they see fit. It's going to be hard to do that when the government can deny you the use of public transport, bank loans, flights, or jobs because they think you dated too many women or didn't see your parents enough, let alone question the all powerful Winnie the Pooh.

Male boarding schools can force you to work out and recognise authority. But they cannot teach you to be independent, a free thinker, or do things because YOU want to do them. This is why there are a LOT of smart Asians everywhere, but so many of them do revert to a life of video games or nothing once they're out of school because they only really did well because they were forced to.

[-] JonathanMekerset 4 Points 11 months ago

That’s just one aspect of masculinity. They’re teaching other aspects of masculinity like physical and mental toughness, discipline, and work ethic, etc. so that itself says something

[-] SimulatedWoodpecker 2 Points 11 months ago

However, male boarding schools are great at teaching discipline and if you want to tackle the chaos in life, you need to be organized. Now whether or not you are able to maintain that organized lifestyle is totally upto the individuals and often times not everyone is built form the same cloth.

[-] Dark_T100 38 Points 11 months ago

It will be interesting to see what wins over in China the long run - the pop culture you mention, or traditional red pill values. I think the west is too far gone and am a little pessimistic about it. I have high hopes for east asians, though.

[-] ovrload 39 Points 11 months ago

Koreans and most Asians in general worship these effeminate boy bands though. Just look at K-pop for example

[-] mattizie 23 Points 11 months ago

And our girls worshipped Justin Beiber...

They're only attracted to that look because of money and fame, there's nothing about it that's grounded in natural attraction.

[-] pnea 12 Points 11 months ago

Money and fame is natural attraction...

[-] ZephyrBluu 6 Points 11 months ago

Justin Bieber wasn't effeminate, he was just young.

[-] SKRedPill 6 Points 11 months ago

Justin Bieber, whatever your personal opinion of him is (mine's not good at all), was a good example of preselection bias.

[-] mattizie 2 Points 11 months ago

I heard he was taking puberty blockers to stop his voice breaking...

[-] Venny_1 7 Points 11 months ago

They worship the flair that is brought up by the media status of a boy band, but that's just it.

If you replace boy bands with "man bands," (bands with masculine guys and deep, warm voices), the girls would swoon doubly for these guys. First because of their status in the music industry, and second because of the sexual impulse that a masculine man awakens in a woman (so go lift bro).

[-] mcbenzene 1 Point 11 months ago

You should search for the mouse utopia documentary. It is about SK and their effeminate society.

[-] RightCorner 5 Points 11 months ago

East asians will learn from the our mistakes. The japanese aren't taking the PM's talk about needing immigrant workforce very well. And if the chinese government manages to avoid getting lynched for how authoritarian it's becoming, China has the potential to easily become the world hegemony once the US and the west falls apart.

[-] haroldpeters 1 Point 11 months ago

im not looking forward to this. China is basically what the democrats want.. pure authoritarian tyranny under the guide of "making things fair"

[-] DownyGall 5 Points 11 months ago

Depends if they have any rootless cosmopolitans in the country

[-] Omnidempotent 3 Points 11 months ago

The founding of communist china was aided by such special people. They've been in china for a long time now

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] krrisztian 20 Points 11 months ago

I've been living in China for the past 8 months as a european teaching english to small kids. There are a couple of ideas that don't reflect the truth here.

1, this is not a nationwide thing here nor is going to be(later on why). Just as the media can puff up any story, this was the case here too. China has more than 600Million men and the country itself is vast, so vast in fact that a 4 hour flight won't even get you halfway through. They can't just change everything by opening up one school to raise manlier men. I honestly wish it would but this is reality.

2, social hierarchy is still very much a thing here. A woman will marry a man by the family pushing her if the circumstances (money-business) require. They probably won't be happy but they will stay together forever because divorce is frowned upon here, let alone if you happen to have a child. That said, they both cheat on each other and that's just how things are.

3, boys are not manly at all. I can't even look at the "muscular" guys that work at my gym in an "admiring" way. I have had experiences where f.e. a group of us was hiking (all chinese) and the boys were carrying ALL the bags of women/girls. And they were happy to do it, to them it was normal. Guys here are all up in girls' face, they text them every second, and are controlling. I'm really talking about 99% of the chinese guys I know.

4, girls are shy. REALLY SHY. To the point where there are no 2 piece bikinis here. At our recent company retreat, the 5% of all the girls that came out to the pools at the hot springs we were staying at, ALL of them wore "granny" bikinis, with extra skirt as cover. Approaching girls is not easy here (I'm talking about the non-westernized ones). Even at the club (which is another fucked up topic on its own), if there are us foreigners or even chinese trying to talk to girls, their girlfriends will grab them by the arms and pull them away (not sure why that's happening tho)

All in all its hard to cover 10% on this culture in this post, but let me tell you it is nothing but feminine. It's not that they want boys to be better men, they NEED THEM.

[-] NaraNawalt 17 Points 11 months ago

To add on (I’m Chinese Singaporean), filial piety and the emphasis on group identity/consensus means that submissiveness is ingrained in our culture. You’re always deferring to someone. It could be your parents or some other authority at work/school. It’s ridiculous that a woman old enough to be engaged (over 25) still follows a curfew set by her parents, for instance. Challenging authority and being disobedient gets you into trouble.

So you have a puzzling mix of submissive individuals (men and women) combined with a strong self-preservation instinct at the national or societal level. Those who lap up soundbites that China/Chinese people are RP-aware because of certain governmental action or news like the above aren’t peeling the layers far back enough to see that the culture inherently runs on submissiveness.

These boys will be taught to be masculine but still within the context that this will benefit the group. If they dare to express desires that run contrary to societal expectations they’ll be shamed.

[-] SKRedPill 3 Points 11 months ago

This is Japan. When they're not being this bad and binging on drinks after hours and playing video games, they're total worker bees for the workforce. Too much enslavement to work is also beta.

[-] Nicolas0631 2 Points 11 months ago

These boys will be taught to be masculine but still within the context that this will benefit the group. If they dare to express desires that run contrary to societal expectations they’ll be shamed.

I have difficulties to see how this is different than traditional society that TRP advocate as an ideal.

[-] TheTrenTrannyTrain 2 Points 11 months ago

OTOH, you know Chinese girls aren't sluts handing out BJ like puffy stickers.

I live in a southern Chinese city so I know what you mean, seeing guy willingly be a woman's slave is quite unsettling.

[-] suaressi 17 Points 11 months ago

China is gonna be number one superpower soon. they've been capitalizing on the world's need for products and quietly building up their infrastructure. they're also acquiring massive amounts of land in the Russia's far east that's to Putin's traitorous ass. they've been acquiring land and homes in en masse in the states as well.

[-] EdAnt 9 Points 11 months ago

You don't say "in en masse". "En" means "in", so you just say "en masse".

[-] suaressi 1 Point 11 months ago

it's called a shitty google keyboard

[-] mattizie 5 Points 11 months ago

I wouldn't be too worried about it.

They were only great after the 1980s when they embraced open markets and capitalism. Now they're slowly regressing back to their communist selves, and it's reflecting on the country with a large slowdown in business and wealth.

[-] BitsAndBobs304 13 Points 11 months ago

Is there anything more cucked than getting your personality erased to be turned into a member of a squad ready to die for fat cat's interests? At least when you work for a woman sometimes you get some sex!

[-] SKRedPill 8 Points 11 months ago

Better to die soon than to live in hell.

[-] Enorflame 4 Points 11 months ago

Totalitarian dictatorships with roots in communism are as close as you can get to hell in this world.

[-] chadthundercork 1 Point 11 months ago

Could you expand on how and why dictatorships are so bad and the underlying reasons which allow such bad circumstances to be created

[-] Enorflame 1 Point 11 months ago

Dictatorships aren't inherently bad, but they are inherently unstable. The "keys to power" video you can find on youtube describes pretty well. But the TLDW is that in dictatorships few people have most of the power which results in the dictator's rule living or dying by how much supports he gets from these people, most often generals and rich oligarchs. Resulting in government funds being mostly spend on thinly veiled bribes.

A totalitarian dictatorship is a whole other level of bad though. Because in this case the dictator is guaranteed to be a totalitarian, often communist or national socialist, dickhead. The people that rise to the top in these regimes are almost always violent thugs. Hitler and in particular Stalin for example had a lengthy criminal record with Stalin being pretty much a petty mob boss in his early years.

Because of the dog eat dog nature of the hierarchy of such a regime it is even more unstable and has to resort to brutality to create some semblance of stability. Which is why the death toll during the rule of these regimes is so high and why they collapse, like the USSR did, when they become less violent due to exposure of their crimes.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] Nicolas0631 2 Points 11 months ago

But you get both dude, you risk to die and all, but are trained to a slave to the state and your wife too.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] InscrutablePUA 10 Points 11 months ago

Chinese civilization has been around for 2000+ years.... trust me they've known the pill all along. Just had to re-discover it in a modern context.

[-] KewlThanks 6 Points 11 months ago

Fuck it, good for China.

They're too nationalistic to help us, but at least 1 major power is staying masculine, Russia is pretty good, too.

....are we the baddies? lol Trump's trying to fix it but we let feminism go too far.

[-] VoxVirilis 1 Point 11 months ago

Given the US response to the Khashoggi killing, we might be the baddies.

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[-] Imperator_Red 3 Points 11 months ago

Social justice and feminism are not only the enemy of the United States or the West, they are the enemy of every decent people on Earth.

[-] AnEpicFuckUp 3 Points 11 months ago

There's something special about China's sober rationalism.

[-] stancourt 3 Points 11 months ago

It's time there's social backlash against the detrimental effects of the #metoo movement on the societies.

Good for them!

The neighboring S. Korea should also adopt similar policy.

As Dave Chapelle said regarding the #metoo/feminists: "you're not gonna get far through FEAR"



Korean MMA fighter refuses to take a picture with a ring girl. He had previously been accused of sexual harassment.


Here's the story with videos. If you've been to the videos subreddit, you'd have seen it, as the thread posted in the subreddit hit the front page.


Now, one argument the feminists/overprotective dads with daughters make is that women need protection from sexual harassment/assault.

I don't argue against that.

What I'm arguing against is giving the females power over males, thus creating power dis-balance between genders.

I also remember that 10 years ago, this division between genders was not a thing, as it wasn't so politicized and made to be a "thing". I get that women, on average, have higher gender association between each other, which manifests in coming around to help to a fellow female, and offering her unconditional support.

Right now, I'd like to address about the need that females need protection from sexual harassment as it currently stands judicially in the western world/USA.


When we punish men for simply touching a woman worse than those who murder, it tells a lot about the current state of affairs.

If you touch a woman, and she deems you unworthy of her touch (not sexually attractive enough/not enough other qualities etc), then you get to go to jail, you get ostracized by the society, have to get on the sex offender registry for a few years (yes, even for a simple, unwanted touch). No future job career, you'll get lucky if you get ANY job after having sex harassment/assault on your file.

Secondly, the #metoo cultivates the idea that women are babies with adult faces who need protection from evil predatory men, which in turn cultivates them to be hyper-sensitive to minor male behavior that stems from our sexual nature.

There are other consequences, such as alienation between genders, walking on eggshells in relationships, since the bar has gotten very low and the consequences are life-ruining.

It also makes sexual activities more ... mechanical, like having to ask a girl every 15 seconds if it's ok to touch another part of her body, or having to sign a consent form before engaging in sex, or just in general being cautious and always making sure you have the consent. Women like spontaneity & decisiveness in men, they don't want to have to tell a guy to grab her around the waist and caress her, he's supposed to read her body language and understand it on his own, but men won't be doing that anymore, due to some of the reasons I mentioned above.

tl;dr fathers with daughters, who're in overprotective mode, and hyper-sensitive feminists have decided for the rest of us that trading personal freedoms for the absolute safety is a must.

A dad who has a daughter might have sons, such dad might have relatives who're male. The future generation isn't just gonna be female. An overprotective dad is not thinking about other males, he doesn't care about them as much as he does for the well being of his daughter. Which is why I think a short-sighted approach is what such dads are guided by.

I understand why dads with daughters are willing to cultivate this culture of reigning permanent punishment for males who acted out of their sexual desires, and giving women safeguards at the expense of men, I do.

If I had a daughter, my instincts would probably also make me overly protective of her, and I'd gladly trade the sexual freedom of males for my daughter's safety, but things like this have larger societal consequences. Whether positive or not is up to debate.


I can understand that living as a pretty girl means being sensitive to sexual assault/harassment/unwarranted objectification and other things, but if we as a society allow cruel and unusual punishments to be imposed on the male behavior that stems from our sexual instincts, then we're just trading our personal freedoms for the sake of absolute safety.


And women get to experience the downsides of the excessive #metoo witch-hunt.

Women thrive on subtlety and spontaneity, but now, even the most sexually attracted men at the top, like Henry Cavil, would do what the feminists wanted - be very cautious and safe, not flirt, not talk about sexual stuff with other women, and so on.

A typical woman's response to this is "well, if it means predators are going to stay away from us, then good! Good men won't be afraid to keep hitting on us and giving us attention".

No, that's not how it works. I'd go in detail, but nobody cares. Enjoy your safety, but remember that the minority of hyper-sensitive women made it worse for the majority of women, who otherwise aren't as sensitive and vindictive towards men when the latter do minor "misconducts" that stem from our sexual nature.






[-] SKRedPill 2 Points 11 months ago

Once trust between the sexes is broken at both ends, society either turns conservative or pulls the plug.

[-] trpblacklime 2 Points 11 months ago

I wish there was something like this in the west for both boys and men.

[-] edargham 2 Points 11 months ago

China are also implementing a Good boy point system. I don’t know if they really did take the pill

[-] Nicolas0631 2 Points 11 months ago

I am no china expert but from what I could gather discussing with chineses mens and womens:

- traditionaly the man has all the power over womens but has also all the responsability.

- what most important is money and status not love or sex.

- women don't get much in divorce compared to western cultures.

- the new generation of women is insufferable making their men into slaves and providers and using the fact that there clearly a deficit of women on one side and the traditional obligations for the man to pay for everything on the other side.

- people cheat on each others but it must stay hidden.

[-] JonathanMekerset 2 Points 11 months ago

We still have fraternities

[-] AutoModerator 1 Point 11 months ago

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[-] TontoKemosabe 1 Point 11 months ago

We're missing the big point that masculinity has been de facto criminalized in America.

Behave as a masculine man and you will go to prison.

[-] RiskyRewarder 1 Point 11 months ago

I challenge anyone to tell the difference between a male and a female Chinese adult in androgynous clothing, hairstyle, and no makeup. ????

[-] Me_ADC_Me_SMASH 1 Point 11 months ago

wow, China discovered Islam, but they still get the credit after being late 1400 years?

[-] LMM-GT02 1 Point 11 months ago

If war with China isn’t in the future I don’t know what is.

[-] scissor_me_timbers00 1 Point 11 months ago

Sunni-Shia megawar in the Middle East with Russia backing Iran, and the US and Israel backing Saudis

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] SuperSchweinchen 1 Point 11 months ago

Uh, I'm very unsure about this. Seems to me less of a "let's make boys more masculine so we become great as a nation" kind of program and more of a "uh, these kids aren't the opinionless drones anymore, let's drill them on how to be disposable".


I am very much for teaching boys how to be men, but teaching them to be disposable drones for a pseudo-communist government ? Not so much.

[-] RPLawyer 1 Point 11 months ago

Thing humans have done in one form or another since humans were humans work better than the bullshit gender theory some politically biased fake scientists have pulled out of their ass 50 years ago. Shocking!

[-] The_Frag_Man 1 Point 11 months ago

Who is behind pop culture in the west? Hmm..

[-] xiamen_island 1 Point 11 months ago

I have an interesting position concerning this article. I have lived in china for a year and a half and I started my red pill journey while being here. I love china and I love the chinese, but I can tell you for a fact that chinese men are some of the most blue pilled, feminine dudes I have ever come across of. I cant go anywhere without seeing some guy desperately trying to fuck a girl by buying her drinks, buying her clothes, taking her out to an expensive dinner. I see so many guys carying their girlfriends purses and waiting on hand and foot for them. I know I am a foreigner in their land, but armed with red pill knowledge and basic game, you can be lightyears ahead of every chinese guy in the club or anywhere for that matter. Their culture is heavily steeped in romance and marriage, and their t.v. shows and music are so blue pilled I cant even listen or watch it anymore. Chinese women are way more feminine than western women, but they still take advantage of the beta bux every time. I am not good at game at all, but with the lack of masculine men (I cant even remember 1 I have met that wasnt a foreigner) and a little bit of muscle and assertiveness, you can swim in a sea of pussy every night. Its almost too easy. The article might state that china will stop it before it happens, but I constantly see feminism written on t-shirts, girls acting just as entitled as western women, and too many feminized beta simps to count. As much as china would like to believe they will solve this problem, the gynocentric worldview wont let it happen. China likes to look good to the outside world, but they will soon be rotting from the inside just like the west is already doing. The only difference I see here is that China isnt so far behind because they are actively trying to change it from happeneing while the west is too far gone to do so.

[-] NoFaithInThisSub 1 Point 11 months ago

I can 2nd this, i work with ONLY chinese, and they are basically the faggiest beta fags you can faggin see. like mega fag soy boy.

We get all these young kids rotating every few months on "internships" and they are they most bp creatures you have seen. They prance across my office like girls, i kid you not.

All that tofu....

[-] JonathanMekerset 1 Point 11 months ago

There’s a reason China has always had a presence

[-] Rian_Stone 1 Point 11 months ago

Christopher Hitchens had a great article on the boy scouts you should read

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] Reformed65 1 Point 11 months ago

India is typing...

Jokes aside, probably the upper-class will benefit from this, they'll learn how to fix bikes, repair cars, martial arts, etc. The lower class will only be taught how to tolerate coal smoke foaming in their lungs.

There is nothing wrong with copying others, you didn't say that but I feel I need to add it here because you've mentioned it numerous times, as Coach Red Pill said, no one is going to slam a copyright strike on you if you copy them.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] VitalMixofNutrients 1 Point 11 months ago

"... Some in China blame boys’ lacking behavior on a lack of male role models. Fathers are rarely involved in their sons’ upbringing, according to government research.

How about mothers? And perhaps siblings?

[-] WildPhilosophy 1 Point 11 months ago

Another reason to move to China while the rest of the world goes to shit.

[-] victor_knight 1 Point 11 months ago

And when overpopulation is a problem, they have the balls to implement a one-child policy. Something the West doesn't ever have the balls to do (which is why they implement feminism instead). In Africa, they handle overpopulation by simply succumbing to death and disease (i.e. letting nature take its course).

[-] SKRedPill 2 Points 11 months ago

The US isn't overpopulated despite the highest per capita consumption figures behind the Scandanavian countries. But white population is declining and other races and immigrant numbers are going up. Overall the growth rate is flat in the states.

The problem with rapid population growth is that while climbing up, you get a lot of poverty, youth without opportunities - a huge, overstressed and overburdened market. Then when the population saturates and declines, you've got a declining economy and deflation and lots of old people.

Declining population might seem fine on paper, but it's actually a major problem. It pushes the state into welfare and high taxes, business decline, towns get depopulated and become more unsafe, immigration and demographic and cultural shift become rampant to replace the workforce. This is what is happening in all feminized countries, or any country with pussified beta men and declining populations - they commit national hypergamy. Japan is a good example -- no work life balance means all men are betas for white collar slaughter.

It almost always means a lack of masculine energy. In the past, if your population declined, it would result in getting taken over by civilizations with stronger numbers. It's just happening in a softer way now in Europe, Japan and all that.

Masculine energy that isn't wasted in pleasures or kept enslaved is what keeps the drive of a civilization going.

[-] victor_knight 2 Points 11 months ago

But white population is declining and other races and immigrant numbers are going up

It's because it's mainly white people today who tend to care about shit like this. Overpopulation, racial equality, starving Africans etc. Don't expect the same level of altruism from Asians or Middle-Easterners (or even blacks). Whites tend to set the example in the hope others will follow. Just like they have made most of their education and knowledge available to the rest of the world.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] OfficerWade 1 Point 11 months ago

Meanwhile this subreddit if not all of Reddit is banned in China

[-] moltenw 0 Points 11 months ago

A lot of good stuff there.

The only thing that I disagreed with was the nationalism behind it all. Loving your country/culture is completely okay if that's what you like, but don't make an identity out of it. The moment you say "I am a proud American" or "I need to defend my country because x" - that's where it starts going haywire.

[-] SKRedPill 1 Point 11 months ago

All over the world, protectionism is gaining traction.

[-] FemtoG 0 Points 11 months ago

recently i applied for a tourist visa to china

the application asks for gender: male or female? the fact this made me do a double take shows how fucked our society is