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- Hide Preview | 100 Comments | submitted 11 months ago by Imperator_Red [Post Locked]

This post is a reminder to men in the workplace to literally say nothing to women that strays outside of discussing the professional topic at hand. A girl that I worked with at my last job relayed this story to me.

There was this guy [bitch boy] who acted super cheerful and happy all the time at work - like beyond the pale to the point that many people didn't want to be around him, but he definitely walked on water and was destined for big things in the company's eyes. He was the epitome of a feminized guy that works within the system. I guarantee you that he is 100% on board with every modern belief that a person is supposed to have to avoid being guilty of wrong-think.

So anyways, the girl relaying the story tells me that one day [bitch boy] pulls her aside and apologizes to her. She literally has no idea what he is apologizing for and asks what he is talking about. Turns out a week prior he had made an offhand comment that "there are more male managers here because some of the women decide to leave to start families in their late 20s."

That's it. That's all he said. Apparently he said this offhand while he was talking to three girls and one of them complained to HR, which made him apologize to all the girls that were there. I'm telling you guys, if women had a magical machine that could draw up the perfect man that demonstrates how we should all act in professional situations, this guy would be it. He was almost a caricature. But it doesn't matter. If you step out of line and the wrong woman hears it, you will be squashed.

I think a lot of men believe that they'll be OK if they just act with good faith, and that's certainly the narrative that the MSM has been pushing HARD since the #metoo backlash started. But this is completely false. Even if the 9/10 of women who heard the comment don't have a reaction to it, it doesn't matter. HR isn't going to poll the females at the office to see what the group thinks and tell the one nutjob to toughen up if 90% aren't offended. The point of this story is not just to bash women and call them insane. In fact this shows that 2 of the 3 women present acted perfectly perfectly sane and were just as confused by the situation as any man would be. But it only takes one strong independent woman to be offended by your remark and you are standing tall before the Gestapo to answer for your thought crime.

When it comes to women in the workplace, there's no longer any question: the smart play is to have as little to do with them as you possibly can. Pretend that you are a medieval peasant and the women are your lord's daughters, or that you're a black kid in 1950 Alabama and the women are the sheriff's daughters.

The real challenge going forward is how to pull this off without it being obvious to others in the office that you are doing it, because that is definitely the next frontier that women will be on the lookout for as the fallout from #metoo continues to spread. A 21st century corporate man is going to have to master the art of avoiding women in the workplace while also avoiding any outward appearance that he is doing so.

[-] CainPrice 133 Points 11 months ago

I'd take this even farther. Don't go to happy hours with co-workers after work unless necessary for professional reasons. Don't go to co-workers' birthday parties or private events outside of work hours. Don't stay late after work if it's just you and a woman there. Don't meet with women alone in an office or conference room. If there's a company party or networking event and it's not necessary or beneficial to be seen there, maybe skip that, too. Obviously, don't be weird by declaring that you don't mix business and pleasure. Just say that you have a conflicting event at the same time and can't make it.

Absolutely no good can come from being chummy with a female co-worker, drinking with them, or spending time alone with them. It can only be neutral or negative. Nothing good can come of it.

Make friends outside of work. Date women outside of work. Work is for working. If you're not fucking a woman or trying to fuck her, being alone with her or going out in a social setting with her and having drinks can only hurt you or do nothing. It can't help you.

Sure, 90% of the time, being alone in a room with a female co-worker or having a drink after work with the office is fine. But it only takes one bitch to say that you said or did something to ruin your career.

[-] Imperator_Red 75 Points 11 months ago

If you're not fucking a woman or trying to fuck her, being alone with her or going out in a social setting with her and having drinks can only hurt you or do nothing.

Ironically this was the way society operated before the sexual revolution began for the safety of women, and this is what we are now going back to for the safety of men.

[-] chadwickofwv 19 Points 11 months ago

Are we really sure it was to protect women the first time around? This shit may have happened before.

[-] Imperator_Red 25 Points 11 months ago

I think yes, because the current situation could only arise in a country where women have political power, which has never happened before.

[-] TFWnoLTR 3 Points 11 months ago

Yes, because before women didn't have the ability to ruin a man because he took advantage of her. Sure, rape was always a crime, but some guy getting handsy with a cute typist in his office after hours could do so without fear of consequences beyond his wife catching wind of it. Even then the wife would probably blame the typist. What was the girl doing in his office after hours anyways? She should have gone home and left him alone. Doesn't she know he's married?

Women were actually held more accountable for their actions, or at least not trusted to remain innocent in all situations.

[-] Imperator_Red 2 Points 11 months ago

Society in general recognized that it is not possible to prove rape in most circumstances, so steps were taken to ensure that people aren't ever placed in these types of situations - AKA why would a man every need to be alone with a woman who was not his wife or relative?

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] four-acorn 27 Points 11 months ago

I'll take this one step further than you did.

If you want to be an alpha, you can't have a traditional office job or blue collar job.

No matter what you say or do, you either have to play "House N***" and do the magic monkey dance and say all the sanitized bullshit like a politician, and HR will still make you apologize for something "offensive" you said, like "Nice weather we're having". You'll have to cowtow to all this shit in the name of groveling for a job.

Long term you need to be in a position where you're not doing dances for HR.

[-] Govedo13 5 Points 11 months ago

Exactly that. I go to the office 2-3 times per month. I work from home and I am more or less not bound by working hours etc..

It is similar like consultant,however on permanent contract. I had like 8-9 weeks in my in Greece beach house this summer working 1-2 hours per day.

It is like 3x then my official days off. Now I would go for 2 week ski vacation.

If you are valuable for the organization, the HR and their bullshit wont be important. 8 Hour working day is not efficient anyway. I can do more work in 1-3 hours and have the rest of the time for me.

[-] four-acorn 10 Points 11 months ago

If you are valuable for the organization, the HR and their bullshit wont be important.

A lot of people think this, but it simply isn't true. You might be given more leeway.

But the President of CBS got 'me-tooed'. This guy in r-legal-advice said he was a Director of Operations who was invaluable, but he tried playing grab-ass at a hotel (with a stranger) during a company trip, and got shit-canned.

Not speaking for your case, but bear in mind, half the corporate welfare drones think they are 'invaluable' and have an inflated sense of worth. And even if you are in the unusual situation where you actually know you are perceived as invaluable, even in the face of a massive lawsuit, they still might shit-can you given the right political circumstances.

Either you're cutting the checks to HR, or ... if you're fired you can find a similar or better job in a week, so you don't need to grovel.

[-] Imperator_Red 10 Points 11 months ago

If you are valuable for the organization, the HR and their bullshit wont be important.

Dude, if senators can be forced out of office or lose elections because of this shit, do you really think your job is safe?

[-] trpppp123 2 Points 11 months ago

If you're skilled at what you do, even if your job isn't safe, you shouldn't have any trouble finding another to replace it.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] SoulRebel99 1 Point 11 months ago

That sounds dope man! What do you do?

[-] Kpwn88 1 Point 11 months ago

If you want to be an alpha, you can't have a traditional office job or blue collar job

In my experience, blue collar work is usually done by men. If you want to be able to banter and talk about grabbing her pussy, become a construction worker or a tradesman.

[-] four-acorn 1 Point 11 months ago

Yeah but as your own boss. Otherwise you kind of have to 'act a Beta' for 40 hours a week. I mean, I get in reality, most people can't start their own business and its not for everyone.

But if you got a boss guy/ HR person you got to do the monkey dance for, it could infect the rest of your mind.

It's possible you have a remote boss/ distant relationship so you can get away with that. If you're a TV personality or bar manager -- something where you generally call the shots in your immediate surroundings all day/ social environment that can help. But if someone says "HEY RICK, GO CLEAN OUT THOSE TOILETS" and you have to say Yes Sir with a smile ... damn ...

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] CHAD__-__THUNDERCOCK 16 Points 11 months ago

I have skipped every work party since #MeToo came out. Fuck that. At work I never mix with my outside life, and I always have a neutral opinion...or I am the dumbest person in the room about a hot subject: I am always unfamiliar with whatever they’re talking about, or am not getting what they are talking about at the time. I’m there to make money and that’s it.

[-] MurkyArtichoke 3 Points 11 months ago

Although i see your point, for me this is a bit of an overexaggeration. Yes, work is for working, but for me i find it important to have good relationships with people at work. My motivation to go to work is certainly a lot higher if i feel like i have people there whom i consider friends and that i can joke around with from time to time. I completely agree however that you should never sleep with someone from work though, and this rule is embodied in me now. I have like 3-4 women at work i am good friends with, and we occasionally hang out sometimes after work, and it has never been a problem for me at all. Just make sure you don't go to deep into some of the topics OP mentioned.

From what you're saying it seems like a common day at work should be you going to hide in a cubicle not interacting with any women at all. You shouldn't need to skip, for example, a christmas-party at work because you are scared about getting #metoo'ed. Just make sure you don't drink too much and you'll be fine.

[-] CainPrice 3 Points 11 months ago

Obviously, use judgment and common sense.

If it's the company Christmas party, your boss will be there, people from the company's biggest clients will be there, and it's important you be seen, then you show up, drink club soda, shake hands, and interact politely with the important people in a professional manner.

If it's happy hour with the office scrubs after work and a bunch of office women are going to be there drinking, you politely decline because you have other plans tonight.

Yes, most of the time that you hang out with women from work, as long as you're not an ass and you behave well, nothing bad will happen, but it only takes one minor misunderstanding and accusation to seriously fuck with you. It's better if your friends and social life are separate from your work life. You should have real friends, not just use your co-workers as a substitute friend group due to convenience and proximity.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] CareerBeta 62 Points 11 months ago

I hesitate to engage in the newly prevalent non-sexual-strategy posts, but this seems like an important misconception to address.

Avoiding women professionally is a poor strategy for your career.

In a modern professional environment, you will be judged on your ability to "work well with others." Being avoidant is just dumb. Avoiding women in particular will get you branded as a sexist eventually.

The guy in the story fucked up because he verbalized an opinion that went counter to the dominant narrative. Regardless of reality, women in a professional environment don't want to hear you justify why there are more male managers than female. The prevailing wisdom is that lack of women in leadership is due to discrimination. That is their reality, and challenging that concept is a high-risk activity.

You do have to walk on eggshells with women in the workplace, but professional MGTOW won't get you anywhere. Be careful gentlemen, but don't be idiots.

[-] Imperator_Red 27 Points 11 months ago

I tried to acknowledge this in the last paragraph. You are going to have to do it without looking like you are doing it.

The guy in the story fucked up because he verbalized an opinion that went counter to the dominant narrative.

So just make sure to never slip up for 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year, for the next 35 years of your life. Be perfect.

[-] Pezotecom 9 Points 11 months ago

Just be the anti-hero of this orwellian piece of crap of a society we live today.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] CainPrice 16 Points 11 months ago

You don't obviously and overtly avoid questionable situations with women. You just always seem to have something to do when the rest of the office wants to go out for drinks after work, and any time a woman comes into the supply closet while you're there you just happen to be leaving, and unless she's your supervisor and orders it you never have a one on one meeting with a woman and always make sure others are present.

Most companies have an official HR policy that if the supervisor is male and he's firing a woman, he can't be alone with her when he does it. He has to have another woman in the room with him when he lets her go. Specifically another woman, because as we all know, two men would just rape her twice, while women never lie, so if the other woman says nothing happened, people will believe her over the angry woman who was just fired.

[-] trpppp123 1 Point 11 months ago

lol is this actually a thing?

[-] CainPrice 3 Points 11 months ago

It is absolutely, positively a thing, especially in larger companies.

Any time you call a female employee in for termination or any sort of disciplinary action, you -always- have another female in the room to witness the encounter.

Because if the disciplined or terminated female employee claims that the male supervisor dislikes her, hates women, has always had it in for her, came on to her and she refused so he fired her, touched her inappropriately, or anything like that, and there were no witnesses, the company is required to investigate her complaint, often putting her on leave while continuing to pay her during the investigation. Some companies even put the accused on leave or suspension while the investigation is going on.

[-] Iceklimber 8 Points 11 months ago

MGTOW won't get you anywhere.

MGTOW does not advise you to shun women like a recluse. It encourages you to be socially connected and ghot in plain sight

[-] Acrimont 5 Points 11 months ago

Dont be one on one with them, thats enough, and maybe keep some precautions, thats it.

[-] Imperator_Red 4 Points 11 months ago

Was the guy in my story one on one with them? He merely commented on why there were fewer female managers in our office.

[-] Sake99 4 Points 11 months ago

You are 100% right, avoiding women cannot get you anywhere at all. What I used to do in the office was that I sit with them and occasionally ask question and rest of the time, I used to remain silent and observe and after sometime, leave the conversation.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] trpppp123 1 Point 11 months ago

The guy in the story fucked up because he verbalized an opinion that went counter to the dominant narrative.

Reminds me of Think as you like, but behave like others

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] Yozki 48 Points 11 months ago

Man, I've been in the corporate world for less than 5 years but I can tell you right now, as a software developer: other than interns, women in the workplace are insane, completely fucking scary, you really do need to appease to them in every way or risk getting fucked with, they're so totalitarian, uptight and gossipy, they're only concerned with passing blame and avoiding being called out, it's suffocating to work with them long term.


I'm so glad they're mostly shit at programming so I usually work exclusively with men and I don't want to move up the corporate ladder so I'm relatively safe, but god damn.

[-] BewareTheOldMan 14 Points 11 months ago

"...women in the workplace are insane, completely fucking scary, you really do need to appease to them in every way or risk getting fucked with, they're so totalitarian, uptight and gossipy, they're only concerned with passing blame and avoiding being called out..."

Yet the constant outcry of the "pay gap" and the demand to insert even more women in the workplace.

Blue collar guys have this problem as well with the few women in these spaces, but I suspect not nearly as often as those men in either white collar or gray collar jobs.

In the Me-Too Era, most men are being smart how they engage women in the workplace, public spaces, and male-female interpersonal relationships.

It only takes one accusation...

[-] trpppp123 3 Points 11 months ago

As a software engineer, in general I agree with this. Females on the job don't seem to catch on as quick as guys when you explain something. But I'll admit, 2 of my female team mates are an absolute joy to work with because they are super nice and when you ask them to do something, they'll follow your guidance and do it where as dudes on the team will claim they're busy even if they're not.

This wasn't the case at most other places I've worked though. Females were always a nightmare there. So dumb you have to explain shit to them like 3 times, they keep bugging you for help without trying anything first, etc.

[-] Me_ADC_Me_SMASH 22 Points 11 months ago

Work is work. Personal life is personal life. Women at the workplace are the same as the men at the workplace: robots that serve the corporation.

Don't be alone with women without another man in the room. Don't talk about your life. Don't make jokes. Be friendly and don't be friends. Be the guy others know the name of but don't know personally. Do your job well, suck up to the managers if you have to.

In 2018 you're likely not staying in one company anyway, so you better make connections outside your workplace. You're a mercenary, do what you're paid to do and gtfo when something better comes along.

[-] jihocech 15 Points 11 months ago

Here in Czechia, we were taught, that the USA is a land of freedom, but i looks like a land of fear.

[-] panconquesofrito 8 Points 11 months ago

Yeah, women in this country can be very dangerous.

[-] masterpiece00 3 Points 11 months ago

This strategy was good in the 90's - not so today, you gotta make HR , your boss, his wife, you co workers and the company image all happy 24/ fucking 7.

[-] Kpwn88 3 Points 11 months ago

Don't talk about your life

Unless I'm bragging about my sexy woman having a delicious meal waiting for me when I got home from work, or how happy she is being a stay at home mom. They've all met her at company functions and know she's better looking than any of them too. I can see pain in their eyes when I turn the shiv really slowly.

I love subtly fucking with career women. But yeah, never shit where you eat and never be alone with them.

[-] Ceeda 1 Point 11 months ago

I like to refer to it as the “job-carousel”.

[-] Mgtow_Maester 19 Points 11 months ago

Just remember there's no perfect strategy to win in the corporate world. If a group of women and manginas agree to make up lies against you, chances are you're going down. There's nothing you did wrong other than have a dick.

You need to be Machiavellian to make good money in this world. I'd rather keep my soul.

[-] masterpiece00 9 Points 11 months ago

Can confirm, being unmarried and childless over 30 makes me a bulls eye, seemingly as soon as my boss and other married coworkers find out that I am not in the 'inner circle' i get treated like an plague victim and am soon exiled. I assume they are jealous that I am not trapped or chained to the job like them.

[-] Blackcurls 2 Points 11 months ago

Could you write a post about this? I'm very interested in hearing more about this topic.

[-] masterpiece00 1 Point 11 months ago

Being over 30 and not married or with kids I don't have much in common with them to talk about at work, the married guys will talk about married life and their kids 'happy wife happy life', will talk about their weekends spent doing domestic activities etc, they band together in the married only club and although I can strike up conversation about other things i feel like I am the outsider.

There is a strangely common way they are and behave, under 30's men whom are married aren't usually as bad but men of 30, 40, 50 seem to be:

They are low on energy, have no 'life in their eyes' if that makes sense, will act nice but are usually passive aggressive but also quick to anger, many times I have seen them seem happiest (spirited) when they are trying to get other people to do what they say or when they are talking about something they think they are well versed in more than other, almost like the workplace is the only place they wear the pants and feel manly.

[-] askmrcia 9 Points 11 months ago

Just remember there's no perfect strategy to win in the corporate world. If a group of women and manginas agree to make up lies against you, chances are you're going down.

Thank you. All you guys saying avoid women and don't go to happy hours and stuff. Well guess what?

Rumors will spread that you're a creep. Then it will move to you're not a team player.

The best strategy is to vet which women you can talk to about certain things.

Not all women are crazy feminist. If they work in HR then yes, your ass better walk on eggshells.

You should know how to read people. You should know which women will overreact to certain topics.

As far as staying in the same room as women and things like that. You just need to know how to carry yourself socially and don't look like a socially enept retard around them.

I get it that women can be crazy. But a lot of this can be under your control as well.

I said far worse things to women then what the guy said in the story. You just have to know when to say it, how to say it and who to say it too.

[-] readordie13 16 Points 11 months ago

Ditch that corporate life if you can and work for yourself. Nonetheless great read.

[-] Mylominderbinder 1 Point 11 months ago

Biggest "if" I've seen today, but definitely a good advice.

[-] zyqkvx 14 Points 11 months ago

I use a tactic to desexualize myself from certain women. Though, I don't work a 9 to 5 so I've never experimented using it in a corporate setting.

Example. Fat chic starts flirting with me in the line at Costco. I've seen her around a bit and suspect that might continue. I happen to be buying these rubber maid containers. I start telling her how I'm using the containers not for food, but to put tools in. I explained I could put a compression tool, cable cutter, and fittings in to one and snap it shut. In another an ethernet crimper, and its accesories. Then I could stack them on a garage shelf. Since I can see right through the clear transparent boxes it's easy to walk right up to needed kit. And that they were airtight so it prevented glues from gassing out, and prevents the oxidation of tools. I didn't get all of that out (close), yet you get the idea. She went from giddy and near-touchy to statue still, thinking sober and staring far away. Later if she saw me sexualize with other women she would be able rationalize her sour grapes that the other girl didn't know she was getting a inferior man.

I've always thought this would work in a corporate setting, yet would is experimental, at least for me. After landing a job signal out the women workers you know are trouble prone, say a woman in HR you may be crossing your path in the long run. First time she asks you about your weekend say something like, "I painted my living room with Zinsser stain blocking primer that seals in stains. It lets the fresh paint show it's true color, not a muddled color from the last coat" Then act slightly giddy about it. Then keep your mouth shut and let her know the only info she knows about you boring. Everyone else seems to be fine with you. Pussy dry, you are off the radar. She assumes you talk like this to other people so it will be hard for her to fuck with you if some bitch says you looked at her wrong. The HR person would be less likely to try to carry her narrative.

<bracing myself for down votes>

[-] ArdAtak 19 Points 11 months ago

The problem with this is that if you're intentionally being beta she may resent you or view you as prey. Some women are not just neutral towards beta males. They're downright hostile. So you don't want to be blatantly beta at work. You want to be an alpha who keeps enough distant to always have plausible deniability and not get into sticky situations.

[-] zyqkvx 8 Points 11 months ago

intentionally being beta she may resent you or view you as prey

You craft your words to be pussy drying, not beta. You know.. Pussy Drying Dave. He seems to date women outside work, not kiss and tell. Kinda boring, talks about orange trees. Has good work ethics. HR hag thinks him as the masculine version of 'bitch boy' in OPs post, but HR hag doesn't think he's truely masculine. just fully work functional and bulletproof like 'bitch boy'. He's a 'kept' man, but happy enough in life that he has no idea he's 'kept'. That's just HR hag's perspective. You don't stain other co-workers the same way. You keep the part where your sexualizations are always outside of work when dealing your other co-workers, just don't talk about painting your house.

[-] four-acorn 8 Points 11 months ago

In my experience, I find the more you try to be boring and repellent, the more women want you.

Women can smell you not giving a shit and having zero sexual interest. It attracts them like moths to a flame.

It's the opposite of thirst and desperation. Many men think they can hide thirst and desperation but you largely can't unless you're a world-class actor. Sure, you are "non-plussed" by her but constantly hang out in her vicinity and eyeball her when she walks in because you're mesmorized by her vagina.

Of course if you're 40 pounds overweight, just like with women, that helps make you invisible.

You're right though --- overly technical jargon --- either handyman shit or technical computer shit --- extremely pussy drying. Emotional-devoid topics truly are the most pussy drying thing in existence.

[-] EdmondDaunts 7 Points 11 months ago

The problem will still be there if you lift and have a decent frame. You might be boring but when you walk around they’ll be looking at you not your mind. Apart from that coming across as a bit nerdish is a good strategy.

[-] zyqkvx 1 Point 11 months ago

In the case of HR my working assumption is they don't see you too often. If they think of you as a big dumb ken doll fucked in the head who likes to talk about 19th century telephones they are not going to see a slam dunk if some bitch talks to them saying you eye fucked her. Especially if you didn't.

[-] tempolaca 13 Points 11 months ago

As many tech professionals, I only get to be at work or in conferences, so I pull most of my girls from there. This is not a good place to be. My latest 3 girls I pulled from there and they were mostly a distaster:

  • Girl #1, my ex-wife of 10 years at work. She was a crazy (clinically medicated) violent and depressive person, we even had a kid together (yes I know, I was stupid back then). However she didn't caused any damage to my reputation, and even if we had huge literal fist fights, she kept it private. Didn't affected work at all. She was crazy but not evil.

  • Now, meet girl #2, we met at a conference. Exchanged some text, dated a couple of times and it was over. Then 4 months later she file a lawsuit for harassment. Girl was also crazy but in this case she had borderline personality disorder. She was/is hell. Never saw her more than a couple of times 2 years ago, but up until this day she's trying to destroy me professional and personally. She does this with every relationship she had and she's a sad, lonely person.

  • I met girl #3 in another conference. She's not that crazy, a good girl and a brilliant professional, if a little on the slutty side. She dumped my ass in part because of the social stigma caused by the problems with girl #2. She badmouthed me at first in all my social and professional circle, but nothing too serious ("he's an asshole" and that kind of bullshit). Got oneitis on this one, she was after all, a good girl. She's now dating a guy she also met in another conference. Conference girls are the worst, imagine you are in a place when men outnumber women 20 to 1. Abundance mentality goes into hyperdrive for those girls. You have to have a diamond frame with them.

All in all, dating girls from work is asking for trouble, because every girl will hate you when you break, you will turn into a monster in their eyes and if you share a job, they will try to destroy you.

Also consider that most professionals date people from work because you spent a huge amount of your life in there, so it's unavoidable most of the time.

Now I'm single, swear to never date someone from work again, but then at 40 I don't go out like when I have 20 so my options are quite reduced and oneitis is always a risk.

[-] four-acorn 3 Points 11 months ago

As many tech professionals, I only get to be at work or in conferences

Depends on your exact job. Not every tech job is an 80 hour week in SFC ... even then, surely there are clever ways around this. Remember the old lunch-time job interviews? How about lunch time Tinder meetups (or wherever). And the weekends --- make up a religion that you belong to ....

Sounds like you were mostly lazy and hate the bar scene, hence dipping your wick in the company ink. Extremely common, but you know the risks.

every girl will hate you when you break

I haven't found this to be the case. I think there are only really 2-3 cases. One, you fuck her and immediately ghost. Girls hate that obviously. Two, she falls in love with you and you don't mitigate that, so yeah. Three, you dumped her in an obnoxious way or cheated on her.

I haven't had many girls hate me after. Hate to say it but the DENNIS method has some truth to it. Neglect emotionally, become distant, eventually she will break it off with you. Only girls that disliked me were --- I honestly just wanted to fuck, felt no mental connection at all, and just said 'I don't see it working' the day or two after slamming her. Obviously, they feel used but hey, you jump into bed the first date, that's the game.

[-] Original_Dankster 12 Points 11 months ago

The real challenge going forward is how to pull this off without it being obvious to others in the office that you are doing it,

The ultimate destination of this strategy is to become the quiet loner - you're strictly business with everybody, men and women alike.

You'll be compelled to make your social connections outside of work.

[-] alclarkey 12 Points 11 months ago

Except when the women at your job take a disliking to you because you're a quiet loner. They actually bragged about getting an autistic guy fired from his job, right here on reddit.

[-] panconquesofrito 7 Points 11 months ago

I am in that boat right now. The women at work get together and talk about me and shit. I applied to 10 jobs this week. Gotta run!

[-] Herdsengineers 11 Points 11 months ago

Just echo'ing others - don't be one on one with any coworker or professional peer of the opposite sex. Never shit where you eat. Be a robot emotionally to the opposite sex in the work place, no jokes, no talking about who won the game, no water cooler talk, etc. It's all business, and it's all conducted in the open with no chance for a false allegation from a one-on-one, his word vs. her's scenario.

Now further - do YOUR job, not anyone else's. If others aren't pulling their weight, don't try to make up for it. Expose/document it when you're performance is negatively impacted, or let the managers see it in action themselves if it isn't impacting you otherwise. Then, let management handle addressing it. Do not let yourself be put in a position for said underperformer to say "he's just sexist and mysognist!"

You do that by keeping your mouth shut, unless it's to say "I'm ready to XYZ task, but it's subject to completion of ABC task by <underperformer> first. I will do my part as soon as <underperformer> completes ABC." Then it's not an accusation, it's a simple status update where you aren't throwing mud.

[-] TFWnoLTR 3 Points 11 months ago

Just to add to your reply: be a robot to everyone, not just the women. Dont trust someone just because they also have a penis.

[-] S-Blaze 2 Points 11 months ago

I've been a ''robot'' for the last few months and altough it gets you respect it's also boring. But yeah don't be too open and never talk too much. Unless it's funny and you're a born joker cracking people all the time, these guys put life in the offices.

[-] darkstar1031 11 Points 11 months ago

Fuck that noise. Women in the workplace are either competition, or tools. Either they are helping me get promoted, or they are in the way of me getting promoted. There isn't any room in my life for any sort of "fraternization" with any of my co-workers, male or female. No good can come from it. I don't see them outside of work hours. I don't connect with them on social media. I don't even interact with them at work unless there is a work related reason to, and I am never alone with a female co-worker.

[-] four-acorn 4 Points 11 months ago

Lol relax dude. It's not the hunger games at Walmart. Well, unless you mean the employee wages.

There is great advantage to social game in the workplace - in corporate america and business relationships in general. Even if you hate them. And really the driver's seat is in your own business, not groveling to Dear Overlord to throw you more scraps for your next paycheck. That promotion is going to his Nephew or Titty McGee anyway.

[-] Govedo13 2 Points 11 months ago

You wont progress much with this way of thinking. Unless you have your shit together and are ready for FIRE you should be nice and friendly with the people that shape your professional future. / You break Law 3, Law 5, and especially Law 18 and Law 38..

[-] jihocech 10 Points 11 months ago

Dear Americans, we knew all of this during times of communism. This is exactly how the system in Czechoslovakia worked. Enjoy.

[-] swampbastard69 9 Points 11 months ago

During a recent Doctor checkup my male doctor asked how things were going at work, I noted I was having issues with a crazy female employee. Since we were both alone, he looked me straight in the eye and said "If I had the choice I would never work with women, not a one". Its multi generational, across all disciplines, across all continents.

[-] DownyGall 5 Points 11 months ago

It’s definitely different dealing with men in the workplace. Far more direct.

[-] Imperator_Red 1 Point 11 months ago

I hate working with women. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

[-] nebder 8 Points 11 months ago

The man in question chose to ally with the feminine. He is therefore subject to the feminine rules of hierarchy and power struggle. This is standard female power play within their hierarchies. Masculinity does not belong inside the feminine social power structure.

TL;DR: play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

I’m a white collar middle manager for a large manufacturing operation. I’m quite often on the floor for my role, I’m not the ivory tower guy at the corp office. The relationships I need to build with the blue collar people require giving and passing shit tests from men and women constantly. Out of context practically everything said on the floor is sexual harassment. There’s a line that’s pretty fucking obvious to reasonably socialized people. Don’t cross the line into supercreeper and you’ll do just fine. Masculinity and frame is still highly rewarded.

My reports are about 50/50 men and women. One of my female reports initially made an offhand comment about a guy freaking her out. First time it came up I soothed her and played it off, second time it came up I had to officially kick it up the chain to VP HR. (EEOC guidelines now puts me on the hook for “blind eye” as well, selfish interests) I have plenty of male protector instinct so I fight for my people in most situations as a good boss should do. I refuse to allow my people to accept a bad situation that I can counteract, let alone the selfish perspective that something is interfering with the work I require of them.

I knew the man in question who was a bit odd but not “creepy”. Creepy men give men the heeby-jeebies let alone women, so men have a good feel when it’s legit. HR performed their due diligence and determined it was really just an interpersonal misunderstanding. No kangaroo court, no major bs simply a couple meetings and discussions. VP HR is female and not someone I really get along with. We’ve butted heads more than once. At the end of the day common sense and a bit of benefit of the doubt won the day.

If you argue this anecdote wouldn’t fly at a liberal/sjw-centric workplace, I would certainly agree. I’ve selected my job in part due to the “we get shit done no bs” culture at my employer. So pick what you find acceptable. It’s also a lesson in extending anecdotes as the normal in either extreme.

Fretting over #metoo is the same as worrying about STDs & casual sex. Wrap it up, protect yourself from the obvious risks and decide if the juice is worth the squeeze yourself. Women are in the workforce so learn to survive and thrive. Masculinity and frame will be respected.

[-] Woknblues 6 Points 11 months ago

Yep. Very, very good advice. I'm an emergency room nurse. Everyone with their hugs and talking about everything, all personal shit. It's all women at my work. There's a couple of dudes that I'm a bit chummy with, we talk fishing and shit like that, but they are both day shift.

I punch in, do my job, drink and talk about coffee, punch out and go the fuck straight home.

Our entire workplace except in the patient rooms are all filmed and recorded in case of patient care incidents, but you can be damn sure I'm eager to have all my interactions taped for the record. I've seen guys brought down hard for rediculous, meaningless shit in other places.

[-] Cavannah 1 Point 11 months ago

The more others know about you, the less power you have and the more power they have over you.

I’ve adopted a strict policy of being authoritative, distanced, firm, and direct, while also being friendly and cordial without revealing any personal information or explaining anything. Professional relationships and personal relationships are clearly separate.

I’ve found that this reinforces authority and fosters respect and loyalty, all while keeping others moderately open and on good terms and maintaining professional boundaries.

[-] Nicolas0631 4 Points 11 months ago

Just remember that being social is the best way to evolve in the company. You can't be very sucessful if you are not social.

Not taking risk shall not be an excuse to not doing anything !

[-] Shadowthrice 3 Points 11 months ago

But what if there's a cute girl at work and she's down to fuck?

Should I take a chance and destroy my future to get my wick wet?

[-] Churningaway 3 Points 11 months ago

Read sidebar. Come back and read your comment. Read sidebar again.

[-] Shadowthrice 2 Points 11 months ago

I guess I should have added a "/s" sarcasm tag. I thought it was pretty obvious.

[-] TheDroogie 3 Points 11 months ago

Don't shit where you eat. I know many who lost their careers over this. Many women are vengeful.

[-] Imperator_Red 3 Points 11 months ago

If you're single, within 1 year of retirement, and got a couple million in your 401k, then sure, go for it!

[-] TheDroogie 2 Points 11 months ago

Don't shit where you eat. I know many who lost their careers over this. Many women are vengeful.

[-] SemiLoquacious 3 Points 11 months ago

I'll add that this applies to office environments, not low status fast food jobs

I work in fast food, and have mild autism, so i say things like "like you're one to talk, you've dropped everything in this store but weight"

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[-] Mefic_vest 1 Point 11 months ago

When it comes to women in the workplace, there's no longer any question: the smart play is to have as little to do with them as you possibly can. Pretend that you are a medieval peasant and the women are your lord's daughters, or that you're a black kid in 1950 Alabama and the women are the sheriff's daughters.

All red-pill truths eventually lead back to MGTOW. It is the only logical and rational conclusion to any competent risk-assessment analysis.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] viphawaii 1 Point 11 months ago

Yet most of my colleagues met their significant others through work,. How can you explain that?

Edit:. These are older tech colleagues in their 50s, both male and female

[-] Imperator_Red 9 Points 11 months ago

I think you answered your own question there.

[-] DigitalDragonSlayer 1 Point 11 months ago

Advice? I’m hiring a few interns for the next semester and the only applicants are girls. Two have even offered to work for free which I am tempted to take them up on. If things don’t change and I am managing two or more female intern, and advice on how to handle this? I obviously won’t shit where I work or go out with them after or get personal on any level...but it is a little uncomfortable. Might be my only option for additional help at this stage of my startup.

[-] SuspiciousBed 1 Point 11 months ago

As a nursing student, who will inevitably be working with a shit ton of female nurses, I wonder how that’s going to pan out for me. Seems like work would be pretty fucking miserable if I can’t even be friendly with the girls I’m working with

[-] MakoShark93 4 Points 11 months ago

Man, some of what these guys say is extreme AF -- and ultimately isn't practical. Live your life. Don't be boring.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] Woknblues 1 Point 11 months ago

Stick to the ER, somewhat higher ratio of dudes.

Be cordial. Be respectful. Be polite. Don't follow them down the constant graphic sex talk. One day you will be laughing a bit loud about some seemingly mild joke and there will be someone who didn't appreciate it. You're gonna stand out like a sore thumb, and everything you do or say will be magnified because of your XYness.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] redc1c4 1 Point 11 months ago

you can be minding your own business, talking with another male cow-orker, about something regarding a non-human entity outside the w*rk place, and have a female, lesbian cow-orker go complain that you were talking about her and she wants you fired.

it almost w*rked too.

this was back in the 90's and these days it's even worse.

talking gets your ass in trouble, and so does being quiet. i'm too old for this shit.

[-] XiaoGene 1 Point 11 months ago

As far as I know, most of the soda drinks are kosher, and most of the meat is halal.

Most of media is somehow censured and most of rules are strict.

Most people don't care, but those who do..


One involved, not indifferent person is enough. As well as one mistake is enough.

[-] VisibleTheory 1 Point 11 months ago

Find a job that works from home. Never have to deal with anyone else at work.

[-] [deleted] 11 months ago
[-] Pelikahn 1 Point 11 months ago

I don’t talk to people at work unless I have to.

I’m thankful that my job is dangerous, dirty, and that I work alone 90% of the time.

The very few women I see are the receptionists at the customers I go to see