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- Hide Preview | 100 Comments | submitted 7 months ago by Imperator_Red [Post Locked]

This post is a reminder to men in the workplace to literally say nothing to women that strays outside of discussing the professional topic at hand. A girl that I worked with at my last job relayed this story to me.

There was this guy [bitch boy] who acted super cheerful and happy all the time at work - like beyond the pale to the point that many people didn't want to be around him, but he definitely walked on water and was destined for big things in the company's eyes. He was the epitome of a feminized guy that works within the system. I guarantee you that he is 100% on board with every modern belief that a person is supposed to have to avoid being guilty of wrong-think.

So anyways, the girl relaying the story tells me that one day [bitch boy] pulls her aside and apologizes to her. She literally has no idea what he is apologizing for and asks what he is talking about. Turns out a week prior he had made an offhand comment that "there are more male managers here because some of the women decide to leave to start families in their late 20s."

That's it. That's all he said. Apparently he said this offhand while he was talking to three girls and one of them complained to HR, which made him apologize to all the girls that were there. I'm telling you guys, if women had a magical machine that could draw up the perfect man that demonstrates how we should all act in professional situations, this guy would be it. He was almost a caricature. But it doesn't matter. If you step out of line and the wrong woman hears it, you will be squashed.

I think a lot of men believe that they'll be OK if they just act with good faith, and that's certainly the narrative that the MSM has been pushing HARD since the #metoo backlash started. But this is completely false. Even if the 9/10 of women who heard the comment don't have a reaction to it, it doesn't matter. HR isn't going to poll the females at the office to see what the group thinks and tell the one nutjob to toughen up if 90% aren't offended. The point of this story is not just to bash women and call them insane. In fact this shows that 2 of the 3 women present acted perfectly perfectly sane and were just as confused by the situation as any man would be. But it only takes one strong independent woman to be offended by your remark and you are standing tall before the Gestapo to answer for your thought crime.

When it comes to women in the workplace, there's no longer any question: the smart play is to have as little to do with them as you possibly can. Pretend that you are a medieval peasant and the women are your lord's daughters, or that you're a black kid in 1950 Alabama and the women are the sheriff's daughters.

The real challenge going forward is how to pull this off without it being obvious to others in the office that you are doing it, because that is definitely the next frontier that women will be on the lookout for as the fallout from #metoo continues to spread. A 21st century corporate man is going to have to master the art of avoiding women in the workplace while also avoiding any outward appearance that he is doing so.