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- Hide Preview | 32 Comments | submitted 7 months ago by redpharma7789 [Post Locked]

This post deals with motivation, discipline, drive, and goals.

I live in a university town where the music sucks. Pretty ironic, considering all the kids here and their love of good music, but the only nightclub here plays shit like the Chainsmokers and House songs instead of actual club bangers.

So I thought to myself, “What if I could bring the taste of my home city to here?”. If any of you have been to Montreal, you know how wild some of the clubs can get. And they’re just playing Top 40s and Hip Hop.

I called a buddy of mine who used to be a DJ and asked him for some advice. Told him I wanted to learn, what shit I should buy, etc. Ended up spending a pretty 500$ penny before the day even ended.

And then the next day, it all began. I downloaded some tunes, messed around like a 5 year old and quickly realized I had no idea what the fuck I was doing. Everything was so complicated. I didn’t understand anything that was going on on the screen. I’m not a super creative personality either. I thought it just wasn’t for me.

I’d like to thank the member on the TRP Discord who first brought this concept up. A lot of people often lose sight of the end goal when they are challenged. They get stressed that shit doesn’t work, their emotions take over, and then they contemplate. Is this really for me?

Do you know how many people have sajd that? Literally every person who was done something new with their lives. Literally every person who became a DJ. Or every person who got a new job, a new car, wife, whatever.

The problem is that people often give up when they are challenged. However, the main causation behind it is that they are hamstering something out of their minds. Oh I’m not good enough... Oh I’m not a natural. He does it so easily... I must not be right for this.

What do these thoughts all have in common? It’s all yourself disqualifying yourself based on no real reason. You feel bad that shit isn’t working well for you. That feeling begins to compound with every failure, so you use that as an excuse to quit. Same concept applies to cold approaching, or anything really in life.

Next time you feel shit because of something, I want you to think of reasons why you feel shit. And then a reason behind that. And the reason behind that. Keep on going until you realize that this feeling... probably has nothing to do with you.

*TL;DR** You are doing something new for the first time. Things aren’t working out, maybe you’re making mistakes and want to quit. But, you really want to quit because you feel bad. You know that if you were good at it, you wouldn’t quit. Literally everyone has felt this way you have. Everyone made it through. Wipe your tears off and keep on going.