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- Hide Preview | 38 Comments | submitted 7 months ago by DadOnDabs [Post Locked]

Ultimate Tinder Profile Guide



Welcome ultimate tinder profile guide. This post is going to cover how to set up your profile for not only getting more matches but getting more dates through tinder. I'll also break down each pic individually and why I chose them. This will not cover tinder game but if anyone is interested I can make a follow up post about it. It will also not cover the editing process but I use lightroom and photoshop (learn that shit).


Tinder has changed over the years. Originally an easy hookup app ,where all you had to do was be attractive to get laid, has turned into another validation tool for women and a source of continued disappointment for men. The older tinder guides on TRP are all about quality of pics and looking like a badass, which simply does not work for most guys.

Play Your Strengths

When you look at the pics I have linked you'll notice one thing. I'm not a 6'5 jacked football player or a rich stud driving a Lamborghini. I'm naturally goofy and it took me so long to realize that I should own that and play off it. I'll explain more when I break down each photo but on thing is constant in these photos, I smile. Every picture except one (the last) I am smiling. Girls constantly comment on how happy I look and I have been told more times than I can count that I have the most genuine smile they have ever seen. I have a crooked smile and I can't look good with a smile without my teeth showing. I just look weird. I know this so I play off it as a strength.

I find the right angles, take the photos multiple times, and genuinely am happy when taking the photos. Even though most are modeled I am constantly joking with my photographer to keep in a good mood.

Show Your Interests

Each of these photos reveals something about me. Whether its my physique, my sense of humor, or sports that I am into they all convey one thing. "THIS GUY IS INTERESTING!" That is all women want in a guy they are going to meet up with from tinder. They are tired of boring guys taking them to dinners only to talk about boring shit for an hour and a half and have wasted another night of their lives. Don't be that guy.

Quality Photos

One point bigger than the content of your photos is their quality. You could have the best content in them in the world but if they are blurry and out of focus no one is going to care. For my photos they are either taken by friends on nice cell phone camera's and edited later (by me) or are taken by my photographer friend. We are both into photography so we'll will shoot photos of each other for practice from time to time. We both know we are using them for our dating profiles and have slowly learned how to get the best shots for them. If you don't have a photographer friend then get a cheap camera for 400-500 dollars and a tripod. Learn to take photos and edit yourself. This is a skill that will take you much further than tinder so don't think that you are shelling out $500 just to get laid.

Tell a Story

Your profile should tell a story about you. It doesn't make sense now but it will in the photo explanation. In a sense your pictures should give off a bit of your personality and have a nice flow from beginning to end.

Breakdown of My Photos

I don't know if Imgur will put them in order but I'll point out which one I'm talking about.

Photo 1

"Me with a Purse". Most guys wouldn't dare put a pic like this on their tinder. That is why I did it. It was a goofy shot we took during a photoshoot and it turned out looking amazing (my photographer is female for those wondering why we had a purse). I decided to make this my first image as it is the most eye catching one on my profile. I directly played off this photo for my bio and it worked like a charm. "6'0. It's not a purse, it's a satchel." Key things to note is my physique looks good, buttons undone to still give me that fun sexy look, and sleeves rolled up to show off the arms (women go crazy for rolled sleeves). I'm also well groomed in all these photos. Hair is looks good, fresh shower, may have some stubble but it makes me look a little older and more masculine.

Photo 2

"Me with trophies and my bike". This picture is simple but tells so much. First things first it shows I'm a fucking winner and I don't settle for second. It shows that I have something I'm passionate about that I am really good at. It also show's I'm athletic and do a sport that is pretty crazy in it's own part. Also I'm smiling like crazy in this photo because I was honestly stoked that I took home 3 wins that weekend which shows true passion.

Photo 3

"Headshot". This one is simple. The goal of this photo is to have a picture that just shows my face and upper body. It's important to have at least one like this for a couple reasons. The first is that it gives them an idea of what you really look like. I'm smiling in this one so it still shows that I'm a fun guy and like to have a good time. It also serves as a break in the profile. I have a lot of wild photos so there needs to be something to bring me back down to earth and seem human. I've tried 100% modeled shots before and it doesn't work. You have to look like a real human being.

Photo 4

"Stoplight". This photo was taken on another photoshoot with my photographer when we found this crosswalk post that looked climbable. I actually just climbed up there for the fun of it and she got some good photos of me. This photo shows that I'm adventurous and willing to do crazy things for fun. I'm also smiling in this photo.

Photo 5

"Snowboard". This photo was taken on a ski trip with some friends. I didn't have my dslr so it was taken on a shitty phone camera which shows in the quality of the photo. I still managed to make it look alright but the only reason I keep it is to show that I have more adventurous crazy sports I'm into. Plus girls love to get drunk and go ski. Not as much as me but they still love it.

Photo 6

"Picking my nose". This photo is just stupid and that's why I keep it. After so much crazy stuff on my profile you get to the last photo where I'm looking off into the sunset for a photo that could be very scenic but I'm ruining it with a pinky barely in my nostril. It really shows personality in a few ways. I clearly don't give a fuck or this wouldn't be on my profile. I also am confident enough to ruin a perfect moment for the sake of a laugh. Last but not least my hat also says "Papi" so it still gives a funny sexy vibe to it. This pic is old and I weighed about 20lbs less but it's funny and gives the profile a nice ending (just like a movie or book). This photo is edited a bit to give it that silly vibe too. The sky did not look like that and the yellow outline was added around me.

Notes from Me

A few things to note from this whole post. These pics don't look like I was trying hard. Even the funny one's I just look natural and like I'm having a good time. This is the key for the tinder that we now know. Yes I still get flaked on from time to time, yes I still get ignored by a lot of girls I message, and yes not every interaction leads in a date. There is nothing you can do about this so don't ever con yourself into believing you can. The only thing you can do is to lessen the chances of this. My daily matches have gone way up, my ELO score has risen through the roof (just look it up if you don't know what it is), my reply rate has gone way up, and the amount of dates and lay's I get is insane compared to where I was when I first started on tinder.


Do not just try to copy my profile and think it will work. The point of this was to show that you need to play off your strengths for the photos. Post the real you (just not the boring nerdy shit) and women will be attracted to you. Have quality photos and really take the time to tell a story with your profile. Feel free to leave comments or PM me if you have any questions.

-Dad out