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- Hide Preview | 7 Comments | submitted 6 months ago by 0io- [Post Locked]

Anyone have stack advice for trying to regain strength and mental capacity after chemotherapy and radiation? Most of the articles I see on here are geared more towards aesthetics and bodybuilding, but what should you do if your goal is to regain functional strength and longevity?


My life was going great until I turned 30. 6'4, probably averaged about 165 pounds, swam and played racquet sports, did machines / circuit training, got laid all the time with a bunch of super-hot girlfriends, and made lots of money. Looks probably 8+ for girls who like the tall skinny guy. Would guess body fat around 8 to 11% in my 20's (visible abs all the time).


Turn 30, get diagnosed with rare but treatable form of cancer, have grapefruit-sized tumors in my chest, spreading everywhere, have to do chemotherapy and radiation. Friend of mine pulls me aside and tells me his dad died doing chemo by wasting away to nothing and that there is no fucking way I am going to survive unless I put on some weight. Do dirty-bulk style diet (cheeseburgers, milkshakes, fries, pizza) and put on around 40 pounds of fat during chemo while my strength and muscle mass goes to almost zero. Think body recomp in reverse.

Finish chemo and radiation, can barely walk across room. Have to stop and sit just to get enough energy to walk across street. Tired-looking fat guy, out of breath. Lose most of my hair. Looks probably 3/10. Have lots of nerve pain. Lose most sensation on the side of my legs, in my toes, in my dick, fingertips cold and numb. Go completely alcohol and drug free. (Was always drug free, never smoked, dropped alcohol completely.)


Post chemo-radiation one year, doctors think my recovery is just fine and amazing, even though I feel like crap. I download some "get ready for the military" documents and trying to get my strength back using the guidelines for fat fucks who are not ready for the marine corps to get in shape. Try to jog 20 minutes in one direction and walk back to the starting point. Doing bodyweight routines. Can no longer do a single chin-up. Discover my thyroid gland has been completely zapped by the radiation and get on thyroid replacement, start picking up some sub-normal levels of strength that enable me to at least get from place-to-place. Low-carb diet down to around 185, basic weak skinny-fat look. Gain enough energy to walk around like a skinny-fat zombie and move from place to place. Nerve pain still present, dick and toes still mostly numb. Lots of chemo brain, mental fog. Skin looks like crap, dry all the time, with lots of psoriasis outbreaks. Try to use coconut oil to keep skin from being scaly all the time, with limited success. Still alcohol and drug free (except for thyroid replacement.)


Ten years later, now early 40's, married to old girlfriend, have kid. Look older than I am. Do lots of cardio, ride a bike everywhere, trying to eat healthy diet. Trying to live a normal life. Still alcohol and drug-free. Living off savings from high-flying days in my 20's. Start reading up on red pill philosophy, free weights. Join gym, omron fat tester at the gym says about 17% body fat. Decide to do 5x5 routine, empty bar is almost too heavy to pick up. Do 5x5 religiously for 2 years. Squats plateau at about 200 pounds, deadlift around 285, bench never gets over 150, overhead press around 100. Not pleased with totals, especially after going hard for 2 years. Body fat is around 15%, and can't seem to get it to go lower still riding bike outside for around 2 hours a day, eating clean paleo-style diet. Switch to olympic lifting.


Do two years of olympic lifting religiously with coach. Form and flexibilty are great. Can't get C&J above 60 kgs, snatch 50 kgs. Get pissed off and read up on how to naturally boost testosterone. Do every trick in the book (pine pollen, d-aspartic acid, dhea, vitamin d, HIIT training in pool). Go to endocrinologist to see about Testosterone replacement. He checks my total testosterone at 305 ng/dL which he thinks is great and says I don't need to do anything because low T is below 250. (Fucking doctors.) SHBG is flagged as high. Very annoyed with medical establishment. Me: "Hi Doc, I feel like shit." Doc: "Oh no, your numbers are perfect! Don't change a thing! Maybe try to get more sleep."


Call around to various T-replacement mills. Get annoyed with their sales pitch and price tags. [$2100 to get started on 70 mg of test a week.] Decide to go DIY route.


Start off with Proviron 50mg ed and T-bol 20mg ed. Mental clarity instantly boosts after about 3 days and start getting some sensation in the nerves in my toes. Reminds me of the scene in Spiderman when he doesn't need his glasses in the morning. After two weeks start regaining sensation in my dick. After 3 weeks, can actually feel my cell phone vibrate when it's in my pocket again (those nerves have been dead for 10+ years). Not noticing any strength gains in the gym but my accuracy in tennis and basketball goes up dramatically (making all kinds of crazy shots.) Hair starts growing again on my chest where it has been gone since the chemo and radiation. After 8 weeks very reluctantly drop the T-bol, and switch to injecting sustanon 500 mg/week. Sust makes me feel OK, not as good as the T-bol, and I start looking bloated. Start taking tamoxifen 10/mg a day to get rid of nipple sensitivity and ward off gyno. Gain about 20 pounds of weight, can't tell if it's water or muscle. Body fat around 14% according to omron. Add in some aromasin 12.5 mg eod. Finish off the bottle of sust and notice that my skin looks a lot younger, psoriasis not nearly as bad.


Switch to Test E at 200 mg week, and add Tren A 70mg 3x a week with singulair 10mg a day. Feel great on day of tren injection for about 6 hours, feel like shit the next day. Kind of reminds me of an alcohol hangover. Athletic performance is sluggish on Tren, feel like a klutz, but the bar feels light at the gym and I can add 5 kg to my lifts. Decide not to continue with Tren since it seems to be killing my athletic performance and making me tired.


Read up on Deca / nandrolone and that some people have oily skin on it, which is what I need to make psoriasis go away. Wonder if Masteron would help with fatigue issues.


Current stack:

Test E 200 mg / wk

Deca 200 mg / wk

Masteron 150 mg / wk

10 mg T-bol / ed (intend to run 4 weeks on, six weeks off)

Proviron 50 mg / ed (considering running higher)

Tren A (20 /mg) week (1 week on, 2 weeks off) until bottle runs out.

Singulair Montelukast 10mg / ed when on Tren week

Tudca 500 mg / day

Exemestane 12.5 mg / eod

DHEA 75 mg / day

Pregnenolone 150 mg ed

D Aspartic Acid 2 g ed

T3 37.5 mcg ed

T4 150 mcg ed

B complex vitamins, Fish oil, pine bark, aspirin 40 mg day (half a baby aspirin)


People are telling me I look amazing and asking me what I'm doing. Could use practical advice from you guys as to what's a sustainable goal here.

I don't think I can really cycle off because there is nothing to cycle back to. I'm thinking maybe every 3 months drop to just 250 mg / week Test E for a month, and then back to this stack for 2 months. Or maybe I should just get my strength where I want it and then drop to Test E 250 mg / week for months at a time? Has anybody done anything similar or has any good advice on this? I'm considering adding HCG but I'm not really excited about injecting myself more than 2x per week. My goal in this is to get back to good health and not die. Could use your feedback, Brothers.

By the way, dick works great, sex off the chart again like it should be.