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- Hide Preview | 23 Comments | submitted 9 months ago by malditoduende77 [Post Locked]

This post is meant as a reminder to those of you who think moving outside the States is the solution. It is not.

feminazis made it south. Argentina, my homeland. My worst nightmare. I have bragged here in the past about how we don't have to put up with that shit. Not anymore.

It seemingly happened one day to the next. One day no one knew what a feminist was, next day, they are peacefully marching first to be allowed to walk around topless. Then they start peacefully marching to legalize abortion. Now they have gotten together to pull a #MeToo.

Thelma Fardin alleged that Juan Darthes, a prominent (and quite shitty may I add) Argentine telenovela actor, raped her when she was 16. They were in Nicaragua on tour for their show Patito Feo (Ugly Duckling). She claims Darthes invited her into his hotel room, made a move on her, kissed her neck, grabbed her hand, placed it on his penis and said "look what you do to me". Darthes then pushed her onto bed, lowered her shorts, introduced his fingers and began eating her out, she says. Then Darthes proceeded to penetrate her, all the while she kept asking him to stop, Fardin says. Thelma Fardin says she never opposed physically nor screamed.

If you took a moment to watch the video. You will notice it is edited to make it look like she's home alone while recording it, but in the most crucial moment the angle changes and it is clear as day that this was recorded under heavy supervision, with camera men, light men, a director, and who knows how many takes they had to do before they got it right.

Today Juan Darthes decided to make a public statement. You don't need to understand the language to see the contrast between both. One is staged, the other one is on live television. Darthes, who is by all means a shitty actor, looks more credible than ever. Either this guy sold his soul to the devil for acting skills after the accusation, or he is telling the truth. Darthes claims Fardin knocked on his door, making up a story about how her key card wasn't working, and then made a move on him. Darthes says she told her "Thelma, please, you are a kid, you're my children's age. Leave". I will leave you to make up your own minds, but it is very clear to me who is making shit up.

Of course the media is taking her side and crucifying this man. You can even hear the tone the reporter gives him during the whole live statement.

This post is meant as a reminder to those of you who think moving outside the States is the solution. It is not. This shit is a worldwide phenomenon. The patterns are exactly the same, almost as if orchestrated by powerful people with ill intentions of political power. Just as anywhere else in the world, the feminist movement is accompanied by general liberal protests, be it immigration, subsidies for the lower classes, higher taxes for the wealthy, feminization of men etc. Same. Exact. Shit. If you needed a reminder that this is orchestrated by those seeking political power, here you have it. Argentina is literally on the opposite end of the world!

There's no escaping it, men. This has gotten out of hand and "enjoy the decline" is no longer an option. Fight it. Acquire wealth and thus power and use it for good. Do not be another victim of this shit. Do not let your children grow up in a political shitstorm.

[-] masterpiece00 17 Points 9 months ago

99% of all men are not going to be 'wealthy and powerful' (especially the small rp community) so that idea will not work.

[-] malditoduende77 9 Points 9 months ago

I meant it more as in be economically independent to the point where you don't need a woman's salary to get your own place and where you can walk away from jobs where they try and turn you into a mindless, submissive drone. Also, if you become good enough at what you do, you'll be the boss, and then you'll have some power over how much feminist bullshit takes place at work.

[-] Ill_Will7 8 Points 9 months ago

The fire will continue to burn until it runs out of fuel.

[-] masterpiece00 -1 Point 9 months ago

Don't procreate and bring children into this shitty world.
Don't procreate, (at least don't have a girl) thus no more women to turn into femcunts and join that clan.

[-] TheItchyTichi 3 Points 9 months ago

That's ridiculous. Good men should be good fathers. Not all children will grow with the values instilled in them, but the world needs high value people to procreate.

[-] Avertus 8 Points 9 months ago

If this shit occurs in Russia or Saudi Arabia then it's game over

[-] KeithR420 6 Points 9 months ago

This shit does occur in russia (pussy riots etc.) but they are given little to no attention stripping away the reason these women are doing this.attention.

[-] Orbiter45 1 Point 9 months ago

The tiny amount of research I'v done on Russia, they are about 40-50 years behind us in this.

What I'm curious about? Is with the all the sanctions against Russia, if they can pull their economy together, wont they be in a position to influence world culture independently of western money?

[-] incelson 2 Points 9 months ago

I understand SA but why Russia?

[-] ElementArrow 1 Point 9 months ago

Lol probably not, islam is a religeon that brainwashes girls from birth, russia is way to logical.

[-] tempolaca 4 Points 9 months ago

Yes there is escaping to this, don't fuck teen girls that work with you. Don't invite girls that works for you to your room.

But it's true, if the girl want to fuck you up, she will. Darthes career is over. They fired him from everywhere in just hours after the accusation and the lawsuit didn't even start. I'm not saying the guy is innocent, btw he's likely guilty of at least fucking some teens, I mean the guy's a 50 year old famous actor.

Crazy thing is, feminists attacked Darthes's lawyer, Darthes lawyer's girlfriends, any journalist that presented him on TV, they got specially vicious against self-proclaimed male-feminists, everybody, it's like a psychosis. Twitter is insane, if you dare mention Darthes in any way, positive or negative, hordes of feminist will pester you for days, doxing and attacking you.

They are already asking for laws and the pussy government says it will pass new legislation so "violence against women stop" that basically means fuck all men's rights.

Ah by the way, the feminists are all from the socialist left. They never accuse someone from the left wing even if some of them are convicted rapists. They only accuse white, conservative famous persons, obviously.

[-] malditoduende77 5 Points 9 months ago

It's scary. Their rationale, if we can call it that, is literally "why would she lie? convict him!". Scary. As you say, they want it to be like in Spain, where any woman can accuse you of abuse and you must be locked up for 48 hours for precaution. It doesn't matter if they find no evidence or if your lawyer proves she lied, she gets to do it again any time she pleases. Fuck that draconian bullshit.

[-] scissor_me_timbers00 2 Points 9 months ago

Yep. Your last paragraph is key. We have to play the long game and that is a power game. Acquire wealth and power. Bide your time. When political and social chaos increases, everyone will be looking for wealthy and powerful men. And will listen to them. Prepare for the jungle. The global chessboard is devolving into this too. The 21st century will be dangerous. We need red pilled men in positions of power down the road, so the goal of everyone on this board should be to prepare themselves for such a role.

[-] U-94 1 Point 9 months ago

Nazis have been in Argentina for a long time, bro.

Oh, FEMInazis.

I'll show myself out.

[-] [deleted] 9 months ago
[-] anikas88 1 Point 9 months ago

Are you teenager? there has been a feminist streak in argentina for a while

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[-] newstartinvegas -1 Point 9 months ago

You guys don’t see the big picture. The rich are waging a war against the poor. Racism, sexism, feminism, xenophobia, these are all just meant to divide us to stop us from reproducing and make us all depressed, and hate each other while the 1% slowly replaces us with robots and we eventually kill each other in a sex/race war and the rest are put in prisons.

[-] bradyo2 4 Points 9 months ago

Yes. This is definitely going to happen. No sense of exaggeration here at all.

[-] newstartinvegas -5 Point 9 months ago

23andMe already making sex slaves for the elite. They don’t even need to pump you for sperm anymore. You just lost your get out of jail free card. Imagine that. They don’t even need the sperm. Sad!

[-] lubokkanev 5 Points 9 months ago

What have you been reading, man?

[-] [deleted] 9 months ago
[-] incelson 1 Point 9 months ago

stop us from reproducing and make us all depressed

Great, worldwide population is at billions so it'll be good if it drops to a few hundred million at most.

And... depressed? Not having children makes you depressed? Are you a masochist or what? People who say that you are depressed without kids are retards.