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- Hide Preview | 22 Comments | submitted 9 months ago by g43m [Post Locked]

I know stay away from BPD is a general rule, however, there are never enough warnings about BPD's - and I feel that the more we talk about it, the more we can avoid the problems that my mate Jim has faced.

I know Jim through a charity project that we run, and he is a really stand up guy. We live in a poor country, and Jim has done exceptionally well after fleeing from a war torn country and setting up base here around 20 years ago. Jim's income is in the mid 7 figures (in USD), and he literally donates more than half of it annually to various projects that he has initiated.

Jim has a daughter, BPD Bertha who is around 23. Jims wife brought up this girl like she was an untouchable princess who got every single thing she asked for. And how both Jim and his wife are paying dearly for it. She is literally the best example of BPD. Started fucking at the age of 12, fell pregnant and terminated several times in the last 10 years, has an n count that is too high to put a representative figure on, and is generally known as the whore of the city. At the age of 15, she would disappear after nights out only to return 3 days later with no information on where she was. Her father has tried everything under the sun - Paid for 5 stints in rehab, tried spiritual enrichment, paid for her to travel, study, etc. She mood swings regularly, can lie through her teeth with a straight face, and will even set up alibis to confirm her lies. She leads a very secretive life, and you can literally not predict when she turns up, or what she will do next. Basically the poster child for BPD.

Early this year, BPD brought false charges of abuse against her father. She claimed that the father regularly beat her up, raped her several times, and did not feed her well (whatever this is supposed to mean). She went to the police, and they turned up at his doorstep and arrested him. He managed to post bail and get released, however, he has had a torrid time in the last 6 months trying to clear his name from the charges. The legal system is so biased towards women especially when the word abuse is used as part of the prosecution. Yesterday, the court finally ruled and acquitted Jim of all charges except one for physical abuse. He is likely going to do some time and pay a huge fine for this.

The effect on his health and mental well being has been extreme, and it is really sad to see him not being able to work or do any of the projects he so passionately started and did for many years. His business has also taken a hit, and it will likely take years to rebuild it to where it was (if he ever gets out of depression).

Guys, you are never safe from the BPD. She could have half your genes, but she will at some point destroy you. As a father of two young girls myself, this whole ordeal has really jerked me and made me realise how important it is to ensure a red pilled upbringing of children. Of course, no matter what, keep your guard up. As hard as it may be, you may need to consider cutting out your own daughter to keep yourself safe.

[-] ideserveall 29 Points 9 months ago

The biggest problem is to distinguish between regular female mood swings and BPD. Some psychologists consider BPD as just an extreme form of female personality, as autism is an extreme form of male personality. Makes sense to me.

[-] [deleted] 9 months ago
[-] blysol 1 Point 9 months ago

Which is why they can compel a high initial attraction

[-] Kpwn88 1 Point 9 months ago

Some psychologists consider BPD as just an extreme form of female personality

I can agree with that. I thought my wife was BPD before I took the helm and turned the ship around... now she's my sweet little muffin.

I'm no psychologist, but I'm under the impression that BPD is just the byproduct of a female that has been let run amok for far too long so her neurons have dug into a rut so far she can't climb out.

[-] l7elete 15 Points 9 months ago

What was the prove for the physical abuse?

[-] Cha_Cha_cho 1 Point 9 months ago

Like he said, the justice system is biased. This post reminds me of this video

Edit: added link to the text.

[-] [deleted] 9 months ago
[-] mori_forthestreamer 14 Points 9 months ago

How do you know they're false? BPD is often created via abuse and abandonment experienced when you're a child.

[-] 7thAnvil 3 Points 9 months ago

And claims of molestation and abuse are often used by a wretched female to excuse her horrible behavior by obtaining super victim status.

[-] TheScarletScholar 7 Points 9 months ago

This reads like a copypasta. While that's terrible (if he's innocent), just goes to show how important seemingly paranoid precautions can be (in home security cams, recording devices, etc) and also that your life is fragile in that those closest to you have the greatest potential to destroy your world.

[-] russian_nigger 3 Points 9 months ago

another red pill bro science from a distinguished doctor

[-] SlyGradient 3 Points 9 months ago

Mod Note: Stop reporting this, it is on topic. Protecting yourself against batshit women and their machinations is very much a part of male sexual strategy these days. Especially now that we have to believe all women, even the crazy ones who have a tenuous grasp on reality.

Regardless of the validity of the story above, it is still a topic that merits discussion here.

[-] harbinger1945 2 Points 9 months ago

BPD doesn't automatically mean that girl is a whore or cannot be a good company though. In my experience the real danger for a man is that the girl will sooner or later leave you and the "fun" the girl represented is now gone and suddenly you have this void inside you. That shit is dangerous. Count in potentional suicide tendencies(my ex actually tried to kill herself twice), "no limits" syndrome and you have go and dig your own grave.

I mean I am not exactly RP example, hell I am trying to do something with my life, but I still have my ex in my mind. The shit we did and experienced. That shit was like a fucking drug. It was a fucking rollercoaster of emotions and it's hard to get used to a "normal" girl which doesn't do/talk about crazy shit every time you see them. It's been a year and I have seen her twice(and guess what we did) and I can tell you that I am not over her, maybe I will never be. Maybe I don't want to -- and that is imo the biggest danger of it.

Funny thing is though, I didn't know that she had BPD until her second suicide attempt.



[-] [deleted] 9 months ago
[-] [deleted] 9 months ago
[-] [deleted] 9 months ago
[-] the-ape-of-death 0 Points 9 months ago

So you're accusing the girl of bringing false charges with no reason to think they're false then. Unless there's some extra info here

[-] BoughtenCockloft -1 Point 9 months ago

Have a secret CCTV system throughout your house if you have daughters.

[-] l7elete 14 Points 9 months ago

That's a double edged sword, Secretly videotaping young woman doesn't sound like a great plan.

[-] BoughtenCockloft 6 Points 9 months ago

Well, maybe cameras in shared areas and covering all entrances to non-shared areas.

[-] [deleted] 9 months ago
[-] Kpwn88 1 Point 9 months ago

Better yet, use the same fear tactic the surveillance state uses. Everyone is aware of the cameras, so everyone is on their best behavior.