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- Hide Preview | 131 Comments | submitted 9 months ago by Derek1382 [Post Locked]

You can't make this shit up

When the reddit administration censored TRP through quarantine, they forcibly included a link to the Stony Brook Center for the Study of Men and Masculinity in the sidebar, as an officially endorsed counterbalance to TRP's "toxic masculinity".

They removed the link a few days later, likely as more and more people pointed out how the founder and major scholar at this Center, Michael Kimmel, was a notorious denier of male victims of abuse.

But it gets even better: Kimmel has also been accused by multiple past colleagues of sexual harassment in the workplace and of sexism, on top of homophobia, transphobia and racism.


The allegations against Kimmel were first reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education, which cited comments by a former graduate student. The former student, who asked to remain anonymous, said Kimmel had suggested they have sex six weeks into her graduate course, and later in her career.

Nobody could ever imagine a male feminist trying to leverage what little power he has into some coerced sex with an underling.

Following the report, another former graduate student published a detailed account of their time working with Kimmel on the website Medium. Bethany Coston, now assistant professor of gender, sexuality and women’s studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, accused Kimmel of sexist behaviour, such as giving paid work to male students while women were expected to work for free.

Oh lookie here, a male feminist giving unpaid work to women, probably thinking that he's being so progressive in even getting them involved in the first place. Shocking I tell you, shocking.

We fully appreciate the need to weigh due process along with all the shortcomings of formal sexual harassment complaint procedures and the power inequalities inherent to these processes,” the Promundo said in a statement.

Ayy fucking lmao. If this was anyone but a knight paladin of feminism and PoundMeToo, he'd have been thrown under the bus immediately and without appeal. As it is, he gets to have "due process" and only be temporarily suspended pending investigation. I guess his accusers need to be believed less than those who have the good sense to accuse less-feminist men.