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- Hide Preview | 133 Comments | submitted 9 months ago by TrenGod37 [Post Locked]

So you’ve read the sidebar. Got back into the gym. You start to feel better. Confident. You start approaching. Getting numbers. Dates. Etc.

You think, Man, I like this. Then it happens, things are going well and she hits you with a shit test. AA. Pass. Cool

And then another one. Only this time you’re stumped. Later You go for the make out and she pulls back. Fuck what did I do wrong. You run home and log onto askTRP.

“How do I pass this shit test?”

“How do I respond to this text?”

you know what I’m talking about. Someone gives you a good response and it’s back to the races. And then it happens again and again. And now asktrp is filled with “how do I response ..” questions.

Why is this happening?

You are forgetting the most important thing

Frame. Mindset.

YOU are the prize. YOU are more than good enough. Why the fuck wouldn’t she want to go on a date or fuck you?

You guys need to drill this into your fucking skulls until it’s bleeding out of your ears.

Do you think she is running home asking an Internet forum what to say or how to respond to your text? No she’s not. She doesn’t care or need to, Because you have already framed yourself as needing her more than she needs you by coming on here in the first place asking about this one girl.

“But trengod I don’t feeeeel like the prize”

Well there is your answer. You need to work on yourself until you do. And I don’t mean work on your witty responses (there will be a time for that). I mean work on feeling. Acting. Carrying yourself and most importantly, being the prize.

“But trengod. They say fake it till you make it!”

Well yes. That works. But it’s not efficient. You guys are trying to play in the majors without ever playing Tball or going to the batting cages.

Sure if you stand in front of max scherzer everyday for a year trying to hit the pitches he throws, eventually you’ll get lucky. Hit a few once in a while. but then throw another pitcher in there and it’s back to square one.

You’re skipping the steps.

T-ball (frame). Little league (mission). High school (hobbies. fun life. Value. Intelligence) Minor leagues (confidence. Game/OI. Finances. Etc) Majors leagues (abundance. Self Fulfillment. The life you want)

And then the cheering crowd....(women)

(All are up for debate of how important one is from the other. But that’s based on person)

You’re going to the gym everyday putting 315 on the bar and trying to bench it when you just started lifting. The guy spotting you (everyone on this and the ask sub) is curling it for you every day. And it’s looking like you’re doing it. But you actually ain’t doing shit or the work. The spotter is.

There are a lot of steps you need to take and master way before you are able to smoothly handle women the way you want to be able to and how they should be handled. And it isn’t by running to the ask sub everyday with another shit test you received.

you have no fucking mission besides women

I will not go into the importance on a mission for yourself there’s a million post and reasons for that. Read.

But I will talk about it’s importance with women because most of you are just obsessed with only them

You’re wandering around a huge dark cave with a bunch of women (your dates). Trying to lead them to the exit without a flashlight and a map, or a plan. Sure they might follow you at first

“Hey he looks like he might know how to get out of here” (alpha appearance)

But after a little of hanging around and talking to you. They will be like. Who the fuck is this guy really? he don’t know where he’s going. Or what he’s doing let’s dip. And away they go.

Your interactions have no purpose besides hope. Hoping to get laid. Hoping she likes you. But you have no real purpose behind them. No real direction of how you want things to look.

That’s why when she throws shit test at you. Or your girl or plates give you shit. You come here asking what to do. Because you have no fucking idea what it is you want.

Only once you have a plan of how you want your life to be and turn out. What you want in it. Out of it. Can you really be of any use to not only these women. But your damn self.

So you can come here and continue picking and choosing what you want to work on just to get laid but there is a seduction sub for that. You will never find true fulfillment in that. That’s not what this sub is based around although it seems to be the only thing guys come here looking for. I know it’s easy to get lost in the excitement of getting laid.

But If you’re really looking for a place to better yourself and not just some way to get laid. This is it. Getting laid is fucking awesome. We all know it. But it will never be fulfilling as building yourself as the prize. Feeling it. Not just saying it.