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- Hide Preview | 310 Comments | submitted about a year ago by _Sedation_ [Post Locked]

Always use a voice recorder before and after sex. U should get into the habit of doing it, you never know what might happen a couple weeks or a month after.

I was hit with a false allegation, I told the detective I will not speak unless I have an attorney, I was never charged, but they wanted to speak to me. I'm in the US.

I met this girl, liked her, chilled, etc. Cool covos n shit. I knew she was a slut, I did not care, she tried to hide it. I'm not the type of person to bring people down, unless i must.

We were both in highschool and walked home together, we chilled at a park and we fucked in the women's bathroom. I walked in there to piss, she pulled me into the stall. Got down to business.

She liked it, eventually we grew apart and we was on to the next. Couple months later a detective calls and tells me I have a rape allegation.

I had no evidence and after I met with the detective and told, I would not speak unless I have a lawyer, i thought I was fucked.

Found evidence on her Instagram and I was ready

Never got a call back from the detective. I never thought I'd be hit with an allegation, I was one of those "What are the odds"

Beware of religious women, strap up, and have proof.