I have my shit in order, and women I date will notice that. As a result, they always try to play the long-term game with me. They see me as a potential provider.

I don't think that this is because I look beta, but more because I look complete. I have it all sorted out and I don't brag about it. I don't tell them shit about me on the first dates, but somehow they figure it all out.

I still do fuck them on the 2nd or 3rd date, and if by the 3rd date we didn't fuck, there is no 4th date.

Because I've studied/practised Tantra for a few years, I won't come on the 1st and 2nd fucks. They go wild. The most confident and independent women will become insecure and start to ask questions like "- wasn't it good enough for you? didn't you like it? did I do something wrong?"

I ask them for some crazy stuff and they do it, not without saying about a dozen times that they have never done this to anyone else before. I feel like they feel the constant need to prove to me that they are not whores.

The problem starts to happen from the 5th fuck onwards.

They start to get serious about our fucks. They want more. The drama starts. I leave. They follow. They start behaving well and become nice again. I fuck them again, many times over. Then the cycle will start again.

I got tired of this cycle. I do enjoy having the same plates and hanging out with them multiple times VS always finding fresh girls to fuck. There is an increase in the enjoyment with the increase in intimacy.

I've been lately trying to find what strategy could I use to enjoy the benefit of hanging out multiple times with the same woman without having her becoming in love with me.

Did any of you ever have experience in hanging out with prostitutes as a safe alternative to normal plate spinning?

I feel that prostitutes will be cheaper for me because they won't want anything more from me but what I pay them for the hour. I won't have to worry about the drama or if they will try to get pregnant of me and stuff like that. I'll be able to just enjoy the fuck for what it is.

Plus I keep thinking what high-profile men must do to have a recurring fuck without becoming paranoid. Like, what famous actors or rich men do? Any woman they date will be trying to either hook them for the long-term and if they can't do that after a while they will start the drama or they will try to get pregnant of them.

How do they solve the problem of women misbehaving for wanting always more than what they are willing to give to that relationship?