Feminism was never about equal pay for equal work: that was written into the Civil Rights Act of 1965 long before there was a "feminist" movement. So what was it about? As far as I can, feminism was about two things--first, a rejection of maleness and manhood, and second, a rejection of femininity.

My experience is that once the words "I am a feminist" have crossed a woman's lips, it is as if she had taken some kind of spiritual oath on herself that makes it impossible for her to be a woman--a REAL woman--ever again. The fact is that real femininity entails a woman's submission to the desires of a man, or her man, at least. And feminism rejects this attitude.

There are direct fixes to this problem for any man who still wants a "wife", and that is to find a woman from another culture who has not imbibed this poison, or taken this oath. Among the cultures where one can find women who have not been thus poisoned against manhood, I would cite Christian Africa, Malaysia, parts of India, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, the Philippines, and some parts of Eastern Europe and Russia.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. A feminized culture such as that of the modern West cannot survive in the long run....its premises and principles run totally against human nature: cultures and civilizations cannot survive without a real masculinity. Josef Stalin originally believed (with all socialists) that the sine qua non of the Socialist State was the destruction of marriage and the driving of men out of the home so that women would look to the State as their husband. This was the doctrine of the liberal Democratic Party as far back as the effeminate Woodrow Wilson (!!!) -- himself an anti-Constitution "soft Marxist" (Marxism through election not revolution)! And it was put into law by LBJ in his Great Society legislation, which forbade payments to any intact family--that is, one with a male head of household. Yet as Stalin was himself to discover, a country cannot raise strong young men for the military if there are no male heads of household. The original feminized culture did not work. To defeat the Nazis, Mother Russia needed strong families headed by men.

But now here we are in the modern West, trying the same nonsense again. Much of this stupidity comes from "plants" by the late KGB chief and Party Secretary, Yuri Andropov, whose strategy was to subvert the West by "plants" who would multiply like a virus and poison the body politic. KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov has a very good presentation of Andropov's strategy and work on this point. And for the most part, the American university intelligentsia have been totally co-opted by Andropov's agents and are actively carrying out his strategy, which is to destroy the West. Of course, the Soviets, and now the Russians who succeeded them, would never tolerate this crap on their soil. As Bezmenov notes, if the Soviets had taken over the West, their first act would have been to round up all these subversives and send them off to Siberian work camps. This garbage was only designed to weaken the West, to not to bring about the "positive social changes" and "human progress" the Western Left is always preaching to us.

So if you are looking for a woman for a life partner find some good, non-Western girl who still wants a real man as her partner, and not some emasculated shadow of man--which is what the feminists are trying to make us into.