Hey, guys, hope you are doing good.

I am a 38 year old male out of Sweden, got introduced to the red pill about 6 months ago and have found a whole new level of self-worth and sense of security about myself since. I grey up with a toxic narcissist and hardcore feminist mother who verbally, emotionally and in all ways but sexually broke me down. It has for obvious reasons not been easy coping with girls due to this, even though I am handsome and tall.

So I would like to share my experiences from being blue pilled aswell as this new, much enlightening and exciting journey of being a redpilled man in a toxic feminist, libtard hellhole like Sweden is. Here, I have not only the crazy women against my tail, but also most of the so called men who are far from red pill aware or even close to understanding anything aside from what the feminine imperative and toxic feminists presents.

I've been leaning towards MGTOW recently due to negative experiences of online dating and going to bars and clubs but I do not find that to be the right way for me, not passing judgment on men who choose to disregard females all together, I still believe that women could play some kind of atleast partly positive role in my life given the right circumstance and prerequisit.