Hello comrades and welcome,

This will be my first in a series of posts designed to streamline, interlink & educate newbies on existing TRP concepts and add my own insights.

HB7 white dude, just turned 30. 5'11 175 @ 20% bf. Ncount around 50. Been studying and applying TRP for 3+ years with some success. Before TRP you could not have found a bluer beta.

Now to the meat.

Lifting is a LIFESTYLE. I cannot emphasize this enough for new guys. There is a reason very fit people are referred to as Athletes. Whatever level of investment and effort you think you need to bring to go from Zero to Hero in the Gym, quadruple it and then shut the fuck up.

I say that to say this. It is EASY to waste your time in the gym and hamster about your progress. I'd say 70-80% of dudes working out suffer from this fuckarounditis and it is not sufficiently emphasized in any of the material I studied.

Wasting time in the gym doesn't just delay progress but can create other negatives. Like the question us skinnyfat Bros usually ask ourselves: can I make it? Should I just quit?

Can't tell you how much time and emotional energy I could have saved myself, regarding Gym goals specifically, if I had just been disciplined and strict from the start.

So here you go. The Rules to Not Suck At Lifting:

0) Rule zero is just get to the Gym. Period. If all you do is buy a membership, walk in, spend 5 minutes procrastinating and walk out, fine. But do that 3-5 times a week until the habit is formed. Science Bros say habits can be made in ~6 weeks so get stepping.

Rain sleet or snow, sick or sad, busy or bored, swimming in pussy or INCEL.. get that ass to the gym anyways. Your God is Odin now and if you aren't in the temple of iron at least 3 times a week, KNOW that you will be excluded from Valhalla and it's your own stupid fault

1) You cannot outtrain a bad diet. This should really be self evident but if you don't have your diet right you may as well not train. You are literally what you eat. Learning what to eat is a whole skillset so go read up. A good place to start is looking at Paleo with IMFF.

2) You cannot out train bad sleep hygiene. Read that again. What's more important Mr. AFC, hitting the clubs to approach bitches or going to sleep at 10pm to make sure you can get up at 6am to make sure you can Lift? Exactly. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the "Party Culture" and the "Fitness Culture" do not mix well until AFTER you have built the perfect body. Nothing kills gains faster than lack of sleep & too much alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc.

There is an opportunity cost you must pay. You have to sit out of these parties sometimes if you expect to grow up big and strong one day. My rule these days is only go out for a "party night" max twice a month.

3) You need to learn how to feel your body, feel the iron, and keep strict form. This is basically a "6th Sense" that you develop over the course of years. Anyone who played sports or was an athlete knows the feeling - anyone who hasn't doesn't. You literally do not understand your own bodily mechanics or what you're capabale of.

When I bench pressed my own bodyweight for the first time it was better than an orgasm. Never knew I could do that until the day I did, and ever since then I've realized that what I previously thought of as a "tough workout" was actually me being a weak bitch. You are stronger than you know.

This is important because the muscle that matters most is your Confidence. All the muscle in the world can't help you if you never try because you believe it to be impossible. Lots of Lifting is all about the Mental Gains of realizing what you are really capabale of.

How to get good bodily instincts? As I said, it's just a result of experience. If you want to speed things up though get a good Personal Trainer or Lifter friend on deck to teach you, and rely on their experience for calibrating your Form & Maximum Effort.

4) Do something extra that lets you really feel your progress. This is optional but I found value in it.

I also train BJJ and the synergy is real. Going up against 200+ lb dudes who look bigger than me, but having the strength to go toe to toe because I train, is rewarding. It helps me feel that my time spent on Lifting is valuable for more than just getting laid, which feeds back in to my ability to Lift on a routine schedule and lift with Eagerness & Hard Effort.

I also perform (think dancing), which puts me on stage in front of an audience, and lets me show off my body in a way that you just can't in normal daily life except maybe at a beach.

Finally, some metrics & closing statements. You can back this up with reading almost anywhere.

0) All statements below exclude medical conditions to the contrary

1) Find a TDEE calculator and make sure you eat what you need to for your goals. Eat a surplus to gain, eat a deficit to cut.

2) Bulk & Cut is the conventional approach. Bulk until you hate your body, cut until you hate your life. Usually I bulk during Winter from October-April, then cut for Summer April-September. Leanbulking is an option I would discourage until you can call yourself an Advanced Lifter as it requires you to train & eat perfectly to both cut fat and gain muscle simultaneously at a good rate.

3) You should be able to gain between 0.5 and 2lbs of Lean Muscle each month. Big or small skinny or fat you should fit between those numbers. I'm a skinny guy naturally so I use 1lb at the goal.

This means after a year I should be able to look back and say, "I've gained 12 lbs of Lean Muscle." 12lbs isn't actually as much as it sounds like depending where it sits but over time you become The Hulk.

Use a DEXA or water displacement scan for BF vs. Lean Muscle measuring. I do this once a quarter to make sure I'm on the right track. Failing to track your progress is failing to progress.

4) Finally and at long last, HAVE FAITH. We tell you to lift above all else for a reason. Read up on the Halo Effect.

It's a sad, ugly, brutal truth to realize just how superficial we are as a species. It goes so much farther than getting laid.

Men respect you more too. Your boss. Your dogs. The chick at the DMV will work faster for you. I shit you not.

If you have never been attractive/strong it can be hard to wrap your brain around just how much it matters to look good. Better jobs. Better friends. Effort is rewarded more.

So relax bro. Do the work. Build It And they Will Cum. I guarantee it. Shit these days you don't need to be a DJ or drug dealer (it still helps). Just fit and RP aware.

Sovereign Over & Out