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- Hide Preview | 130 Comments | submitted about a year ago by AwakenedSovereign [Post Locked]

Hello comrades and welcome,

This will be my first in a series of posts designed to streamline, interlink & educate newbies on existing TRP concepts and add my own insights.

HB7 white dude, just turned 30. 5'11 175 @ 20% bf. Ncount around 50. Been studying and applying TRP for 3+ years with some success. Before TRP you could not have found a bluer beta.

Now to the meat.

Lifting is a LIFESTYLE. I cannot emphasize this enough for new guys. There is a reason very fit people are referred to as Athletes. Whatever level of investment and effort you think you need to bring to go from Zero to Hero in the Gym, quadruple it and then shut the fuck up.

I say that to say this. It is EASY to waste your time in the gym and hamster about your progress. I'd say 70-80% of dudes working out suffer from this fuckarounditis and it is not sufficiently emphasized in any of the material I studied.

Wasting time in the gym doesn't just delay progress but can create other negatives. Like the question us skinnyfat Bros usually ask ourselves: can I make it? Should I just quit?

Can't tell you how much time and emotional energy I could have saved myself, regarding Gym goals specifically, if I had just been disciplined and strict from the start.

So here you go. The Rules to Not Suck At Lifting:

0) Rule zero is just get to the Gym. Period. If all you do is buy a membership, walk in, spend 5 minutes procrastinating and walk out, fine. But do that 3-5 times a week until the habit is formed. Science Bros say habits can be made in ~6 weeks so get stepping.

Rain sleet or snow, sick or sad, busy or bored, swimming in pussy or INCEL.. get that ass to the gym anyways. Your God is Odin now and if you aren't in the temple of iron at least 3 times a week, KNOW that you will be excluded from Valhalla and it's your own stupid fault

1) You cannot outtrain a bad diet. This should really be self evident but if you don't have your diet right you may as well not train. You are literally what you eat. Learning what to eat is a whole skillset so go read up. A good place to start is looking at Paleo with IMFF.

2) You cannot out train bad sleep hygiene. Read that again. What's more important Mr. AFC, hitting the clubs to approach bitches or going to sleep at 10pm to make sure you can get up at 6am to make sure you can Lift? Exactly. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the "Party Culture" and the "Fitness Culture" do not mix well until AFTER you have built the perfect body. Nothing kills gains faster than lack of sleep & too much alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc.

There is an opportunity cost you must pay. You have to sit out of these parties sometimes if you expect to grow up big and strong one day. My rule these days is only go out for a "party night" max twice a month.

3) You need to learn how to feel your body, feel the iron, and keep strict form. This is basically a "6th Sense" that you develop over the course of years. Anyone who played sports or was an athlete knows the feeling - anyone who hasn't doesn't. You literally do not understand your own bodily mechanics or what you're capabale of.

When I bench pressed my own bodyweight for the first time it was better than an orgasm. Never knew I could do that until the day I did, and ever since then I've realized that what I previously thought of as a "tough workout" was actually me being a weak bitch. You are stronger than you know.

This is important because the muscle that matters most is your Confidence. All the muscle in the world can't help you if you never try because you believe it to be impossible. Lots of Lifting is all about the Mental Gains of realizing what you are really capabale of.

How to get good bodily instincts? As I said, it's just a result of experience. If you want to speed things up though get a good Personal Trainer or Lifter friend on deck to teach you, and rely on their experience for calibrating your Form & Maximum Effort.

4) Do something extra that lets you really feel your progress. This is optional but I found value in it.

I also train BJJ and the synergy is real. Going up against 200+ lb dudes who look bigger than me, but having the strength to go toe to toe because I train, is rewarding. It helps me feel that my time spent on Lifting is valuable for more than just getting laid, which feeds back in to my ability to Lift on a routine schedule and lift with Eagerness & Hard Effort.

I also perform (think dancing), which puts me on stage in front of an audience, and lets me show off my body in a way that you just can't in normal daily life except maybe at a beach.

Finally, some metrics & closing statements. You can back this up with reading almost anywhere.

0) All statements below exclude medical conditions to the contrary

1) Find a TDEE calculator and make sure you eat what you need to for your goals. Eat a surplus to gain, eat a deficit to cut.

2) Bulk & Cut is the conventional approach. Bulk until you hate your body, cut until you hate your life. Usually I bulk during Winter from October-April, then cut for Summer April-September. Leanbulking is an option I would discourage until you can call yourself an Advanced Lifter as it requires you to train & eat perfectly to both cut fat and gain muscle simultaneously at a good rate.

3) You should be able to gain between 0.5 and 2lbs of Lean Muscle each month. Big or small skinny or fat you should fit between those numbers. I'm a skinny guy naturally so I use 1lb at the goal.

This means after a year I should be able to look back and say, "I've gained 12 lbs of Lean Muscle." 12lbs isn't actually as much as it sounds like depending where it sits but over time you become The Hulk.

Use a DEXA or water displacement scan for BF vs. Lean Muscle measuring. I do this once a quarter to make sure I'm on the right track. Failing to track your progress is failing to progress.

4) Finally and at long last, HAVE FAITH. We tell you to lift above all else for a reason. Read up on the Halo Effect.

It's a sad, ugly, brutal truth to realize just how superficial we are as a species. It goes so much farther than getting laid.

Men respect you more too. Your boss. Your dogs. The chick at the DMV will work faster for you. I shit you not.

If you have never been attractive/strong it can be hard to wrap your brain around just how much it matters to look good. Better jobs. Better friends. Effort is rewarded more.

So relax bro. Do the work. Build It And they Will Cum. I guarantee it. Shit these days you don't need to be a DJ or drug dealer (it still helps). Just fit and RP aware.

Sovereign Over & Out

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[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Imperator_Red 38 Points about a year ago

3) You need to learn how to feel your body, feel the iron, and keep strict form. This is basically a "6th Sense" that you develop over the course of years. Anyone who played sports or was an athlete knows the feeling - anyone who hasn't doesn't. You literally do not understand your own bodily mechanics or what you're capabale of.

Man this is so true. I watch some dudes lift or play sports and they just look fucking retarded, like they've never done any physical activity in their lives. This is honestly something that's developed as a child and during puberty. Developing the motor skills and brain connections to control your body physically is just like developing the neurons to read and do math. If you are an adult who never spent any time developing his body while growing up, it's going to be hard to do so as an adult.

Your parents and schools failed you, but it's still on you to develop these skills as an adult. If you were never taught how to read, the advice would still be, well you better learn now, even though it's gonna suck. Same with lifting.

[-] Granite_Pill 10 Points about a year ago

One of the best decisions I ever made in my entire life was to join the football team in 7th grade. And I played from 7th to 11th grade before I got on the wrong track and made some pretty terrible mistakes in life. But we were taught how to lift, how to run, etc. So when I got back into lifting in my late 20's I already had a solid foundation to build on and it made it so much easier. When I go to the gym, I see so many people doing all kinds of terrible/crazy/useless/dangerous shit and I'm glad that isn't me.

We all have to learn. And truth be told, many of the things I learned in football were not entirely correct and I've had to learn new things over the years as the science and technology of lifting has evolved. Youtube is a great resource. Watch youtube videos. Read books. Take a weightlifting class at your local community college. There's no shame in learning something new late in life. Better to learn late than get injured.

[-] Dingdangdoodle21 0 Points about a year ago

HB=Hot Babe

Just so you know

[-] Empodocles 11 Points about a year ago

Don't judge OP for being a Hot Babe

[-] Erfbender 0 Points about a year ago

I think it can be Hot Body alternatively

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] empatheticapathetic 4 Points about a year ago

If I wanna fuck OP that’s none of your beezwax

[-] [deleted] 0 Points about a year ago


[-] [deleted] 2 Points about a year ago

only when followed by “no homo” faggot

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Pdq516 3 Points about a year ago

Any tips on where I can learn about IMFF?

[-] BurntYams 4 Points about a year ago

There’s a whole subreddit for it, check it out bro

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] helenvsgladys 77 Points about a year ago

If you have never been attractive/strong it can be hard to wrap your brain around just how much it matters to look good.

This cannot be repeated enough. AN ANECDOTE: I've just been getting back to lifting after detouring into bad behavior last year and getting flabby as fuck, straight up fat by my standards, and I finally look awesome in a t-shirt again as of about the last two weeks. This morning, literally like an hour ago, I was walking out of the grocery store past a female security guard and I seriously heard her go "daaaaamn" out loud to herself. Dudes who have not experienced the boost of confidence and self esteem that comes with knowing this is how people are seeing you, get your ass to the gym and find out because it will change your life and it's fucking worth it.

[-] RVCFever 7 Points about a year ago

These types of stories are the most motivating for me

[-] BetamaxOrVHS 12 Points about a year ago

a few months into lifting, i was walking down the street, fresh off a pump from deadlifts and ohps. i spotted 2 good looking women coming towards me. they seemed giggly and drunk. as we crossed paths, one literally stopped moving when she saw me and said to her friend "woooooow....he's hot!" then she turned to me and said, "who ARE you?!?"

lol until then i didn't think things like that happened to people like me.

[-] RedEmbrace 3 Points about a year ago

it doesn't happen to PEOPLE liek you, it's bound to happen to a good body. Personality is irrelevant at that point - thye wow a body. It just happened to be attached to you

[-] Pestilence1911 3 Points about a year ago

I see women check out my chad friend all the time,

They arent looking at his face, its the chest they look at.

[-] TreesLikeGodsFingers 9 Points about a year ago

I wanted to echo this -- I've lost about 40 pounds and have increased my salary about 40k since I've started working out.

this is not a coincidence - people will pay you more if you look good.

note - i am still over weight

[-] helenvsgladys 8 Points about a year ago

note - i am still over weight

Yeah and this part is important too, because it's about general self improvement more than attaining some kind of idealized beefcake physique. I don't look super buff or anything, I'm just reasonably lean with good posture and noticeable-enough upper body vanity muscles.

[-] magx01 2 Points about a year ago

literally like

Oh, 2019 you're quite a time.

[-] helenvsgladys 3 Points about a year ago

Hey everybody, we got a real cool guy over here. Come see the real cool guy.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Truedemocracy4 5 Points about a year ago

Not just women but the respect from men. Walking around the office and knowing you could kick the ass of anyone in the room is a confidence boost

[-] jekporkins77 28 Points about a year ago

My biggest tip to offer is keep it simple and straightforward until your really strong, stick to the basics until you’re strong. No fancy exercises, or fluff and pump shit

[-] MarcosDomingues -14 Point about a year ago

Lol this. He never mentioned the importance of big Compound lifts. And the fact that he thinks his bodyweight bench is impressive just goes to show that OP doesn't even lift

[-] jekporkins77 4 Points about a year ago

Yeah a bodyweight bench is a good starting point but 1.5 times is ideal. I bench 280 and weigh 185

[-] MarcosDomingues 4 Points about a year ago

Yes, you should aim for 1.5 bodyweight or more.

[-] BrownGummyBear 6 Points about a year ago

Says who? Is this a a powerlifting contest? I thought this thread was about how to get some gains and not about having a dick contest about who can lift more.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Truedemocracy4 1 Point about a year ago

I think build matters a lot too. Tall and 185 compared to short and 185 will have different body weight comparisons

[-] helenvsgladys 14 Points about a year ago

Dude, he's saying it was a personal milestone that kickstarted his motivation. We all have to start somewhere. I started out benching 50 lbs. FIFTY.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Truedemocracy4 5 Points about a year ago

When I was a teenager I couldn’t bench the bar and was too weak to use the barbell clamps lol

Yesterday just deadlifted 380 for first time and last week hit PR of 220 on the bench. These aren’t “look at me” numbers but they are awesome to achieve when you’ve been weak your entire life

[-] BrownGummyBear 4 Points about a year ago

Bodybuilding is not about being able to bench press twice your body weight. If a guy can get a chiseled chest by using 25 lbs dumbbells it shouldn’t matter. Leave your ego out if you want real gains. It’s important to stay humble and only lift weight that can be done in a STRICT form and controlling the weights both during the concentric and eccentric phases of each lift.

[-] MarcosDomingues 1 Point about a year ago

You act like in order to lift more weight, that it's somehow implied that I'm an "Ego Lifter" and using bad form. Good form is mandatory. I do all my reps on the Bench Press paused, that's how I've always done.

If you're a natty, the weight on the bar is absolutely the most important thing to continuously see changes in your physique. Going from a 100 lb bench to 200 lbs and then to 300 lbs will manifest itself into a bigger upper body in a way that 25 pound dumbbells will not.

All that fluff and pump advice will only work for novices and steroid users. If you're an intermediate/advanced lifter and not on a specialized routine focused on progression you will be stuck in a plateau forever

[-] Truedemocracy4 2 Points about a year ago

You got downvoted but you’re right. I lifted with dumb bells for 2 years and absolutely plateaued until I got to barbell lifts

[-] MarcosDomingues 1 Point about a year ago

Lulz I experienced the same thing as well. I was stuck with the 50's on db flat bench, could not progress beyond that. Moved on to the barbell bench and I saw increases every work out. Im doing 235 paused at 165 now

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] _Last_Man_Standing_ 2 Points about a year ago

Forearms: use fat gripz on the bar for some lifts


fat gripz are amazing... been using them for 3 months now...
and the gains are serious...
I got visible muscles in my fist I didn't even know exist.... lol...

[-] jekporkins77 2 Points about a year ago

Don’t think of it as training muscles, your goal is to get really strong at MOVEMENTS not muscles

[-] bsutansalt 57 Points about a year ago

You cannot outtrain a bad diet

This bears repeating.

Abs are made in the kitchen.

Most people are going to have the problem of being too damn fat well before being too skinny thanks Obesity Epidemic. It's just a numbers game with 1/3rd overweight and another 1/3rd obese.

You cannot out train bad sleep hygiene

Anyone who did the 30 day challenge of getting good sleep can attest to this. You're going to grow more, lost fat faster, and feel better in general once you're getting good QUALITY sleep.

[-] TFWnoLTR 3 Points about a year ago

Any advice for us who struggle with sleep? I've tried taking this up and getting my ass in bed at a decent hour, but I cant seem to help but roll over for hours on end before finally falling alseep, unless I take a sleep aid, which I fear will only do more harm than good in the long run.

This is easily the biggest hole in my progress so far. I finally got my diet down and I work out like clockwork.

[-] ToplessTopmodel 6 Points about a year ago

Make a sleeping routine. no screens for one hour before you want to sleep. Also dim all lights in that time. Light is the signal to your body that you have to stay up at least a few more hours.

Make the same shit every evening before you touch the bed. Something like brushing teeth, packing your bag for the next day, yoga etc. turn off all phones or anything that can alert you in anyway. I realized that actually turning off a phone is more powerful than just putting it in silent mode. Because your brain knows that no dopamine will come out of that thing now. Your brain knows all paths to dopamine and is always on alert if there is the smallest chance for some.


Basically you have an inner clock and when it hits sleep mode you will fall asleep. But if you keep pressing the snooze button with light or new exiting things you will not fall asleep. This is called sleep hygiene.


Also make sure your bed is only used for sex or sleep. No eating, no jumping, no phone in the morning, no reading. If your monkey ass touches the bed your monkey brain has to know that this is the place to sleep.


Also check that you get enough air, some people struggle with air after breathing their room empty in the night and the last few hours of sleep are actually just you stressing over survival.


Best to have no noise in your bedroom. But you will see that if everything else is in check you will be able to sleep through everything.

[-] AwakenedSovereign 2 Points about a year ago

Talk to your doctor. I ultimately got put on an Ambien prescription that I use sparingly.

Getting good sleep is critical. Be mindful not to consume caffeine or stimulants after a certain hour of the evening.

Other than that just make sure your bedroom is dark and quiet. Turn off any screens 1hr before bedtime. Read a book or meditate or do some laundry. Reading a bit before bedtime is boring and definitely helps me fall asleep

[-] bsutansalt 2 Points about a year ago
  1. Block all light from where you sleep. That means blackout covers for the windows, turning off all electronics, etc. Even the numbers on an alarm clock can affect quality of sleep if it's bright enough, which will vary from person to person.
  2. Do not eat or workout a few hours before bed. Doing so fucks with your metabolism and can make you wide awake.
  3. Don't consume caffeine a few hours before bed.
  4. Install Flux on your computer so it dims the light. Similarly...
  5. Don't look at computer and phone screens. The light can mess up your serotonin levels.
  6. If you still have trouble after all of the above, then it's time for melatonin supplements.

Also: waking up is just as important. You don't want to set your alarm to wake you up when you're in the middle of a REM cycle. That is how you end up being sluggish all day long and feeling like you didn't have a restful sleep. Automatic lights that gradually brighten to coincide with your alarm is another MASSIVELY helpful tool you can use to wake up feeling refreshed.

[-] MishtaBiggles 1 Point about a year ago

I spent an entire year trying to lose weight and get more trim. I stuck to what I thought was a diet, I lifted minimum 4 days a week and took my supplements. Aside from bigger arms and chest I wasnt more tone.


A friend of mine recommended I see a weight loss coach. I got put on HCG and ate literally only 2, 3 oz chicken breast a day(The size of a deck of cards) and 2 cups of vegetables. I lost thirty pounds in 3.5 weeks. I would NEVER recommend this diet to anyone other than to understand what a true food portion is and what amount of food is really necessary to get going.


If you are serious PORTION CONTROL IS KEY. YOU CANNOT EYE BALL! A half cup of rice is 20g of carbs and looks bigger than you'd expect. When you go to chipotle and they ad the rice and beans, what might not seem like alot is really over 100gs of carbs before you add in anything else. You will never lose weight or get more tone that way. 1/3rd cup of rice or pasta can get you going for a few hours if your trying to run a deficit. But if you portion and calculate calories itll blow your mind how quickly you get to 1000 and then 1500 and so on

[-] Truedemocracy4 1 Point about a year ago

True but it is damn near impossible to bulk and build abs (not core) at the same time. If you are skinny fat I recommend gaining muscle first. Abs are an accessory, they rarely get the girl

[-] Workguy77 1 Point about a year ago

something extra that lets you really feel your progress. This is optional but I found value in it.

I also train BJJ and the synergy is real. Going up against 200+ lb dudes who look bigger than me, but having the strength to go toe to toe because I train, is rewarding. It helps me feel that my time spent on Lifting is valuable for more than just getting laid, which feeds back in to my ability to Lift on a routine schedule and lift with Eagerness &

What do you think about intermittent fasting? I train and do intermittent fasting and I am able to eat whatever I want. (not quanitity)

[-] bsutansalt 1 Point about a year ago

I live by it. I typically do a 16/8 myself and every now and then I'll throw in a 24-36 hour fast.

[-] oooKenshiooo 8 Points about a year ago


3) You need to learn how to feel your body, feel the iron, and keep strict form. This is basically a "6th Sense" that you develop over the course of years. Anyone who played sports or was an athlete knows the feeling - anyone who hasn't doesn't. You literally do not understand your own bodily mechanics or what you're capabale of.

This is the best peace of advice on lifting I have ever read here. I am a martial artist and a singer, and I know EXACTLY what that feels like. Unless you achieved this kind of feeling, you are in no position to judge a workout or any sport for it merits. Once you can reliably achieve that state, you can also get away with way less training - which is why some people look ripped with what seems like zero effort and a junk food diet. They know their bodies really well, they know how to how to make reps count and they can naturally discern what kind of food their body needs in the current moment.

[-] Granite_Pill 1 Point about a year ago

If you hate working out like I do, train for a sport or specific purpose. I HATE working out, but I LOVE training for my sport. Once I made this shift in mindset, training became as much of a habit as brushing my teeth. For me, it's not about vain materialism such as looking good, it's about performing well in my sport, which is my passion in life. It makes it a lot easier to get my ass in the gym do something for ME, to do what I love, not because I want to look good for everybody else. Fuck everybody else.

[-] omen_tenebris 21 Points about a year ago

Watch videos on form. Decide what you're training for, train according to it.

FROM >>>>>>>>> rep count!!!! don't half rep.

Eat healthy, and a lot.

Basics: Deadlift, pullups, bench press, squats. over head press.

deadlift: trains almost everything

pullups: almost all of the back (except for the lover), and biceps. Biceps activation depends on grip.

Bench press: Chest, triceps and a bit the front delts (shoulder).

squats: legs, everything+ass.

over head press: mostly shoulders, but some triceps too.



calestenics: Official ThenX

Workouts/form: AthleanX

Motivation: Rich Piana

Full Workouts: Buff Dudes.

Misc: Almost anything else.


My personal supp recommendations (not needed tho helps a lot, remember !!!!NO SUPPLEMENT REPLACES REAL FUCKING FOOD!!!!!!! they are SUPPLEMENTS and not REPLACERS! if your diet is dogshit they wont help)

Joints: omega3 and or Animal Flex

Multi vits: Animal Pack

Protein: best: 100% gold standard (expensive), or Muscle pharam stuff

L-glutamin: helps build muscle also helps if you're sick as it's needed to produce white blood cells.

BCAA: prevents catabolism, helps to neurishes muscles, etc.

Creatine: helps to hydrate the muscles.

L-carnitine: helps to burn fat.

Pre-workouts: if you're not scared of getting pumped as shit: One more rep (1 MR). As a general rule of thumb the more niacin/b3 (same thing) it has the stronger it kicks. Also if you decide to use pre's remember!!! 3 weeks on 1-2 weeks off. You'll feel when it kicks in. If you don't you took too little or it's shit. I personally feel stinging in my palms when pre-workout kicks in.


General rule of thumb: Anything from Universal or Animal are the best if not the best.



you can take Glutamin whenever, but my pre-workout cocktail is the following: BCAA,L-Glatamine, Creatine (as dust), L-carnitine and pre-workout as capusle (it's just caffine atm i don't use "true" preworkouts). BCAA is recommended as pre or intra workout. Right after it works too. doesn't really matter, i recommend before. Some say differently, they're not wrong, this WORKS FOR ME.


if you want to buy any product ESPECIALLY pre-workouts buy a tester first. Some suck ass, some behave differently for different people. Also if it doesn't taste like shit helps. Some made me sick/feel like shit. If it's too much for you, 'cos you're not a coffein junky like me it's not a shame to throw that shit up. Also pease don't do pre-workouts on cardio days.


My pre-workout cocktail tastes like dogshit, so i put it pomegrade flavoured water. Use anything with low sugar and additives but has a strong flavour, as pure BCAA is insanely bitter. Creatine/glutamine has no taste, or rather is should not have.


do not stretch before workout it'll hurt you more then help stretch after!


Warm up. Always! I personally do 5-10 mins on the bike before i do anything. Also this helps to absorb my pre-workout.


if you do deadlifts, learn the fucking form before you put a lot of weights on you can seriously cripple yourself if your form is bad! i mean it!


good days to combine: back with biceps, triceps with chest, whole leg (this is where i do deadlifts), cardio day with abs, (also obliques, sometimes full core).


Calves need a brutal and unfrogiving ammount of punisment to grow they're very strong and resilient trust me.


what you need: clothes.

what you don't need: supplements (tho i personally recommend), gloves (are you gay??), or belt at the beginning.


after you maxed out your beginner gains belts will help, but don't be a fuck up, and take them off after the set. when you do the next put them on again. They restrict blood flow, that ain't good for long time.

Shoes: i have a 10$ dogpoop crap to walk in but flat shoe. Look, you can buy expensive lifting shoes, but no need. Sometimes i deadlift / squat bare foot. Also, don't use those fancy running shoes unless you're on cardio day. You'll ruin them especially with: squats, deadlifts and onver head presses.

DO: ask for help (spot)

DON'T: half rep, fuck up your form, try to look stronger than you're, OR SKIP FUCKING LEG DAY (if you do that you're a fuck up. Thights are the biggest muscle, they MUST be trained. Calves also).


I don't speak english natively so i hope it's understandable.If you have a question ask.

[-] Dude_Mon 1 Point about a year ago

A lot of good advice, thanks!

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] helenvsgladys 10 Points about a year ago

AthleanX is one of the greatest fitness resources out there.

[-] Battagliare 2 Points about a year ago

I cant do pull-ups, instead of that i am doing lateral pulldown. Is it okay ?

[-] omen_tenebris 3 Points about a year ago

yes. Also you can buy resistance bands. When i restarted training after a 3,5 year break, i couldn't do a single one with proper form! I bought resistance band(s) and used to till i gased out. Then i did latteral pulldowns (to chest). they're really the same tbh.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] GlobalAsshat 2 Points about a year ago

Take some extra leucine with your protein shakes. Google it.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Imalostman_ 1 Point about a year ago

Why off the pre-workout for 1-2 weeks?

[-] omen_tenebris 1 Point about a year ago

you build up tolerance. STIM wears off faster, and kicks less. You become resistant or down right immune.

[-] Imalostman_ 1 Point about a year ago

This makes sense man. I yawned at the gym yesterday even though I had taken a full scoop of pre. So if I take these regular breaks from it, my tolerance will go down?

[-] omen_tenebris 1 Point about a year ago

yes. it should. sometimes you need to switch pre workouts too. well... i never used the same product again after it ran out. Partially because the original one more rep 1.M.R. was discontinued... well banned lol

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Smerdakas 13 Points about a year ago

As a skinny guy with messed up shoulders and lower back, I'd add DON'T BE A HERO. Learn proper form and how to breathe, look up any videos or websites you can find. No one gets ripped in a week, so don't rush it. If you're inexperienced, study one or two lifts until you're confident, then progress. It's not a shame to start with an empty bar or with very low weight - no one is gonna judge you. And you can't train if you fuck up your body anyway.

Also: Train smart. Big compound lifts should be enough for a beginner. Don't waste too much time in the gym cause you might get bored easily.

[-] bestsparkyalive 9 Points about a year ago

Yeah it is definitely a fucking lifestyle. To have a great body you need to make sacrifices that some people just don’t understand.

[-] DoubleTappp 29 Points about a year ago

I'll say it.

If your dexascan is showing 20% body fat....... bro, you fucking fat.


[-] AwakenedSovereign 18 Points about a year ago

Yup I'm currently skinnyfat. Far from done. Goal is 175 @ 12%. Should be achievable in 2019.

Was 115lbs my Senior year of high school with 0 sports of any kind until I started martial arts. I'll take my 60lbs gross bulk from 3 years of training. I look and feel so much better than I used to.

Not done yet tho.

[-] DoubleTappp 2 Points about a year ago

Good response my man.

Lean bulks are completely possible they just take time.

[-] hidemyface1234 6 Points about a year ago

In that case, I'm fat. And still women and other men think im "muscular". Its a sad state of affairs that Im passable

[-] DoubleTappp 5 Points about a year ago

When the average keeps declining that will happen.

[-] hidemyface1234 1 Point about a year ago

Nonetheless, gym calls every morning and abs are made in the kitchen

[-] The_Red_Choice 4 Points about a year ago

" Like the question us skinnyfat Bros usually ask ourselves: can I make it? Should I just quit? "


If you ever find yourself asking this question then you need to re-evaluate. It's not just about weights but life in general. If you have the horrible habit of quitting on something before it reaps rewards or because it's hard then odds are you're not doing too well in life. Build your mental toughness and force yourself to do things. The HARDEST part about consistently going to the gym is the negative self talk you give yourself before you go. "I don't feel so well. my legs are still sore. I didn't sleep enough last night." etc. just fucking go. The second you get in there and work up a sweat you will feel 10x better. Obviously some days are better than others. What I used to do was take pre-workout because I knew that if I copped out after that I would feel like shit and hurt my heart by not working out. It was a way to force me to be at the gym moving weight in 30 minutes. Do not let your negative self talk keep you from your goals. You are strong enough to push your body to do just about anything and that's not just some bullshit super man told me when I was 6.

Stay strong brothers.

[-] AwakenedSovereign 2 Points about a year ago

Last reply here for a bit.

You are 100% correct. At the end of the day, it is on each of us to summon the strength required to get shit done.

But hold space for the middle too bro. That's what this entire Sub is about. Saving young men years of confusion and wasted effort.

I struggled for a while to even get noob gains. That's on me, but if I had heard the lesson clearly from the outset I would have saved some time. I felt like I could Lift and then go out and Party and that is what was the right path was because I wanted to grow and also wanted pussy.

I did not realize until much time had passed that skipping a year or twos worth of partying was a pricetag at the door. Not 100% skipping but definitely dialing back alot from what I wanted to be doing.

It's a steep price for any guy 25+ to pay. By the time I started lifting seriously I was 26, and every day not spent building my social circles and gaming women was a day of Youth going into the trashbin (so I believed at the time).

Now I get it. Now I see my frustration and slow progress as my own fault, because I couldn't "Hold Frame" against the tempations and wastefulness of Party Culture.

Now I realize the deeper lesson:

If I'm in a position where I have to Party less and Train harder for the next year or two to get the body I really want, it's worth the price.

I've only got so much time on this Earth to live it up, but two years is a price I'm willing to pay to go from Skinnybro to Strongbro.

And if I can emphasize that effectively to even 1 dude reading, then my thumbs have not wasted their effort.

[-] The_Red_Choice 1 Point about a year ago

No doubt that's all 100% fact. My comment wasn't meant to be negative, just hopefully eye opening to some. The self control aspect comes into play for making any sort of difficult choice. From partying, diet, lifting, work, school, etc. Its applied in all facets of life. But the number one thing you can do is try. And trying while knowing what you're doing will expedite the process for sure.

[-] zyqkvx 1 Point about a year ago

" Like the question us skinnyfat Bros usually ask ourselves: can I make it? Should I just quit? "

Agreed. Instead of asking if they should quit, they should get clear that if they don't quit, they will also not quit while doing other things in life. It's a two-fer.. get muscles, get the skill not to quit things.

[-] The_Red_Choice 1 Point about a year ago

Exactly. Mental strength is valuable.

[-] WaspOnAWall 3 Points about a year ago

What I learned was :

1-You don't need to go to a gym, you can workout at home, just buy some weights. Push-ups and abs don't need equipment.

2-Make sure you eat enough calories and enough proteins, or the gains will be very slow. You can try protein powders as a supplement.

3-Make sure you get enough magnesium, it is used in the muscle-building process. Buy magnesium supplements if you need to.

4-Alternate rest and exercise. I tend to not work on the same muscle more than twice a week.

[-] ChrimsonChin988 1 Point about a year ago

Maybe I missed where he said you don't have to go to a gym but I don't agree. I started working out at home when I was young (16) so I had pretty much all I needed at that point, also my parents are well-off so decent home gym. But unless you're very wealthy (big home and lots of $ to spent on equipment) go to the gym if you're serious about lifting. Yes, you can go a long way with just a bench press some dumbbells and sit-ups but you will plateau fast because you can only do body weight (which is limited) and a couple plates.

Gym provides a lot more variety in equipment to not only hit all muscles, but from different angels also. And as I said you can lift heavy ass weight there, at home that's not really an option for most people.

[-] WaspOnAWall 1 Point about a year ago

Oh yea absolutely, I'm not saying that gyms are useless. What I meant was that, for people who are in poor shape, the convenience of working out at home can make all the difference. Once you get to the plateau, you might already be happy with your body and if you're not, you can easily transition to a gym.

Not everyone wants to be jacked, some just want to be fit, in my experience that already puts you in the top 10% of men.

[-] TitusBjarni 2 Points about a year ago

Lifting as a way to strengthen yourself mentally is really underrated. That's the real reason that just going through the motions in the gym is detrimental to you. You're not making mental gains if you're doing that.

[-] DirtJellyBeanz 7 Points about a year ago

For those that are having an issue dieting. LISTEN UP, don't follow all these bullshit diets that say you can magically lose 69LB in 2 weeks... that is a very unhealthy way to lose weight. You want to lose about, .5-1LB a week.. anymore than that you're going to lose a lot of muscle you've gained. (from experience)


It's very simple, BUY A SCALE, DOWNLOAD MYFITNESSPAL, find out your MACRO NUTRIENT percentages ( Or use the APP it offers about the same thing. EVERYTHING you put into your body needs to be counted, for example: You want an Oreo, you scan the Oreo package and put how many servings you'll be eating and BAM you counted your MACRO'S.


You do this until you hit your macros for that day, you can be +5 -5 on your macros. Obviously you aren't going to be eating Oreo's all day so you need to FUCKING COOK, learn how to cook basic carbs, proteins, and consume healthy fats (avocados, nuts, oils ETC) Let say you cook 6 chicken breasts and you only have 60 Grams of Protein left for the day, you'd go into the app put however many Ounces, or Grams you need to hit 60 Grams of Protein and once you find that out you just weigh that chicken until you hit that number and eat. I've been flexible dieting for 21 days, I've lost 2.8LB and I've been feeling GREAT! Obviously I'm cutting so I'm eating about 150 Calories below my maintenance caloric intake. which is 2150 calories set at 188P/134C/96F.


I hit my numbers spot on pretty much every day, and GUESS WHAT I'm not eating lettuce leafs and fucking air all day. I'm eating like a normal human being, but I'm just TRACKING what is coming into my body. I have a rule that I've learned (80% HEALTHY / 20% "Unhealthy)


So at the end of the day if I have 200 calories left and I wanna eat a fucking skinny cow ice cream cake... i'm going all in on that bitch? Not sold yet? If anyone has questions HMU - I'll gladly help anyone. No, I'm not debating about any other dieting method.



TLDR: Track macros / see results

[-] PetrogradHighSociety 1 Point about a year ago

This. Fad diets and eating styles like paleo/keto/intermittent fasting are not sustainable in my opinion. Tracking my macros allows me to eat whatever, and whenever. To make it even easier, i found that hitting your protein and total calories for the day are whats most important also. After protein needs are met, the rest of the day’s calories can be filled in with anything. I do see better results on a higher carb/lower fat macro split though. Ive hit my macros almost every day for three years now, and the results speak for themselves. Ive also done fad diets like keto for years before trying this, with little to no results.

[-] Hombremaniac 1 Point about a year ago

Love MyFitnessPal. Started to use nearly month ago. Lost some 10 pounds in that period, started to weight and cook my food (just basic stuff like baked chicken or turkey breasts + steamed veggies + other stuff like coconut fat etc) and ofc hitting the gym.

Am on the start of my journey, but I'm liking it as it give myself a purpose and perspective. Kinda started to hate wasted time when I do nothing productive.

[-] BobbyPeru 2 Points about a year ago

It is EASY to waste your time in the gym and hamster about your progress.

This is why I time all my sets and don’t take a break between body parts.

Men respect you more too. Your boss. Your dogs. The chick at the DMV will work faster for you. I shit you not.

100% true. I’ve experienced this

[-] JarHeadJoseph 2 Points about a year ago

This post can be misleading to newbies though. Most newbies don’t need to be going to the gym more than 3 times per week. Novice lifters tend to make the mistake thinking they need to be doing two-a-days and 6 days per week and cardio on the 7th. It really just comes down to stimulation paired with good sleep and good diet.

Starting strength is the best straight to the point book out there.

[-] HornedBul 0 Points about a year ago

I agree with 90% of OP. here's what I have to add:

Use a DEXA or water displacement scan for BF vs. Lean Muscle measuring

This isn't really of much use tbh. There's no one accurate method of measuring bodyfat. In my opinion you should just stick to the same measuring method (and use the same tool). Because one person can be measured at 15%bf with one method and 18% in another. What happens is that if you lose 1% bodyfat, the 15% will become 14% and 18% will become 17%. So you know you're making progress. I personally am sticking to a simple bodyfat calculator which isn't really accurate, but is a perfectly valid way of measuring if I'm on the right track or not

Bulk until you hate your body, cut until you hate your life.

This appears good at first glance, but I was pretty obese from a young age up until my early 20's, and I just have a sweet tooth and love to eat. I'm currently at ~23%bf and at a point where I hate my body and my life. But yeah, my goal is to cut lol. Just saying this is not really good advice. I would say try to achieve a goal where you like how you look and how you feel (ideally between 12% and 15%). You don't have to necessarily be bulking&cutting, that's pretty much a myth.

other than that, pretty sweet post

[-] [deleted] 1 Point about a year ago


[-] HornedBul 0 Points about a year ago

A body measurement / skinfold measurement is free and you can do it in a couple minutes in your home.

you say theres no excuse to use innacurate means. I say there's not really a reason to be that accurate. in the end it doesn't really matter if you're 8% or 10%, as long as you like what you see in the mirror, or that you're making progress in the right direction. the result you get is nothing but a number.

edit: Layne Norton is a PhD in nutritional sciences, does natural bodybuilding and powerlifting. he's as hardcore as it can get, and he uses skinfold measurements to estimate his bodyfat. source

if you watch from 1:58 on, he says you can change the DEXA scan results by drinking a ton of water and eating a ton of carbs beforehand

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] iamthelogos 1 Point about a year ago

One thing I didn't see picked up on from OPs post was

It's a sad, ugly, brutal truth to realize just how superficial we are as a species. It goes so much farther than getting laid.

Men respect you more too. Your boss. Your dogs. The chick at the DMV will work faster for you. I shit you not.

If you have never been attractive/strong it can be hard to wrap your brain around just how much it matters to look good. Better jobs. Better friends. Effort is rewarded more.

I've started to think of any time spent on health as an INVESTMENT, not just something else to try and keep track of. For most guys they are spending their resources to get a chance at fucking the girls they fancy. It's a skewed relationship, that TRP shows you how to reverse, so that rather than constantly being drained of your resources, you are the one getting things coming back to you in spades.


You feel the money/time spent in acute situations - like when the cheaper item at the supermarket is right there and you can compare them easily - and you don't really feel the more subtle ones, like a chick at the DMV processing you faster, the bartender prioritising serving you, the cashier giving you a discount just because. People spend their resources/power on people they find attractive. It's innate, hardwired not going anywhere in a fucking hurry.


If it was possible to do an accurate cost benefit analysis of inputs to attractiveness as the costs (time in the gym, good quality food, grooming, learning psychology, etc etc) and then to accurately tally up the benefits you receive back as a result (better jobs, prioritised service, discounts, networking opportunities, etc etc) then I think that would absolutely gobsmack people. Especially when you apply the aspect of time and compounding.


People generally aren't good at objective thinking, especially women and more feminised men, so is it any wonder that the predominate social conversations don't discuss this? Red Pill thinking will naturally always be the minority in the social zeitgeist, so the more you apply it, the earlier you hone it and keep it up, the more value (resources, life experiences, time spent in abundance, etc etc) you will ultimately enjoy, compared to the you who didn't find TRP knowledge.


All in all, think of lifting, eating right, and all the other tenets of TRP as investments in your future, that are going to pay almost inconceivable rewards across your lifetime (however long that is for you).


[-] ungodlyunsure 1 Point about a year ago

Good 3 day bodybuilding plan for someone who's been lifting 6+ months but doesn't have intermediate lift numbers yet?

[-] AwakenedSovereign 1 Point about a year ago

Google Jade Cicada Push Pull Lift routine

[-] JuicySosa300 6 Points about a year ago

5'11" 175 lb 20% bf.... Maybe you should pick a different topic.

Edit: I went back and read it and it's a decent read. I think the biggest takeaway is the halo effect as you mentioned. Since I got big, guys want to be my friend right away and think I'm cool even if I barely say anything. Makes it easy to build a social circle which can be used to get girls. Lifting doesn't equal girls but lifting can equal friends which can equal girls

[-] AwakenedSovereign 6 Points about a year ago

You know what? Thanks for being a hard ass about it.

You're right, I've got rookie stats. Thank God - means I still have some value to harvest from the gym. At least I'm putting up extra weight every single day.

I learned this shit the hard way. Not bragging. Just tryna save some people time.

[-] Jay-G 1 Point about a year ago

Good post, I’ll add my 2 cents. This is what I believe is most important.

  1. Sleep 2. Water 3. Nutrition 4. Exercise
  2. Go to sleep the same time every night, get up at the same time every day. Get a full 6-8 hours of sleep. You make the most gains in your sleep, you rest in your sleep to go hard again.
  3. The human body is made up of 60% water, make sure you keep it that way. You should at the very least drink half an ounce (preferably 1 oz) of water per pound you weigh. (I’m 235lbs I drink at the VERY LEAST 117.5 ounces per day). If you supplement creatine add another 18 ounces to that. Do not drink soda, do not drink beer (if you want booze go with a strong liquor to do the job faster so you’re not putting in worthless calories). 1 cup of black coffee max if you drink coffee. 1 glass of juice a day if you like. Drinking more water will help with weight loss, brain function, physical activity and so on. Stay hydrated.
  4. Eat a well balanced diet, you shouldn’t have to supplement in nutrition if you eat properly. Your diet should consist of more vegetables then fruits, then meat. You want to bulk up, 1 gram of protein per lb of body weight. Eat clean, avoid junk food, learn to cook for yourself. side note Supplements: I recommend taking creatine, it’s one of the most studied supplements and it has proven benefits. If you have trouble getting enough protein add a protein shake in there too. Fish oil is good for joints and brain health. If you have a well balanced diet everything else is just a scam, it’s just making expensive piss.
  5. Lift properly. Do compound exercises, squat, deadlift, bench press, over head press, bent over rows, clean and jerks. Lift with good form, there’s no excuse for bad form, get on YouTube and learn it. Find a program and stick to it until you no longer see benefits. Lift intensely, get off your damn phone between sets, stop talking to people and getting distracted. Most people I see in the gym never squat or deadlift, they play on their phones too much, they bullshit with other people and hold up equipment for too long. Make working out enjoyable but don’t play around. Treat it as a job or something important. You get out what you put in.
[-] CHIPPENDALESIXNINE 1 Point about a year ago

I'm struggling from the opposite end of the spectrum. From 18 to 23 i was a hardcore gym rat. Arnold was god and the gym was my church. I wanted to be a bodybuilder and took it as far as I could. I got to armature competition size but never competed, to the point where chicks were telling me to stop lifting or not get any bigger. Eventually I burnt out, finished my bachelors degree and kept working full time. Then i joined a boxing gym and felt better than ever. I lost 20lbs of muscle and fat but I felt better than I did being big. I also felt more confident being ripped and not having girls tell me I was too muscular.

Eventually the motivation faded away. Being in the gym for 4 hours a day and sometimes more was time consuming and I accomplished a lot more in life after giving it up. The downside to this is that I went from one extreme to the other. It's hard to get back into good shape after falling out of the loop because you keep comparing yourself to yourself at your peak. You also have way less energy than before.

My advice would be to just get it out of the way in the morning. Don't workout any longer than 45 minutes, but also don't take breaks and don't socialize. Once you hit a good natural body limit just maintain it. Don't get the, "I need to be more of this" bug. You'll never be content, no matter how far you get and you'll start investing more with diminishing returns.

[-] TheFallingCosmos 3 Points about a year ago

I think another extremely useful rule to remember when training for hypertrophy (mass) is Time-Under-Tension. I believe ideal time range (for hypertrophy to occur) for each set is between 45 seconds and 70 seconds. You wanna try and get all of your sets to be around that time range. This might require you to drop weight slightly but you'll still be able to increase your weights regularly.

[-] Zech4riah 2 Points about a year ago

3) You need to learn how to feel your body, feel the iron, and keep strict form. This is basically a "6th Sense" that you develop over the course of years.

This is something which isn't mentioned too often. First you just lift and over the years you start lifting and feeling the lifts at the same time. Over the last 5 years I have barely added any extra weight to most of my lifts even tho I've gained muscle and strength. I've learned to feel the lifts and really concentrate on feeling the lifts in the muscle. In this way you gain the same level of burden with lighter weights -> injuries are less likely to occur.

[-] ChrimsonChin988 3 Points about a year ago

And when you go to the gym to work out... WORK OUT. I see so many fucking cucks on their phone for what it seems like eternity. Also, half the people are not even sweating... what the fuck. I swear by the time I've done 3 to 4 sets they've done 1. Now I'm not saying train so hard you're spitting blood and passing out but the absolute maximum for me is 60 seconds between sets. Usually around 40 I think.

Also, shock the fuck out of your muscles. They should never see your workout coming. I flip it around all the time, do certain exercises leave out others, change the order in which I do them, superset, dropset, high reps, low reps etc etc. If you're not sore for 3 to 4 days after you're not doing it right. Then 2 days after the soreness is gone, go train those muscle groups again.

Lastly: be consistent. I don't say never miss a work out day (sometimes a little extra rest is ok or if you've got other very important deadlines so be it) and it's ok to sometimes have a cheat day (holiday with the family or whatever) but keep it within bounds. Don't miss more than 2 work outs in a row. Don't eat unhealthy for more than 1 or 2 days in a row. Be consistent in your diet and training, it sounds easy but it's the hardest part.

[-] ChrimsonChin988 1 Point about a year ago

O and by the way, don't be that fucking gaylord who is blow drying his hair and make sure you look o so pretty before going to the gym. Yes, I see you faggots with your perfect hair at 8 a.m. working out. Like what are you going to do after, not take a shower? Take a shower but not wash your hair? What the fuck

[-] GlobalAsshat 1 Point about a year ago

I disagree with most of this.

[-] ChrimsonChin988 2 Points about a year ago

I think what you're trying to say and there's a lot of truth to that article indeed. But also so much fucking horseshit lol. Yes, low reps can be very dangerous regarding injuries. I Usually do between 16-20 reps. Also I do train 1 muscle group more than once a week. I have 3 different days basically. 1) legs 2) back/biceps 3) chest/shoulders/triceps. If I do legs on Monday I'll do them again on Friday or Saturday depending on how recovered I feel. Also, I don't go past failure, I give 90% during a workout as I know if give 100% it will become 105% and I will injure myself once again as I have many times in the past..

There are 3 different muscle fibers. Type 1 (slow twitch/aerobic; stamina) and type 2a (Fast twitch/aerobic-anaerobic;medium-range reps) and type 2b (Fast twitch/anaerobic;low-range reps). If you want big muscles you have to train 2a and b. Saying that focusing on training these only works for "gifted people and roidheads" is soooooo fucking bullshit. More or less he also says that although bodybuilders do get very big their method doesn't work, lol? In addition, shocking the muscle doesn't work, changing your training method is just bullshit and Arnold and countless of other bodybuilders were just idiots. According to him.... lol. yes progressive overload works, increasing weight and reps does but at a certain point there's a limit to that as well, that's when you change the order in which you exercise, switch exercises etc. Just give it a try a couple of times and we'll see how sore you are and how "wrong" I (and many others) are.

Anyway, you can do your full-body compound heavy workouts but you can't tell me you will be doing those 3 times a week... because if you can do those 3 times a week you're either not pushing yourself hard enough or you're going to over train/injure yourself. Also those types of exercises usually give you strong legs and a strong core. Other muscle groups will be lacking in volume.

I want that V-taper, I want to look like a Greek fucking God. And I know for a fact that flipping tires 'n shit won't make me look like that but to each his own we all have different goals.

Edit: I looked a little further on that site this cuck claims to do full body workouts on monday, wednesday and friday. If anyone can pull that off he's probably that guy in the gym taking 5 minutes between sets with no sweat on his 4 head.

Also: where is a picture of this guy? i can't find it. probably a soyboy. Don't drink the cool aid kid this guy is full of it.. only reason he says traditional bodybuilding/muscle building doesn;t work is so that you stick around on his website because all the knowledge is available for free online already so he can;t make a quick buck lol... always keep thinking critically..

[-] Casanova-Quinn 1 Point about a year ago

Also those types of exercises usually give you strong legs and a strong core. Other muscle groups will be lacking in volume. I want that V-taper, I want to look like a Greek fucking God.

That's what I dislike about these programs. They lack a consideration for aesthetics. They act like "vanity muscle" exercises are beneath them (arms, side delts, abs, etc). The end result of these programs is looking like a damn T-Rex, not Apollo. And that only discourages new lifters.

I actually do a full body routine 2-3 times per week, but I put more effort into upper body than lower.

[-] GlobalAsshat 1 Point about a year ago

Get a trap bar deadlift and some dumbbells and a pullup bar and a belt so you can do weighted pullups and you can do all this stuff at home. Trap bars are great.

[-] sezamus 1 Point about a year ago

Simple tip for newbies: make yourself protein shakes and buy some creatine.

I have like ~86kg of a non-fat mass. Eating enough proteins in meals is hard. Getting those 140g everyday requires me to make shakes. Otherwise I eat too much=>shit too much=>feel heavy and tired.

Creatine is more important, that many guys might think. The difference in regeneration is unbelievable. Yeah, creatine is a lot better than BCAA. In good protein shakes you should have BCAA anyways and that should be enough. For years I was only supplementing proteins, but creatine was a gamechanger. It became a crucial supplement to me. I lift, run & dance, so I need to regenerate as quickly as possible.

[-] Eldudearino89 1 Point about a year ago

Just 2 cents from the other side of the spectrum. 29 years old 6' 0" Started at 260 lbs in November 2018. Now at 230 lbs in February 2019. Patience is a big key. If you got more fat you should cut unless you got man titties then work that upper chest. Luckily I don't have that problem.



Patience, eat better, limit all the crap (its tough after 30 years of crap, however, it can be done).

[-] _Last_Man_Standing_ 1 Point about a year ago


I'm at the 6'4" - 205lbs - \~10-12%BF at the moment...


Men respect you more too. Your boss. Your dogs. The chick at the DMV will work faster for you. I shit you not.

I've started to see this recently... It's amazing...
I'm on the monk mode at the moment... and I don't go out much lately and I didn't get much feedback form females...
But in the last 6 months I progressed by a lot in the gym... and I can see that the men around me treat me way different than before...

[-] grimmygrimgrim 1 Point about a year ago

The point about alcohol is so true. It’s the hardest part for me as a 29y guy from the UK. Drinking is such an ingrained part of culture it’s hard to escape.

I’m cutting down though. I dread to think how much muscle I’ve lost to drinking

[-] TreesLikeGodsFingers 1 Point about a year ago

/u/AwakenedSovereign how much does the DEXA scan cost?

[-] NoFaithInThisSub 1 Point about a year ago

10pm to make sure you can get up at 6am

and once you get serious, even super serious, 8hrs is not even enough.

[-] SeasonedRP 1 Point about a year ago

I would add: learn good technique listen to experienced lifters if you are fortunate enough to get advice from one. I go to a commercial gym now for convenience, and it still surprises me how much poor technique and how many stupid routines I see. People think it is some sort of manhood test if they listen and learn from those more experienced. It isn't. There is a lot of information available online. Much of it is lousy, but there is also a large amount of good info. Read writings of experienced coaches and lifters, people who have actually accomplished something. You don't have to be a competitive powerlifter or bodybuilder to benefit from the information that is available. Don't waste time reading material by people who haven't accomplished anything as a competitor or coach.

[-] etucker546 1 Point about a year ago

The Thor reference was great, now off to the gym, but first I must play God of War 4!

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] dasCooDawg 2 Points about a year ago

Your time is valuable!
Once you step into the gym, its strict business. Do your work and leave. Don't socialize, don't dab around. Know what you are wanting to do, do it, and leave!

[-] Styles_Clash 1 Point about a year ago

Something just as important, have a sick playlist.

Jokes aside, was feeling lethargic at the office. Needed to read this to get hyped for later.

[-] Truedemocracy4 1 Point about a year ago

As someone who is self taught then do yourself a favor and look up the major barbell lifts (squat, deadlift, bench, overhead press, etc) and form a plan on them. Diet and rest. I’ve seen more progress in 6 months with a plan on major lifts than in the year prior fucking around

Also you have to fall in love with the process. If you’re doing it for any other reason you will have setbacks and you will give up. Fall in love with the process.

Turn bad days or lazy days into bad workout days. Turn energized days into ass kick workout days. Stick with it

[-] jekporkins77 1 Point about a year ago

True, T-Rex arms bench more. I’m 5’10 with a 6 foot wingspan lol

[-] Kalikoenig 2 Points about a year ago

3) You need to learn how to feel your body, feel the iron, and keep strict form.

To add to this. As soon as you enter the gym, drop your fucking ego at the door. Don't try to be a hero with weight. "Bro I benched 225 yesterday." Yes, but your form was fucking garbage and that lift did absolutely nothing for you to gain muscle.

It's important for veterans and especially important for beginners to drop the weight and concentrate on making that mind muscle connection to obtain proper form. If aesthetics is our main goal, the amount of weight you are lifting does not matter. Once again, your ego should not be involved with your routine. As long as you have great form and lift to exhaustion, this is the only thing that matters. And to obtain said excellent form, you most likely need to drop the weight.

Many bros will tell you your rep count should be 6-8 reps. While you can do 6-8 reps on your lifts, you need to occasionally do 10 or even 15. When I squat, about once a month I'll drop the weight considerably and do 20 rep sets. I've even done 30 rep sets with the leg press machine. You will hate your life, you won't be able to walk right for 4 days, but you will gain muscle this way. They key is to mix up for reps from time to time. And when it comes to high rep leg days, this is much more of a mental test than a physical one. You will need to be mentally strong to get through this. You may need to take a 10 second break in the middle of the set, but you will gain muscle and you will gain mental strength.

[-] SeasonedRP 1 Point about a year ago

This is good advice. I highly recommend high rep squats for beginners and even occasionally for advanced lifters as a change of pace. Nothing builds mass like high rep squats. If you're able to do 20+ good reps with 315, you'll have large, muscular legs.

Dropping the weight and leaving your ego at the door is also an excellent tip. Experienced lifters make fun of clowns who load the bar for shrugs, rack pulls, or leg presses and use lousy form. These lifts are accessories at best and should be done with proper form and not in place of squats and deadlifts.

[-] adminsaregayniggers 0 Points about a year ago

5'11 175 @ 20% bf

lol why are you giving fitness advice

there's something just hilarious and sad about dumpy losers pretending that people are attracted to their potato sack bodies

[-] youngdaggerdickk 1 Point about a year ago

How do you fit in your BJJ and lifting schedule with out wearing your self out?

[-] krym33 1 Point about a year ago

I mean why the hell you want to go out at 11pm or 01am if most of the really hot chicks go to the market 06 - 07pm lol

[-] eballution 1 Point about a year ago

A small tip. Leave your phone at home. Unless you are a part of an emergency response unit, leave that piece of shit at home. So many people on their phones browsing useless shit or texting. It kills your focus and flow. Just wear a watch and track your rest intervals, a book and pen for tracking your overload progression.