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- Hide Preview | 81 Comments | submitted about a year ago by maverick9759 [Post Locked]

When I got red pilled I felt like I had gained some manipulation techniques and I could now hack the world. I felt like I was on the dark side. I was the evil one. Only to realize later that the opposition against which I was about to use this knowledge was the real dark side. It took me a while to get rid of the 'guilt' I had developed for being red pilled. I always felt like I was doing evil things. Later I ended up asking myself why the hell should anyone not play to his strengths and squeeze everything out of life possible, why feel guilty for being free ?

Slaves who obey for too long feel like it's their moral duty to obey.

Look at this bomb Nietzsche dropped more than a century ago

" Untroubled, scornful, outrageous - that is how wisdom wants us to be: she is a woman and never loves anyone but a warrior. "

That sounds like some Bruce Lee level of philosophy combined with Heartiste level of an understanding of the feminine.

We didn't create the red pill. The red pill was just pure truth and reality which existed, exists and will exist. The feminine imperative covered our eyes. That's why since childhood we always had a feeling of ' something is wrong here'.

If you have this feeling of guilt realize that even the trees grow as high as they can to get the sunlight which causes trees below them to die. To make some omlette you gotta break some eggs.

Here, have some Machiavelli

" For my part I consider that it is better to be adventurous than cautious, because fortune is a woman, and if you wish to keep her under it is necessary to beat and ill-use her; and it is seen that she allows herself to be mastered by the adventurous rather than by those who go to work more coldly. She is, therefore, always, woman-like, a lover of young men, because they are less cautious, more violent, and with more audacity command her. "

[-] Zech4riah 177 Points about a year ago

That's your inner beta male being a bitch and accusing you when you actually start behaving like a man.

Silence that bitch and keep rolling.

[-] max_peenor 19 Points about a year ago

Kill The Beta

[-] misls 3 Points about a year ago
[-] grandmasbroach 3 Points about a year ago

Bro, you got a ping ping ball I can barrow?

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] TheStumblingWolf 95 Points about a year ago

TRP is like a tool. A hammer can be used to crush skulls, or build bridges. It's up to the wielder.

[-] maverick9759 52 Points about a year ago

TRP was just general knowledge once upon a time

[-] nsfwalt900 27 Points about a year ago

Yep your great grandfathers would be cringing hard at society and they probably had 10x more testosterone than men these days.

[-] clon3man 10 Points about a year ago

it still is. My grandmother is redpilled as fuck. It was a different time for immigrants. She grew up with 5 kids in a strange country, working 40 hours a week and then doing ALL the housework and meals after. She has no respect for the "current generation" of people who basically do nothing , through no fault of their own really, everyone is trapped in horrible office jobs versus physical rewarding work

[-] Chaddeus_Rex 1 Point 11 months ago

versus physical rewarding work

Dunno abt that. Ive worked in factories and factories suck massive donkey balls. Rather have a chill office job

[-] clon3man 1 Point 11 months ago

Well, there are bad, repetitive jobs in every domain, that cause health hazards, joint pain, etc. But I think if most people had to start over they'd look for something more outdoorsy or engaged, and psysically meditative versus a sterile office

[-] Chaddeus_Rex 1 Point 11 months ago

If i could be an putdoor camper/backpacker, I would do that instead. If i could be a hoplite that would be ideal

[-] Acerp321 3 Points 12 months ago

Yup. When I discovered TRP it all seemed so damn obvious, so I’m wondering why I knew otherwise?

Manipulation and propaganda. Lots of shit had changed my mind over the years. Before 24 hr news and then the internet, most people could see what was right in front of them.

[-] TheStumblingWolf 2 Points about a year ago

I disagree. Society might have been more in tune with what TRP holds true, but people weren't conscious about it. This made them just as like to go completely beta when they settled down. To me being alpha without knowing why is just as bad as being beta (even if you know it or not).

[-] maverick9759 3 Points about a year ago

Weren't concious ? Did you read the Machiavelli quote up there ? That alone could make all of us combined look politically correct.

[-] TheStumblingWolf 1 Point about a year ago

Was talking about people in general. Machiavelli wasn't part of the general population. That's why his book is so remarkable.

[-] Whisper 55 Points about a year ago

Guilt is not a magical hotline to the One True Moral Code of the Entire Universe. It doesn't help you distinguish right from wrong, or even to determine if there are such things as right and wrong.

It's just the internalization of shit other people have told you.

Do those people have your best interests as a priority? Do they even know what those interests are?

[-] redpill77 16 Points about a year ago

If you feel guilt or shame, you are being controlled.

[-] VoxVirilis 10 Points about a year ago

Yours is the realest, most succinct comment there is.

Anthropologists categorize all cultures as guilt-based, shame-based, or fear-based. Those emotions are the levers used to control a population.

[-] redpill77 2 Points about a year ago

Oh, shit. If I feel flattered I am being controlled probably!

That article explains dangerous incels very neatly:

The shame-honor worldview seeks an "honor balance" and can lead to revenge dynamics.

[-] Son0fMan 2 Points about a year ago

You get into a heated argument and accidentally murder your brother and feel guilty about it. Oh its your family controlling you - fuck outta here.

[-] wildtimes3 1 Point 11 months ago

Seriously, hash this out.

  1. You grew up with your brother, and you had to kill him up close for reasons. You feel bad because he was good for the world. Except that that one time.

  2. You and your brother were separated at birth and you never knew of him. You kill him while looking through a rifle scope the 300 yards because reasons.

The past, guilt, shame or some other mechanism that you did not set into motion yourself unless you raised yourself in your own society causes you to care in 1 but not 2, no?

We are all slaves to the past. Every second of it.

[-] Son0fMan 1 Point 11 months ago

Dude I'm not into this pseudo-alpha antisocial rhetoric around here. Feeling shame and guilt are completely normal prosocial feelings useful for propagating our species - they do not always mean you are being controlled (unless you'd like to get into a discussion about agency and free will).

[-] wildtimes3 1 Point 11 months ago

Ok. Agreed. Pro-social and useful, yes, but there is no denying where the conditioning came from.

How does agency or free will give us more to talk about? Or do you have anything else to add? I find this topic fascinating.

[-] Son0fMan 1 Point 11 months ago

We're talking about being controlled. If you don't believe we have agency or free will then we could be slaves to (i.e. controlled by) our unconscious mind. I spend a great deal thinking about these things and have been working on my own theories - thus more to talk about.

[-] wildtimes3 1 Point 11 months ago

Just going one level deeper: having free will and being (partially) controlled by our unconscious mind are not mutually exclusive.

If there were a deep control from the subconscious it can still be recognized and worked on / eliminated.

[-] Son0fMan 1 Point 11 months ago

If there were a deep control from the subconscious it can still be recognized and worked on / eliminated.

Silly man - there is no such thing as controlling your unconscious mind. Even your tendency to fight your in your nature.

[-] wildtimes3 2 Points 11 months ago

Many would argue that meditation gives you access to parts of your unconscious mind you didn’t have access to previously.

I suppose that doesn’t change that the rest of your inaccessessed unconscious mind is inaccessible by definition though.

I’d have to ruminate on it further, but...

If you behaved in a way that you later recognized your unconscious mind caused, a fear response for example, it should be possible to uncover the unconscious cause and condition yourself to act / react / feel differently the next time a similar circumstance presents itself.

[-] wildtimes3 1 Point about a year ago

Nah brah. He obviously needed murderin’.

Why else would you do it?

[-] lonelyredsheep 5 Points about a year ago

Nobody cares about your own happiness more than you.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] CrazyHorseInvincible 2 Points about a year ago

Rule #2, no alleging moral imperatives. Not even ones pretty much everyone agrees on.

[-] Geleemann 1 Point about a year ago

Send the same message to Whisper then. He's "alleging" the same thing.

Atleast be consistent with your rule lawyering

[-] CrazyHorseInvincible 4 Points about a year ago

Nope. He alleges that such a thing cannot be discerned via feelings of guilt.

I think he understands the rule, given that he's the person who wrote it.

[-] sanos7 52 Points about a year ago

Not sure if I relate completely.

But during unplugging there is definitely this sense of guilt. At first you don’t become assertive. At first you feel guilty and like an asshole for just NOT being subservient and overly polite to people. Even just stating your opinion of desires directly feels like you’re domineering others.

Then you start noticing that people respect you all of a sudden, go out of their way for you, smile around you, deferring to you. They’re happy you’re manning up and taking the lead and they look for it. Someone strong to rally around.

The people higher up start seeing you as an equal instead of a pawn. You’re afraid they’ll lash out because you’re fucking with the balances of power. But they seem pleased actually! They’re less alone. Someone else who gets it.

Like when your beta roommate starts exhibiting the tiniest nano resemblance of some red pill values you’ve been espousing. There is a quick pang of threat evaluation, then you check your ego, chuckle and shake your head at yourself, and realize it’s all for the better.

[-] [deleted] 12 months ago
[-] RPSilverfox 27 Points about a year ago

I discovered this sub after my divorce while looking for ways to do better with women. It’s funny how I already knew a lot of this, but just thought it only pertained to other guys. And now with years of absorbing this information and living life through a red pill lens, I feel I have “cracked the code” so to speak that allows me to date younger, hotter women and not give 2 fucks if they stay or go.

Just last weekend I texted my LTR and said “Let’s go out tonight, be ready by 6:30 and I’ll pick you up”. Her response - “where are we going so I know what to wear.” Did I feel guilty for not asking her out the way I would have 5 years ago? Something along the lines of “would you like to go out tonight?” “What would you like to do?” Maybe a little. But then I think about what I’ve learned here and that little bit of guilt goes away.

[-] chewis 6 Points about a year ago

I realized the truth in this lifestyle, as it pertains to women, when I started making the decisions. I cringe a little seeing guys say "aw well, we can do whatever you want to do" etc... I have been there

[-] Chaddeus_Rex 2 Points 11 months ago

My response is: "doesnt matter where we're going. Wear no panties"

[-] I_am_Groot69 25 Points about a year ago

You were supposed to be the chosen one.

[-] [deleted] 6 Points about a year ago


[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Incendior 6 Points about a year ago

You were my brother Groot, I loved you

[-] KeffirLime 20 Points about a year ago

Sexual strategy is amoral, it only appears to be immoral when you've been culturally conditioned to repress your inherent nature. This is the old rules, it worked because men and women abided by them.

In a free market, sort of like the one we have today, women have an advantage. They are operating by natures rules, unconstrained by culture while men still play by the old rules. In this scenario men will always come up short.

Those that do flourish are aware of females as well as their own nature, and play the game accordingly.

[-] ahab_dies 16 Points about a year ago

What works for me is thinking about the billions of people who have lived full lives, died, and will never be remembered by anyone. Their entire existence has been forgotten by every single person alive today. This is true for 99.99% of all the people who ever lived, and it will be true for me as well probably less than 100 years after my death.


When I think of this, all concepts of "good" and "evil" and "guilt" disappear. I realise how insignificant every decision I make is, how unimportant and unlasting every action I make is, and it gives me total liberty to act however I please, knowing that none of it ultimately matters. In the universe (forget that, even just on this planet) I am an ant, and everybody I interact with is also an ant. Who cares of the lives of ants? Unless you are religious, the world is essentially just a playground to fuck around in until you die.

[-] mori_forthestreamer 5 Points about a year ago

The moral philosophy of a serial killer.

[-] ahab_dies 8 Points about a year ago

Lol, funny you should say that because after I read back what I'd written to myself I thought "wow, this makes me sound like a psychopath." I was wondering if anyone else would get that read from it. Have an upvote!

It doesn't mean you can't have empathy and kindness and love. It just means that things like embarrassment, regret, and pain are all temporary so why spend time on suffering when ultimately it doesn't matter. What I wrote is a testament to how nothing matters in the end, but it doesn't mean that you can't create your own meaning and purpose in the face of that while you're alive. I like to think that part of TRP is about finding some satisfaction and happiness in this futile existence.

[-] Nicolas0631 2 Points 12 months ago

The notion of morals, honor, empathy and all other stuff exist because they are usefull and help society as a whole to be succcessful. They are not there because they are right. Just because they are useful.

A psychopath is at a great disavantage because typically he can't even fake it and will be an outcast.

But that's it.

[-] mori_forthestreamer 2 Points 12 months ago

Yeah, no. Most psychopaths blend very well into society. They can fake it enough to the point of appearing normal.

[-] Hyperf0cus 2 Points about a year ago

On point. I'm feeling the same, lately.

[-] SilenceOnTheWire 1 Point about a year ago

If nothing matters then what's the point of fucking around? What's the point of instant gratification? Nothing has any point or meaning, so why do anything other than just drift aimlessly and do the bare minimum to live comfortably, avoiding pain or excessive pleasure as much as possible because nothing means anything and there's no point, so why suffer unnecessarily and why strive for temporary pleasures?


I'm very skeptical of people with your kind of philosophy. It looks like you are just looking for an excuse to not try, because if you never try you never fail, all backed by some bad rationalization that allows you to save face.

[-] tyronethejabrone 2 Points about a year ago

How one wants to live with this philosophy says a lot about said person. It can be incredibly empowering. Or not...

The other side of the coin:

They are not just trying to “live comfortably”. It’s quite the opposite.

Said person is already here. Why not see what he can get out of life. Do things for his own enjoyment. His own entertainment. Take more risks. Be more bold. Not to mention holding the NGAF attitude from seeing the relative insignificance in everything. Add all that up and not only is life better but it helps one ultimately navigate through life better.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] zdenipeni 15 Points about a year ago

The truth is you have to be a ruthless to get anything in life, you have to be a dick to get anything from getting ahead in your career to your "love" life.

[-] zyqkvx 14 Points about a year ago

Oversimplified, men are raised to be forthcoming with truth, be a machine that cranks out product, and believe game doesn't exist. When a man figures out there is game even if he chooses not to participate he feels evil making game plays to adapt as he's confronted with owning his own non-selfless (aka selfish) decisions as he forces himself to play the game. The guilt he feels is the same guilt that kept him, and keeps other men in the beta zone. Women make extremely selfish decisions all day long and experience a fraction of guilt, if not a nuance of guilt. This might be hard to understand. I've said the following analogy before:

We all use slave labor resources. The shirts on our back (often India), the underwear (often Jamaca, Hanes), the produce we eat (often Mexico), etc are all made by slaves that are lead to believe in the end there will be a reward (like men). Yet we don't lament them like we might a wounded dog. We don't worry about their health. If we met one we'd walk by, or excuse ourselves. It is like we are walking on clouds above them. We walk above them on clouds, and women walk above men on clouds. They have no concept of a two way street. They have no concept of the suffering they command. The Red Queen is running faster and faster just to stay in the same place. There is no limit to the suffering a woman is willing to extract, because she can compartmentalize her existence to herself, a diamond acquired, and her girl 'friends' envying it. Much like we sleep on our bed with a slave shirt in the closet. If someone bent out of shape pointed out that it was a slave shirt you would laugh. When a man enters game he's not just making decisions, he's creating decisions and owning them. When he does he feels like a sweatshop worker walking out in the middle of his workshift. He feels dirty, a betrayer, guilt. His modest self serving decisions feel like the evilest of evil, yet the great evils women do to him with little regard he accepts as small transgressions. A glaring and disturbing example woman mindset is the song God is a Woman.

[-] clouddevs 4 Points about a year ago

Indian here. Neighbour has t-Shirt making factory.

Those women employees have more rights than donald trump's wife. Look up the right to abortion, pregancy leaves, healthcare and education by state, etc. and compare them to USA.

They earn about 150 -200 USD a month, which is good enough to have a proper apartment, Cable TV, 4G Mobile, decent food for entire family, etc.

Mostly their husband earns something equal or more, but they despise working when they HAVE TO. I had housemaids doing sexual advances on me when the family was away lol. I should have been more bolder without worrying about consequences (which I am now, 20kgs heavier with regular gym workouts)

[-] peskysquirms 2 Points about a year ago

Selfish sellouts become women.

[-] redpillcad 12 Points about a year ago

If you are feeling guilty than you aren't red pilled. You are just using red pill tactics with some bluepill agenda. It's ok. It's a long process. More work to do

[-] callmeanubermensch 7 Points about a year ago

You mention at first feeling like the Red Pill mindset is like the "dark side", so I'll use a Star Wars metaphor to give my two cents, since I swallowed the pill years ago (via MRP) and Star Wars is awesome.

"From my point of view the Jedi are evil" is something Anakin said before becoming Darth Vader, and the Empire he helped create pushed that narrative. It's easy to spin that kind of mindset if you are in control, much like our media and politicians are.

The standard Blue Pill mindset is decidedly the path to the Dark Side. BP men are guided by fear, attachment, longing, and pain. Whether a single incel or a hard working man stuck in a sexless marriage they let their emotions control them.

The Red Pill, on the other hand, is about having an abundance mindset, not succumbing to attachment or anger, much like a Jedi. Stoicism, self-discipline, physical strength, knowledge, mindfulness and knowing oneself are traits of both the Jedi and the RP male. It's the more difficult road, but one that makes you stronger, wiser, and more in control.

Sure, that power can be used for evil, but most of us are inherently good. We want to lead our families, be a good husband and father, succeed in our careers, accumulate wealth, and set a good example for our communities. It could start with just wanting to get laid, but the more you swallow the pill the more you realize it's less about sex, or society, or anyone else - it all comes down to you, not letting anyone have the power to guilt you, rejecting the prevailing narrative and improving yourself to be the best that you can be. Once that happens things fall into place, and you will get the sex, respect, finances and other things that you want. That, my friend, is being strong in the Force.

[-] RightHandWolf 4 Points about a year ago

Very well stated. The guilt is basically having to face your fears and stay true to your core beliefs. Anakin lost his mother and then had premonitions of Padme's death. He was afraid to face that kind of pain again, so he made the wrong choice and ended up with a lifetime of pain. Luke had to confront his fear of Vader in The Empire Strikes Back. Luke got his ass kicked and lost a hand, but the thing that stands out to most people is the vision in the cave, where he fights Vader and wins, only to see his own face staring up at him when the mask breaks open.

Confront your fears, and trust in your own strength. Almost everyone sells themselves short in terms of their inner strength and integrity, but we are different, because our eyes have been opened to what is possible . . . as long as we keep working on ourselves and our mission.

We've taken our first steps into a larger world.

[-] ntvirtue 4 Points about a year ago

This is one of the better thought out posts I have seen here....Nice job!

[-] f_ckupsomecommas 3 Points about a year ago

Yeah for sure, especially with my parents and family being very blue pill in general, I definitely feel a little out of place, but I keep it to myself and choose to follow the path that will allow me to succeed the best.

[-] Philhelm 3 Points about a year ago

>I always felt like I was doing evil things.

Like what? I don't see how being "red-pilled," however one wishes to define it, should entail guilt.

[-] tyronethejabrone 5 Points about a year ago

Apparently quite a few of these guys were total doormats until finding TRP and “unplugging”.

And unplugging entailed actually valuing themselves and not taking shit from people.

[-] 2stoned0jaguar9tre 3 Points about a year ago

If you you improve yourself everday and improve the lives you care about/those that care about you, there will be no guilt.

[-] Pezotecom 3 Points about a year ago

More often than not, checking TRP for me is encountering posts which I can't relate to.

So I think about them, on the idea that I may get to those realizations, or at least, understand where they come from.

But sometimes I see posts like this, and it reflects what I've been through, helping me to grow and understand a little bit more my feelings. And it gives me this weird idea that even if I can't relate or understand other posts, I may do it eventually if I keep trying to be what I have always had to be.

Like the river in siddharta, I've always been and will be, and that's beautiful. It puts a smile in my face.

[-] _Anarchon_ 3 Points about a year ago

You didn't create the game, you just became a good player. There's no shame in that.

[-] hazelstein 3 Points about a year ago

Bro, you are not taking or absorbing the redpill ideology. Believe me, red pill is not bad, its so positive that every man should have it in his DNA

[-] maverick9759 3 Points about a year ago

What's up with people thinking am still in that phase when I clearly have described my epiphany after which I realized that I was just taking what's mine. That's what the whole post is about, I know there are people who have this guilty phase, what that does is make them keep switching their persona, the goal of this post was to make these people go through the same epiphany as me so that they live in congruence, unapologetically.

[-] asfarley 3 Points about a year ago

It really seems like most of the posts on this thread didn't read your post, only the title. I think you make a good point; the initial BP->RP conversion probably triggers an inappropriate feeling of guilt in a lot of people, because it's a autoimmune defense planted by the BP virus

[-] hazelstein 2 Points about a year ago

My man, thats what the title said. and thats the idea we got from the passage as well.
I don' t know why you feel this way, maybe you haven't had a bad experience with woman.

[-] lobstergenocide 2 Points about a year ago

never feel guilty for being right

[-] Gearski 2 Points 12 months ago

That Nietzsche quote hit me really hard.

[-] redvelvet_oreo 2 Points about a year ago

I know what you mean I just never felt evil about it. I felt as if I reconnected with a part of an inner self I had let go. I always had Alpha tendencies growing up. I felt like I got that back but x 10. I unlocked the parts I struggled with when I was a kid. Honestly after digesting TRP I felt on top of the world for a good year. I came back to reality but its mostly hard wired now. The basics will always be hard wired. I think your game can always get rusty and use resharpening but the truth can never be forgotten.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] CaptainBW 1 Point about a year ago

This post reminds me of the slide faggots I’ve been seeing on the chans for the past week. “Here is the Truth, and here’s why it could be wrong.” The only guilt you feel is what you perceive other people may be feeling. Fuck that shit. Much of the world is purple pill, but fuck this Huff Post-esque click bait title. Your guilt is your own BP problem to work out. This sub gets shittier by the day.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] jonpe87 1 Point about a year ago

You can't fight that voice, it's a demon that will follow you. Ignore or make a friendship e follow your head.

[-] NextBad 1 Point 12 months ago

This is why we see so many man redefining the red pill within a blue pill context , or saying every 5 minutes that we don't hate women. The truth will always be the truth

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
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