I'm sure everyone is aware of talks like how men should not see women as sexual objects, how men shouldn't feel sexual feelings at everything, how men are vile animals if they get erections from the tip of the bare skin and so on. Maybe those sentences are not that direct in real life in our conversations but I'm sure most of you get the meaning. There are a lot of shaming and blaming for men going on around media and in our daily lives. Yes there are rapists, and there are perverts, no one denies that or denies to deal with those issues, these issues should be investigated and worked on. But trying to shame the other gender and gaslight them for their sexual feelings for your own security and for your own well-being in the name of equality is insanity. There are people whom do not know when to pull back or stop moving further. However as I see it, with the Blue Pill men increasing and Feminism getting increased in every population around the world, the gaslight effect on men's sexuality is incredible.

What is gaslighting? "manipulate (someone) by psychological means into doubting their own sanity."

What does women and blue-pilled men do to other men nowadays is nothing but a gaslight action. It is that sexual feelings are in our control and we should handle them appropiately, we shouldn't feel sexual attraction because the girl may not want that, or she didn't ask for it and it is your fault to feel sexual attraction. However these are all bunch of bullshit gaslighting ideas. In reality men don't have control over their sexual attraction and feelings, or they don't control over their urges. It is all natural and primal, but we are not taught that is normal, we are taught that this is abnormal and shameful. In reality men only have control over their actions after those urges, feelings arose in the body and mind, we're not full house logic creatures, we're primitive animals halfly, biologically. But the lies that are going around, and the pushing from feminist side makes men question themselves, question their minds and urges, and at the end men blame their own sexuality, they turn their back to those very urges that creates life and hence creates very damaging, unhealthy, obsessive, creepy movements like No-Fap which has 400-500k followers.

I myself got damaged a lot by this, No-Fap culture, and Feminism bashing men for the fake and unreal request of stopping the "Sexual objectification", where almost ALL of the women go around with camel toe yoga pants it is impossible to feel nothing. And blaming men for it is fucking incredibly a cruel thing. And what does men do? They are rying to solve a problem that is not a problem and waste their time instead of accepting the way thing are and trying to work on themselves. This bullshit should be stopped.