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0 | 6 Comments | submitted about a year ago by Diablo-D3 [Post Locked]
[-] legitimateusername4 8 Points about a year ago

Select male faculty, they said, effectively ran the Institute and were showered with private donations,


As of 2015, he was the Institute’s highest-paid scientist — and one of its most famous, known for developing the technique of retroviral gene therapy for cancer treatment. His reputation was important for fund-raising. Among biologists, the Salk was sometimes known as “Inder’s Institute.”


Each researcher at the Institute is responsible for funding his or her own work, and grants and donations seemed especially easy for these men to access.

Sounds like she's not managing to raise money except through agitating along diversity lines.

[-] Diablo-D3 6 Points about a year ago

Former Salk employees generally agree the Institute is “clubby” and run by a few powerful men. But it’s a question, for some of the men, at least, whether gender is the most important criterion for entry. “To be perfectly honest, I didn’t see it affecting women more than men,” a former junior faculty member — a man who worked there for nine years — told me. (He requested anonymity to preserve working relationships at the Salk.) “It was just the way the Salk worked. There were a few people who had very good connections with the Salk office, and then other people were not put out in front of donors.” He, too, was forced to fire staff, he said, even though he knew one of his colleagues, who had the same amount of funding and many more employees, was not.

“There was a general suspicion that a small number of people were benefiting a lot from certain donors or funding agencies,” another male former faculty member said. “I never felt discriminated against. I just felt like I wasn’t on the gravy train.”

So, the article spends a lot of time describing things that also happen to men, but only two paragraphs out of several dozen, because feminist issues are the new clickbait and NYT knows it brings in the eyeballs.

[-] Judge_Reid -3 Point about a year ago

Just like the autistic boycott the NFL movement that the redpillers enjoyed

[-] FereallyRed 2 Points about a year ago

If you're more trouble than you're worth, then you get fired.

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[-] xoxuv 0 Points about a year ago

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