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- Hide Preview | 6 Comments | submitted 3 months ago by ZodiacTurtle [Post Locked]

The most important thing to understand to fully swallow the red pill is that men and women are different (I see this taken for granted far too often, hopefully this post will help you internalise it). Men and women evolved to value different things from the other sex. Friends (usually the same sex) are made through the value you each see in the other person, generally this is manifested in the ability to provide fun for the other person and have fun provided to you by them in return. You lose friends when you no longer are able to provide what they value in a friend and you chose to no longer be friends with someone when you have come to the conclusion that they are no longer able to provide what you found valuable in them. The dynamics between men and women stem from the fact men and women are able to provide different things that they are unable to provide themselves. Men can’t give themselves sex (masturbation has it’s limits) and women have a much harder time reliably providing themselves resources and protection.

This is due to the fact women evolved for having children. If they had been able to reliably protect themselves precivilisation, they probably would have a greater inclination to defend themselves, effectively not needing male company and thus not procreating. Women that need male protection to survive are more likely to pass on their genes not only because they live long enough to have children without the need to risk dying while trying to protect themselves but also because they are less likely to be the target of an attack since the man would be the one fighting, making himself a bigger risk to the attacker and, thus, the primary target. The fight between the man and the attacker would also be a good distraction for the woman to escape rendering her more likely to survive and pass on her genes in the events of his demise by either being able to give birth to the mans child after escaping or being able to find another man if she wasn’t pregnant. An important thing not to forget is that the man needs incentive for protecting her. First and foremost, If a man didn’t desire sex at all, he simply wouldn’t pass on his genes but for the species to survive he need triggers to tell him sex is possible. If men and women had physically identical bodies, nothing would tell him that he can get sex from a woman rather than a man and so If he tried to copulate with a man he wouldn’t pass on his genes. Women who were easily identifiable would attract male attention and thus the man who lusts for a woman with feminine traits would pass on his genes (as long as the woman accepts to have sex with him), this explains why women have wide hips and boobs (and all other feminine characteristics) and why men naturally find those traits attractive.

If a woman made it known to a man that she wouldn’t give him sex (the thing he can’t obtain by himself), the man would give up trying to have sex with her and (if he can) find another woman who would, but this also meant that the woman doesn’t gain his protection and so she’s left alone and vulnerable. She then has incentive to keep a man around and have sex with him.

Fun is also something that men and women experience differently. Men evolved the capacity to create fun situations for themselves because it is a sure fire way of telling a woman he is able to protect her. Being able to have fun is only really possible when a man is comfortable and sure of his ability to protect himself. If a man is stressed and can’t have fun, it means he isn’t sure of his ability to protect himself, let alone someone else. This is why confidence and getting your life together is so important. If you are unable to effectively deal with a situation in a calm and cool manner, a woman will sense this, doubt your ability to deal with it successfully (whether or not you are capable) and be less inclined to keep you around as it also raises concerns on what other situations you are unable to deal with. You will be subconsciously labelled as unreliable and the woman will always chose a confidant man over an unreliable man. In practice this would mean that in the case of an attack, the man who is unsure of if he can protect himself is more likely to die easily and consequently her too. If the woman is able to figure out if man is uncertain of his ability to protect himself she has more time to find a man who is confident that he can. Out in the wilderness a man who can’t protect himself will be so preoccupied with trying to protect himself that he can’t afford to have fun or be witty. The better a man can protect himself, the more he can allow himself to have fun (how much fun a man can have subconsciously tells women that he is reliable) and slowly he’ll learn from past encounters with women, that the more fun he has the easier it will be for him to have sex. What this also means is that, while men have fun purely for having fun and the additional benefit of potential sex, women only seemingly have fun because the fact that the man whose company she is in is having fun means she’s found a man capable of protecting her, effectively setting off the reward system and releasing dopamine. She doesn’t have fun for fun, she has fun because other people around her are having fun. This may be why there are so many male comedians and very few good female comedians.

One last thing, if a man is physically attractive, it means he has good genes so whether or not he has his life in check women will want to have sex with him. The difference is that if he doesn’t have his life in check, women will want to change him so that he does. He’ll get sex either way but he’ll get emotional support as well, but their tolerance for his unattractive behaviours scales with the mans attractiveness.

TLDR; The more a man is preoccupied with himself and having fun, the more women will ‘throw themselves at him’. Bonus points if you’re a 1:1 handsome god.

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Btw I also go by the username Gusan_SoRe