There are two particular types of post/comment on asktrp and the main sub that really make me question whether The Red Pill is doing its job or not. Here is one of them:

Is lifting/frame/noporn/sobriety actually worth it? I've been doing it for 3 months and I don't see much of a difference. Does anyone have any experience/proof that shows how it's been good for them?

This is usually followed by as much hamstering as possible in order to rationalise laziness and mediocrity because OP hasn't seen life changing results yet - although quitting an addiction could indeed provide such results in as little as three months.

The thing is, folks:

We're right and you're wrong.

It's a shame that this sounds so dogmatic and totalitarian, as neither of these things lends well to the intellectual bettering of a community, but it's simply true. We have the experience to back our claims up, and you don't. We know that two years of lifting is life changing because we've done it. We know game actually helps get laid in and outside of LTRs because we've used it successfully. The difficulty for you, a skinnyfat beta, is trusting us enough to put in the work that yields the results that we've already reaped. Yet it's necessary for your improvement. And it works. We know this because we've done it.

Here is my other example:

A girl would never stay exclusive to you whilst letting you sleep around

Girls won't fuck you on the first date unless they're already a huge slut

Girls won't want to be treated like a blowjob dispersal machine

These men make claims about the behaviour of women that are undermined precisely by the fact that they indicate a lack of knowledge of that behaviour. More specifically, a lack of exposure to women as sexual creatures and the way they behave for a high value man.

To anyone who sees this and gets defensive because they make similar comments - ask yourself, when you tell us how women do and don't act, how do you know? I've had men tell me I'm lying about fucking 5 girls in a week, or having an n-count of 10 at age 18 (which isn't even impressive compared to some) . I've seen men deny that some ECs in their 40s are able to plate 21 year old college girls.

They've never had their own harem.

They've never had a girl beg for them to come over to fuck them.

They've never had a girl randomly buy gifts/holidays for them.

They've never had a girl thank him for coming in his mouth or on her face.

They've never seen the look on a girls face as shes lying on your chest looking up at you after a hard fuck.

They've never been loved the way a girl loves an alpha.

This inclination against belief is not well placed but symptomatic of a lack of exposure to the world and relationships of a high value man. It doesn't matter whether you believe I can have a loyal LTR and fuck girls on the side. It doesn't matter whether you think some of us can have effortless foursomes. It matters whether YOU think you can do that, because without that belief you won't act in a way favourable to your being able to do so.

If you want to reject our claims of sexual strategy and our successes then try it first. See what happens when you go from a 4 to an 8. See what happens when you tell your doting girlfriend that you're gonna sleep around. See how hard she fucks you when she finds out you're seeing other chicks.

We're right and you're wrong. Trust the process, make that journey, and then we'll listen.