I am coming off the hottest streak with women of my life right now, and I feel like I have learned more than I ever have before. In the last 10 days or so, I have fucked my main girl, HB8, a bunch, I had a threesome with her and another HB8 that I picked up, I had a ONS with a HB6 from my class, and to top it all off I had a ONS (hoping to plate next) with the hottest girl I've ever fucked by a landslide, a HB9 last night. And the point I want to make in this post is that none of this could have happened if I'd rejected myself, and there were many opportunities to reject myself.

Body 1

I'm calling this body one because there's really two stories of the four I should share here. The threesome and the HB9 are what were the most enlightening, imo. Anyways, threesome first.

Basically, this HB8 girl met me and my main girl while out one night through our mutual friend. To abridge the story a bit, continuously throughout the night she was telling us all about "her guy" and how much she loved him, etc. At the same time, she was sending us positive signals that she liked us, wanted to hang out with us more, etc.

Of course, it would have been easy to accept this as an invitation to be "friends" and reject myself sexually. Nah. We/I pushed the conversation sexually, and she revealed she's done threesomes in the past. We let her know that we'd done them too and then the conversation went that direction.

Still, doesn't she have a guy? She talked about him a FUCKTON. But she was drinking with us, the conversation was pretty sexual, and she was evidently open to sexual deviance as I'll call it. So, fuck it, right? We invite her back to my place to drink more with us, and the wine bottle we had wasn't even opened.

Also important to note: nothing was that sexual when we first got back. Would have been easy yet again to interpret it as she was not down. Instead, I started running some hands on her, and she did not resist. The lack of a red light is a green light. Soon after, we all fucked. Don't reject yourself--push towards the goal you want.

Now time for the story I think is even better.

Body 2

So, last night. Hottest girl I've ever fucked. Funny story, actually.

We matched on Tinder, and honestly, I thought she was a fake account. She had model pictures, no bio, no instagram linked, etc. Basically, it was just a textbook catfish account with three pictures of a girl who definitely models or something. I actually sent her account to my friend and asked him "what are the odds this is a dude?" lmfao. He told me not to even message her.

But I did. Because why not? At worst it'd be a good laugh.

So I start messaging, and she way overuses emojis, and I'm just thinking.... yeah, this girl is fake. Nobody texts like that. Honestly, I also just thought she was out of my league ESPECIALLY on tinder because I've never fucked a girl that hot, especially not off of tinder. But it was low pressure, so I just kept messaging.

A few messages later, I get a snap--hard to fake being real on snap, right? Well, she will hardly send pictures of herself on snapchat--they're all weirdly covering her face and stuff. I call her out on it, and she sends a couple where you can see her face. So at the very least, she's real.

Anyways, still not expecting much, I keep plowing ahead. I invite her out one night and she flakes--it's nbd, I hit up my main girl last minute because she did give me a decent heads up. She's in an intense major and it's finals at my college right now, so it's understandable. I also feel like she's interested, so I keep plowing. I go no-contact for a few days, over the weekend send some snaps from a cool party I went to and nothing else.

Come Monday I set up a second date, and she asks for it to be in public. Obviously it's so she doesn't go to a creeper's house, and she wants to vet me first. I honestly just expected her to flake at this point since she seemed hesitant and a little weird about things.

Anyways, I show up at our date and she did say she was going as well beforehand and texted to confirm it to me. Funny story: my phone is broken right now, so when I got there first, I just had to hope she'd come and I had no way to communicate if she flaked last minute. She was like five minutes late, and I actually considered leaving but stuck to it.

Anyways, she shows up, and damn, hottest girl I've seen in a while. At the dinner she keeps shit-testing me about doing different things for her, to which I'd just reply things like "if you're lucky," "maybe," "what are you gonna do to earn that?" etc. I could really tell she knew she was really fucking hot and was used to guys bending over backwards to please her. For that reason I kinda wondered if she was just seeking an orbiter in me, but again, I just kept going and stuck to the same game I run on every girl. Cocky, funny, nonchalant, chill.

So we go back to my place, and she actually fucking whips out a laptop to have me help her do homework. I just start pouring wine and say "I hope you like doing work drunk." We start drinking, and I don't really help with any of her bitch work. That's what I'd do for a "normal" girl, so I just kept moving forward and ignoring her shit.

Anyways, around this time, the frame started to shift. Maybe it was the wine, lol. She starts saying things like "huh, you're actually really cute. You're so funny I love your personality. You're hot. Do you do this with every girl? Am I just another easy lay from tinder for you?" etc etc. And she tried ASDing saying things like, "I already deleted Tinder. Everyone just wanted to fuck me. I'm recently out of a relationship. I wouldn't even send you pictures of me at first because everyone just wants to fuck me when they see me." And she threw a barrage of other shit tests in there too. Idk that I passed them ALL, but I definitely passed enough.

Because soon after, we were making out naked and, oh no, it slipped in! And once it was in, she kinda just went for it. She'd told me no sex before that, but eh, she seemed down, so I kept pushing forward. She later told me she loved how aggressive I was towards her sexually and that she usually can't get that out of guys lol. A.K.A. most guys melt in her presence.

Anyways, the point of this story is this: this was not a girl I would have told you I could fuck. Being completely honest, in a bar, club, class, etc, I probably would not approach a girl that hot. I mostly peak at 7s and 8s, you know, the more common hot girls. I feel comfortable around them and gaming them, and my SMV is decent, so it works out for me.

Before yesterday, I did not think a true hot as fuck 9 would want me. But I kept falling back on my recently-found abundance, sticking to how I wanted to act and how I wanted our night to go, keeping a strong frame, using my charming personality........ and surprise, surprise, HB9s are just as much women as the rest of them. That is, they have the same exact emotional buttons as every single other girl on the planet. And honestly, if I learned anything from this situation, it's that just by not falling into their frame at the drop of a fucking hat you stand out. I literally stood out to this girl because I was composed enough to be funny, confident enough to make moves on her, and had strong enough frame to not just start doing whatever tasks she asked of me. All I really did, and I fucked an amazingly hot girl.


Do not reject yourself. If you think a girl is fuckable and you're in a situation to game her, run your game on her. No excuses. You don't know who is and is not down until you have them in your room and start escalating. Anything beyond that is speculation. I am nothing that special--I am fairly attractive and fairly charismatic, but I'm nowhere near top tier in either category. A few years ago, I was a kissless virgin. And now I laid pipe to a model an hour and a half after meeting her off of Tinder. Because I tried to. You can do it too.