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- Hide Preview | 36 Comments | submitted about a year ago by WayTooCyber [Post Locked]

Boyfriend pretty much means insurance for women. Her hypergamy will continue to search for a better prospect to emotionally conquer while she has you as a motivational trophy. A women's main goal is to tame an alpha. Once that alpha is tamed her attraction will faulter. Subconciously she will think, "Why are you only fucking me? You should be fucking other women. I have you secured for now but you're slowly (or quickly) becoming less attractive."

Fuck other women if you want to and never lie or feel guilty about it or you will come off as beta. If you don't fuck other women you're subconciously becoming beta in her eyes anyway. If she leaves you she probably found a better prospect or you weren't that special. Remember, women would rather share a 20% alpha before fucking the 80% beta. A tamed boyfriend is a cute word for upgraded orbiter with benefits.

[-] Fatstupidvirginboy 58 Points about a year ago

Nothing makes you more attractive to a woman that other women being attracted to you. Its fucked.

[-] iamthelogos 15 Points about a year ago

It's a simple, emotional way of knowing that you're of high enough value. Logically yes I agree it's fucking retarded. From an efficient, minimal investment, emotional standpoint, it works.

[-] openoids 12 Points about a year ago

They did an experiment with some funny looking male mouse and manipulated things so it appeared he was a "player," and they all went for him.

[-] Da_RectumWrecker 54 Points about a year ago

This one time a girl got her period while staying over at my place and accidentally bled on her panties. I offered her a new pair. She said "did you just hand me panties from another bitch?" I was like "yeah" and she replied with "that's so fucking hot!".

[-] psychotic_girlfriend 44 Points about a year ago

i just wanna cuddle with someone nigga damn

[-] SwoleyMoleyFrijoley 13 Points about a year ago

Toxic masculinity right here

[-] lovs2spuge 43 Points about a year ago

There were two instances where I’ve had girlfriends and they’ve discovered a stash of nudes on my phone or figured out i had other options. Both times, their attraction went WAY up after these discoveries.

[-] Andgelyo 11 Points about a year ago

No girlfriend as of recent, but I got about 300ish nudes from women (some I smashed, some I didn't). Even if I was in committed relationship, I ain't never deleting that shit homie

[-] lovs2spuge 5 Points about a year ago

It’s much more discreet these days but back when i was 18 and had an Android, i had an app on my phone specifically to store them, on their own separate home screen page, and my gf saw me scroll past it one day and it doesn’t take much deductive reasoning to figure out what it’s for ????????????

[-] Andgelyo 5 Points about a year ago

Lmao yeah I saved them all to google drive, maybe I could use it as a bomb to show my gf and say “Look bitch, you’re easily replaceable” to remind her that I don’t need her

[-] Gurisito 4 Points about a year ago

Dont! Something about cover y comms... search, there are some posts about this

[-] JarHeadJoseph 2 Points about a year ago

Do you screenshot the snap or is it over sms?

[-] vfb14 41 Points about a year ago

Exactly, if they find out about other women in your life... don't deny it like a little bitch, because you will become one in their eyes. If you wanna be a player, act accordingly and own it, if you are high value enough.. they will stick to you no matter what.

[-] WayTooCyber 29 Points about a year ago

Even a queen will share her king so aslong as the other women know their place.

[-] vfb14 12 Points about a year ago

Whatever spins that hamster man. They will delude themselves with anything..even with such as the phrase you used in order to save face, it is truly bizarre how they will make all the justifications for you if you hold your frame.

[-] Frogs_Of_War7 21 Points about a year ago

Fuck other chicks, you have no reason to unless she wants exclusivity.

And if she wants exclusivity, just keep doing what you want, because she'll come back for more anyway.

[-] SilkTouchm 10 Points about a year ago

because she'll come back for more anyway.

And if she doesn't? just fuck the next one. No one is special.

[-] Frogs_Of_War7 3 Points about a year ago

Correct. If a woman doesn't accept the terms, she can be demoted.

She can leave the ride anytime she wants. There are plenty of other obedient women who want a turn.

[-] strikethrough123 14 Points about a year ago

Boyfriends are just toys for her to use and show off for the rest of the world. They need someone to post cutesy Instagram pictures with, after all.

Remember, the longer they’ve been together, the more likely she’s cheated.

[-] TheRealBrotherLouie 5 Points about a year ago

Exactly. I'm in fucking highschool and they all got tall boyfriends a couple or more years older than them just to fucking show off. I could just go to any girl from the 8th or 9th grade and she would instantly want me as her show-off boyfriend. Because you're definetly more social and important and popular if you "date" (make out and hug in public) a tall, older dude.

Fuckin' hell it's so annoying to hear them talk about this shit and try to copy their hobbies, like start "gaming" and share "maymays"

I know it's the teenager in me speaking, but holy hell I wanna gas the normies

[-] Pestilence1911 2 Points about a year ago

Day of the rope will come soon my kekistani bretheren; and it was the same when i was a kid, they just want a guy to drive them around and buy them things.

Being gjat guy a few years from now isnt a bad idea.

[-] ardu- 2 Points about a year ago

gas the bikes race car now

[-] SeasonedRP 12 Points about a year ago

Nothing drives them crazier and draws them closer to you than them knowing that other women are after you. It's something that has to be experienced. You don't have to rub it in their faces or be rude or anything; them knowing is enough. So many average guys can't grasp this. That's why women flip out over rock stars. They see other women flocking to them.

[-] Da_RectumWrecker 16 Points about a year ago

Showing my wingman this changed his life. Recently I fucked a neighbor who was in a lesbian relationship and she said afterwards "I dont want to keep doing this because I'm not into guys, but I was just curious about how you got so much pussy". She had been seeing and hearing me bring back girls for a while and she wanted a piece.

A couple weeks later she saw me with a young girl and invited herself over. We had a threesome and it was amazing.

[-] McVaghunter 7 Points about a year ago
  • >Fuck other women if you want to and never lie or feel guilty about it or you will come off as beta.

From my radical redpill point of view if one of your harem even bothered confronting you about you seeing other girls then you're no longer her best option.

It's something you both know it's happening yet never bring up, I mean you're a very good looking fit man with an active lifestyle, you've never said to her you love her, never talked about having a future together and you don't see her every day. She knows there are other girls in your life but wont confront you out of the fear of you flipping out on her. After all you're far better than her second option, she accepts it and maybe work harder on satisfying you in order to earn your commitment... Confronting you only means she doesn't care anymore.

[-] Da_RectumWrecker 6 Points about a year ago

Actually it could also mean that she really likes you and doesnt know any other way to lock you down except for talking about it. One of my plates has been asking how many women I'm sleeping with and asking me to be exclusive with her. I was definitely her best option. I dropped her because she was getting more and more pushy about it.

[-] Varsel 6 Points about a year ago

I often went to the same singles bar like thirty years ago. The gals knew what I was about, would gossip about me, compete for me, and even had a couple catfights over me (sore losers). You just never tell them they are special, zero commitment, etc., and your're golden.

[-] Balkanskii 3 Points about a year ago

Ok, you make some valid points, however, some time ago I used to spend some time with this young woman who would imply/ask if there are other women apart from her. So, is she asking for exclusivity OR wants to get an idea if i have other prospects and what my value is? I hate that shit test!

[-] heartbroken_nerd 2 Points about a year ago

Just reply with a smirk: "You sound like you want to have a threesome." - you really have to sell it though, if you don't actually have any other plates you will have trouble acting it out properly laid back AND 'like you mean it' - and then change the subject immediately.

[-] SwoleyMoleyFrijoley 2 Points about a year ago

You want to give a chick you're seeing some competition anxiety? have some panties that DEFINITELY are not hers in a place she'll see or find them. Play it off like no big deal and You'll get porn star sex that night

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[-] Scandinavianredpill -6 Point about a year ago

oh god. You can find any scum of human being on the internet. great quote. now do you think all women are like that? Maybe impulsively, just like on impulse we wanna fuck everything that moves - do we react on that? Do they react on that. Stop looking at everything so black and white. crawl out of that dungeon you are sittting in.

[-] Da_RectumWrecker 10 Points about a year ago

Yes. AWALT. Spin some plates and see just what women are capable of. I've hooked up with so many girls with husbands and boyfriends that I lost count long ago. One time a married girl drove an hour to suck my dick and then she just left afterwards. She got nothing from it. I was in awe.

[-] RPLawyer 8 Points about a year ago

Maybe exredpill is a sub more suited to you.

[-] hearse223 6 Points about a year ago

"All women are like that" is one of the 10 red pill commandments.

[-] rosbergsessa420 1 Point about a year ago