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- Hide Preview | 26 Comments | submitted 2 months ago by THEdirtyDotterFUCKr [Post Locked]


if you do not have a go bag stop reading and go prep one, at the very least one. Rant at the end

Background ~8 years ago

I met a girl who was 17, The girl was level headed and "boys her age" bored her, even 25 year olds were too dumb for her. I talked to this girl for a while since I had to play along with her mother, whom I had already hooked up with but had to hide that fact from a husband she waited to tell me about. I figured I should keep the whole family at arms length to cover my ass from the bat shit crazy mom.

Eventually the daughter found out that I am a Dom and did everything a coy 17 year old could think of to get me to let her come over and "hang out". Eventually hook up, and saw each other about three times a year since.

A few days ago

A corporation I do contract work for needed someone back in my home state YESTER-FUCKING-DAY most of the other contractors, would need to call their wife, or need to make arrangements for their pets, and a few just will not leave a 100 mile radius. When I read the email I replied "en route to airport, will followup on site by 9AM local time". I have a standing arrangement with my neighbor that if my dog is in their backyard I will pay them $500 whether it's a day or a month to watch my dog. So I do not have to wait and make arrangements with a kennel.

I always keep a go bag in my vehicle, by my front door, at a local gym and a storage unit.

I get to the site, take care of business, "put out the fire" and take my time with cleanup. All the while reaching out to former plates within an hours drive of the jobsite. Since it was a weekday, most were unavailable. The closest and easiest former plate had let herself go in the year and change I saw her last. Facebook block, due to a current relationship, but her IG is still public.

Lo and behold The girl saw that I was nearby (IG location from a post?) anywho, the girl was free and I did not want to go to a bar on a to game whatever goes out on a Tuesday night. I had not thought of meeting up with her as I had seen her around Halloween 2018. But she is 26 and quite enthusiastic, especially now that she started working out and has not let up on her new years resolution. She is now more toned and has lost a bit of tits and ass that I had grown accustomed to.

I went over, had some fun, slept, woke up had some more fun and we went to breakfast. While there, she steers the conversation towards 'settling down' and asks me if I respect her.

TdDF- to a degree

The girl - WTF is that supposed to mean?

TdDF- I see the trap you've been laying down for the past 20 minute . You are still a girl to me, and I have no plans, aspirations or delusions of settling down, with anyone anytime soon.

tg- WTF makes you think I would date you!?

TdDR- doesn't matter, I am done with this conversation.

Grabbed my rucksack and stood up. The commotion got the attention of everyone near us. And I recognize the guy standing on her side of the table next to her. An ex of hers, and she quickly changes gears.

tg- Oh <ex's name> I am glad you are here, I don't know what he would've have done to me again if we weren't in public.

her tone and behavior started to lean towards morning after regret. The ex wanted to play the white knight, and starts to puff his chest. Of course her hamster was running right now and had not thought of the night before.

Ex- You wanna step outside (implying he is ready to fight for her)

TdDF- We can dance, but I can prove in about 2 minutes that she's making it up, for God only knows what reason.

He was a bit confused, I would guess he either expected me to go outside or back down, not side step. I always record my sessions with a sub/slave/pet, one for posterity and two because you never know when a rape accusation will pop up. When I set one of the gopros I carry on the table, BSCD changes gears again.

tg- come on <ex> he's not worth it, let's get out of here.

She starts to stand, I hand him the bill.

TdDF- you can take of this.


I go outside and walk in the opposite direction of traffic while ordering a Lyft. The restaurant is on a feeder/frontage road, thus one way and if he had any aspirations to 'get me' he would have to make about a 2 mile loop. I had ordered the ride to take me to my hotel, but I had all I needed with me. So I called the hotel and checked out early, and had the driver take me to a bar. I end up at a seedy joint on the bad side of the airport and have a whisky. It was a surreal feeling that came over me. I was equally angry, scared and confused. I made an old barfly's day by flirting with her and almost considered letting her blow me just to clear my head. Decided against it, and caught a flight back.


  1. Do not be tethered to any one thing or person, unless she is (makes you believe) she is a unicorn and you feel she is worth it in your bones.
  2. Always have a go bag, you never know when you will have a spur of the moment opportunity to try something new... or old.
  3. Always record or somehow Cover Your Ass with females. You never know when they will lose their shit.
  4. Do not think with your dick, at the very least ask yourself "will it really be worth it?"


The girl has been fun the past few years, and was as level headed as the 30-somethings I usually fuck with. She was the only 20 something that was in the FWB tier, all others have only been plates. 30 somethings are more on my level for FWB, potential GF.

The Ex likely would not have fought me, while he looks to be nearly half my age, I am in better shape. maybe not joint/tendon wise, but I also have a good 15 lbs of muscle mass on him.

Playing the restaurant scene back in my head after having a drink, I think she saw the ex at the restaurant just before she started getting loud.

she messaged me demanding I delete all recordings of us, then bargaining, and finally radio silence (for the last 18 hours).


Edit - changed name from 'Bat shit crazy's daughter' to 'the girl', cleaned what I thought was syntactically incorrect, shortened Background, original post was drafted on mobile.

[-] rpsheepdog 32 Points 2 months ago

That was pretty hard to read...

I get the point of the go-bag though, is this a story about banging the mom or daughter?

[-] Imperator_Red 9 Points 2 months ago

Yea I was interested but I couldn't finish. Your ideas are worthless is you lack the ability to communicate them to others.

[-] THEdirtyDotterFUCKr 0 Points 2 months ago

I get that Still jittery about it

About the daughter, mom was just to explain how I ended up knowing the daughter.

[-] kiwifx 6 Points 2 months ago

I think what rpsheepdog is getting at is that you need a bit of work on spelling and formatting.

ie. she was free and I did not want to go to a bar on a to game whatever goes out on a Tuesday night.

Good story, good message, just need to put a bit more time into making it readable. I fucking adore the idea that if shit goes sideways or something interesting comes up, I can split in two minutes flat.

[-] ratpoison987 18 Points 2 months ago

Impossible to read.

Tip - proof read out loud before you post.

Mean no disrespect. That’s not what RP is about.

[-] THEdirtyDotterFUCKr 2 Points 2 months ago

I get it, drafted on mobile.

Proofreading outloud henceforth, or at least mouthing the words. Internal proofreading, your mind fills in the blanks and already knows what's next, but that is the only place it makes sense.

[-] ratpoison987 2 Points 2 months ago

What you did there is work too fast. I’m guilty too.

Brain is working at 95, fingers at 55. Good job mate. Looking forward to your next post.

Chin up

[-] r_u_a_badfish2 11 Points 2 months ago

WTF is this incoherent babble?

[-] [deleted] 6 Points 2 months ago

File this one in the Fiction section.

[-] Verne42 3 Points 2 months ago

I'm wondering whether this is LARPing or not ????

[-] oooKenshiooo 2 Points 2 months ago

Well played, good Sir.

Sometimes it is good to think a bit like a secret agent.

Let me add a few suggestions:

  1. Always have a storage unit. (or multiple)
    Being able to store important shit at a moments notice and even having a place to take a nap should things ever go really sour can be priceless.

  2. Never own more than you can carry on your own (or than you can pay people to carry)
    Moving is tedious. But you will be able to get much nicer places to live when you are able to move at a moments notice. Furniture can be rented.

  3. Always have contingency plans
    As with plates, contingency plans do underline your abundance mentality. I own a nice little mobile home as a backup home, I own a motorbike as a backup vehicle and I have some cash stashed away.

  4. Keep your backup assets off record.
    Whenever a money grabbing entity, be it a the state, a bank or an ex, comes for your stuff, it is always good to have it paid in cash, stashed somewhere off record and secret.
[-] THEdirtyDotterFUCKr 3 Points 2 months ago


  1. I technically have multiple, well I do, but in different states. re: nap my vehicle go bag has a hammock
  2. What I own can fit in large sedan and not be conspicuous.
  3. best laid plans of mice and men... have an outline as far as "idea Z", because B and C can take shit on you.
  4. Grew up in the hood and with drug dealer acquaintances, you learn to put everything in your moms name (or someone you can implicitly trust) though this is more for being able to bail yourself out regardless of frozen assets.

DeNiro's Line in Heat re: "walk away in 30 seconds" struck a chord. some situations might take 10 minutes. But being able to be 'gone in 60 seconds' is a cool feeling that cannot be expressed or bought.

[-] 8380atgmaildotcom 1 Point 2 months ago

Thanks for posting. Valuable insights.

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] lukee-z 1 Point 2 months ago

Great story man, glad you had a cam on you! I'll consider making a go bag one day, right now it's not necessary though ????????

[-] [deleted] 2 months ago
[-] mindplaybyneo 1 Point 2 months ago

How long do you keep the records? So did you fuck the mom and the daughter?

[-] THEdirtyDotterFUCKr 1 Point 2 months ago

til a hard drive fails.

yes, both, though years apart. Daughter doesn't know about the mom.

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[-] surfthroughlife 0 Points 2 months ago

Here’s a suggestion:

Train some martial arts so you can submit that white knight bitch.

[-] THEdirtyDotterFUCKr 1 Point 2 months ago

Grew up street/bar fighting. If they can't stand, they can't fight (break their knees/shin) keep attacking until they pass out from shock.

The sheer savagery witnesses will describe you 8 different ways. Though nowadays there are more cameras and higher resolution that one might still get caught

[-] surfthroughlife 1 Point 2 months ago

I’d rather have BJJ, take them to the ground and break a limb/put em under.

All about efficiency.

[-] THEdirtyDotterFUCKr 1 Point 2 months ago

I'm an old dog, and I haven't gone toe to toe since '05. Kicking out a knee is quicker/easier for me than to learn to grapple.

[-] redpect -1 Point 2 months ago

That went hot quick.

I enjoy the same kind of girls but they can become a liability extremely quick. I have not been burned yet, but have to train a lot more to not get bitten.

[-] THEdirtyDotterFUCKr 1 Point 2 months ago

20 somethings are best for one night stands, at least for me. I am certainly old enough to be their father. Not that it bothers me, simply too much hassle for something that just 'looks pretty'