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- Hide Preview | 48 Comments | submitted 5 months ago by SexdictatorLucifer [Post Locked]

During the week, not skipping workouts, not drinking too much, and being productive during the day are all things I shoot for. They all suck. I don’t like doing work and I like drinking and I like playing with my wiener. I would love to not really do shit all day, write a reddit post, and kill 12 beers before passing out. I wish I could do this everyday. I’ve had plenty of weeks before where that’s basically what I did. Oh well, that’s not the point. You all already know whats best for you and are trying to do it. Obviously not being a lazy fuck will benefit you, but its for a different reason than you think. Reaching the goals you set for yourself may be a side effect, but the true power in not being a lazy fuck really comes down to the effect it has on your inner game. I’m not talking about confidence. “Confidence” is external. Anyone can be confident if they try. This is internal: How you truly, deep down, feel about yourself. Are you impressed? Does the man you are looking at actually deserve the lofty rewards he desires? If you don’t believe it, no one else will, and this is something you cant fake.

We judge ourselves harder than anyone else. If you don’t believe that you put in the work when it counts and fucking deserve what you desire, it will not come to you. This is the most important part of improving yourself and keeping your shit tight. We men aren’t very good liars, especially to ourselves. People can tell when a guy truly believes he is worthy of whatever reward he seeks. Whether it be a pristine wet hole or a promotion. You cannot fake this genuine feeling that the world owes you for what you are: something better than what you were yesterday. And people cannot resist rewarding someone who has attained this feeling. They despise the ones who feel owed and expect rewards without believing they deserve the rewards themselves.

Don’t chase money, pussy, or anything else. It’s hard to put in the grinding work with the reward in mind because you don’t even believe you deserve it yet. You don’t. Chase the feeling described here and understand its power. Become addicted to it. Let the actual work reward you with true entitlement, and that inner game will produce the actual rewards. And to be honest, by that point they will be surprisingly disappointing.