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- Hide Preview | 48 Comments | submitted 9 months ago by SexdictatorLucifer [Post Locked]

During the week, not skipping workouts, not drinking too much, and being productive during the day are all things I shoot for. They all suck. I don’t like doing work and I like drinking and I like playing with my wiener. I would love to not really do shit all day, write a reddit post, and kill 12 beers before passing out. I wish I could do this everyday. I’ve had plenty of weeks before where that’s basically what I did. Oh well, that’s not the point. You all already know whats best for you and are trying to do it. Obviously not being a lazy fuck will benefit you, but its for a different reason than you think. Reaching the goals you set for yourself may be a side effect, but the true power in not being a lazy fuck really comes down to the effect it has on your inner game. I’m not talking about confidence. “Confidence” is external. Anyone can be confident if they try. This is internal: How you truly, deep down, feel about yourself. Are you impressed? Does the man you are looking at actually deserve the lofty rewards he desires? If you don’t believe it, no one else will, and this is something you cant fake.

We judge ourselves harder than anyone else. If you don’t believe that you put in the work when it counts and fucking deserve what you desire, it will not come to you. This is the most important part of improving yourself and keeping your shit tight. We men aren’t very good liars, especially to ourselves. People can tell when a guy truly believes he is worthy of whatever reward he seeks. Whether it be a pristine wet hole or a promotion. You cannot fake this genuine feeling that the world owes you for what you are: something better than what you were yesterday. And people cannot resist rewarding someone who has attained this feeling. They despise the ones who feel owed and expect rewards without believing they deserve the rewards themselves.

Don’t chase money, pussy, or anything else. It’s hard to put in the grinding work with the reward in mind because you don’t even believe you deserve it yet. You don’t. Chase the feeling described here and understand its power. Become addicted to it. Let the actual work reward you with true entitlement, and that inner game will produce the actual rewards. And to be honest, by that point they will be surprisingly disappointing.

[-] Douchelampe 96 Points 9 months ago

This reminds me of the poem "The Guy In The Glass". In the end all that matters is what we think of ourselves, how we view our life. I'm sure that if your own opinion of yourself is a fucking awesome one, it will show in your behavior and appearance.

[-] Dash_of_islam 39 Points 9 months ago

Yep, every tyrant and authoritarian who ever lived thought himself as a good person.

[-] WalterElliotArmstron 4 Points 9 months ago

Good point. There's healthy self esteem and then there's narcissism.

[-] Dash_of_islam 3 Points 9 months ago

Kind of, I was saying every man thinks he is the hero of his own story.

Pretty much, do what you want and fuck the haters, we are good at rationalizing anything away as being moral lol.

No need to worry about a moral compass getting in the way

[-] scissor_me_timbers00 4 Points 9 months ago

“Moral compass” can be just as illusory as personal narrative. These idiot feminists and liberals think they have a superior moral compass.

[-] Dash_of_islam 3 Points 9 months ago


Who knows who is right.

Why should I sacrifice for the group or why should the group sacrifice for me? This is determined by the culture you grew up in: Western=Individualistic, Eastern=collective

Even when there seems to be benefits of cooperation, we know each system can handle a certain number of wolf in sheep's clothing so how about being unethical if won't harm anyone?

[-] [deleted] 9 months ago
[-] Flying_Wingback 51 Points 9 months ago

"These hoes give it up to me cuz they owe it to me" -G-Eazy


[-] NextBad 40 Points 9 months ago

> Don’t chase money, pussy, or anything else. It’s hard to put in the grinding work with the reward in mind because you don’t even believe you deserve it yet.


> They despise the ones who feel owed and expect rewards without believing they deserve the rewards themselves.


This is a really interesting conclusion, I seen it so many times but could never put it into words. I know a guy who is just himself, he gets gifts, rewards, a house, a car, and doesn't work, he hasn't worked for the past 3 years.


> . You cannot fake this genuine feeling that the world owes you for what you are: something better than what you were yesterday.


I had this feeling, believe I didn't deserved it, wish I did

[-] jamesbond0512 1 Point 9 months ago

Can you go in depth on this person?

Personality, way of thinking, who’s gifting him, general mindset?

[-] NextBad 3 Points 9 months ago

His personality is Authentic, he is the fun asshole with a heart of gold, but the asshole part is a small part of him, I would say he is more nice guy than asshole, but won't let anyone cross him or do anything he doesn't want too.


Most of the time he is helping people, up lifting them, with genuine kind words , however when his girl friend went in for surgery he refused to come, everyone was shocked, he said it was elective surgery and her life wasn't in danger and he didn't feel like waiting so he played video games.


He does want he wants in life but has tremendous respect for others


[-] throwawayred213 18 Points 9 months ago

The PUA industry sells blue pilled guys on the premise that confidence/high value can be learned through only game. The problem is that confidence and being high value comes from a mindset to where you’re truly happy with your life, self-image and the results you’ve achieved in work, hobbies etc. Chasing tail and wasting time on easy dopamine activities only takes you further away from your goals in these areas. Chase excellence, not women.

[-] unn4med 2 Points 9 months ago

Nailed exactly what I’ve been thinking for the last few months.

[-] MagnetoWned 17 Points 9 months ago

Spot on! I’ve actually been telling my brother this. Ever since I started losing weight and really disciplining myself, I feel super entitled. I feel like I deserve more. And just like you said, it’s an addicting feeling that you keep wanting to chase

[-] FlowerLizard 14 Points 9 months ago

There's definitely some truth here. I would also add that self-esteem comes from being someone you can feel proud of. And you can only feel truly proud of having the courage to be who you really are. Sometimes that means striving to correct your self-destructive tendencies first.

[-] SexdictatorLucifer 3 Points 9 months ago

Cleansing your life of bad and self-destructive habits will make you stand out from 99% of people alone. Today, the first assignment for a man of the west is to begin a long process of digging himself out of the pile of shit he was born into. This isn't supposed to be a mans first task, and it's a complete waste of time for everyone.

[-] GroovyLyfe 12 Points 9 months ago

Going thru this righ now. Going back to school for an engineering degree to help w my end goals, and tearing up the gym everyday....but I never expected to look forward to spending 8hrs by myself at the library on a Saturday. But the way it makes me feel to get shit done, be a prime human and grinding for what I want....damn it makes me feel so good I'm addicted to it. Its empowering to find out I can grind thru unpleasant things and come out the other side a beast. And it does make me feel entitled....becuase I feel I can do anything, I've surprised myself with my progress and that swagger is reward enough

[-] tooproforaname 3 Points 9 months ago

What are your end goals? I am currently studying for an engineering test in 4 hours sharp. I often tend to lose motivation of the bigger picture sometimes when I'm buried in books (which is probably why I'm on Reddit right now), and this ultimately detracts from my focus and feelings of self-achievement after I get up. How to prevent?

[-] White_European_ 3 Points 9 months ago

Your motivation shouldn't be the formal payoff because there are many reasons that can jeopardize your mission: it could be too far, it could be too little, it could be too uncertain, etc. Eventually, your brain will use that to make you abandon your war and look for immediate dopamine gratification.

If you REALLY want to go through this war, you need to get full spiritual satisfaction in the war itself, in the fact that, independently of the consequences, you are a warrior and you are fulfilling your duty, your mission in this life, and you can rest in peace.

[-] JerryLawlerPigFace 9 Points 9 months ago

Nathaniel Branden writes about this extensively in most of his books. It is your self concept. What you believe about yourself or the reputation you have with yourself.

Everything emanates from your self concept. Your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. If you feel like you’re a loser then you will be a loser who feels like any bit of success is a chance of fate or luck.

If you feel like a winner and a champion then success will feel natural to you. It’s not luck, it’s deserved.

[-] NYNYGRDTDYEL 3 Points 9 months ago

I like this, but can you explain: how do you pursue these goals by chasing the feeling??

[-] SexdictatorLucifer 13 Points 9 months ago

Feeling accomplished and proud of yourself at the end of every week. You got somewhere, even though it's small contribution in the big scheme of things may not be clear yet. You acted as an agent in your own life. You dont need to let the bigger things worry you if you can feel this way, because they will take care of themselves when you take care of the smaller things. The big things, the big accomplishments are only a sum of smaller ones.

[-] unn4med 3 Points 9 months ago

Such an interesting way to look at it. Love it

[-] ya_stepdaddy 5 Points 9 months ago

I get this feeling by going above and beyond my normal routine. For example, instead of going to the gym once a day, I’ve been waking up at 5am and going twice. Then when I go, I make sure I’m progressing passed my comfort level. After about a month or so of pushing myself, I notice I’m used to it now. And that feeling of knowing I used to be less of what I am now makes me feel like I deserve the stripper that’s gonna have my dick down her throat on Thursday night.

[-] excaliboor 9 Points 9 months ago

For anybody reading this LARP: rest is as important to building a manly physique as lifting. You'll get the most benefits out of 3x6 reps

up to 4reps = strength. 8reps and above = endurance.

strength = size. endurance = smaller muscles + more efficient energy storage. 8+ reps starts counting as aerobic, at 15+ reps your body is not gonna optimize for size.

Fun fact #1: Muscles grow and keep spending higher amounts of energy (=burning fat) for 48h after anaerobic exercise.

Fun fact #2: Lifting "twice a day" is cute and good for you - if you want to look like a marathon runner bitch.

Your best option in a week is to do each big muscle group twice + 1 full rest day.

E.g: 1. front+arms, 2. back+core, 3. legs, 4. front+core, 5. back+shoulders, 6. legs, 7. rest day.

tl;dr: Don't believe everything you read on the internet.

[-] ya_stepdaddy 5 Points 9 months ago

Do whatever works for you brother!

[-] Trenned_out 3 Points 9 months ago

Also don't make blanket statements when you really don't know what you're talking about. It's not black or white. There is no best rep range, there is no best split, there is no best anything. Everything is simply a tool in the toolbox to be used. All these tools interact with each other to construct what you're building (yourself).

No most people don't need to lift twice a day and sure it can be very counterproductive. It can also be done intelligently. Now personally I'd never do this because the return on investment isn't worth it to me. I have other hobbies, a social life to maintain and need to get sleep at night. However if OP really gets that benefit of feeling so much more disciplined by going twice a day, well good for him it probably does help him get that swagger and entitlement feeling OP talks about. My brain doesn't work like that but that doesn't mean I'll put him down.

[-] excaliboor 1 Point 9 months ago

Because fuck science, your feelz are hurt

[-] Trenned_out 1 Point 9 months ago

It is not advisable or necessary for most but it is entirely possible to lift twice a day in a productive manner. For example breaking your sessions up into 2 where your compound movements are done in one and isolation in another. Allowing you to use more intensity for the isolation exercises. Once again I personally have never lifted twice a day and never will, so it's interesting that you are projecting your own emotional self-identification with your "argument" onto me. Unlike you I have no feelings attached to my argument because in fact it's not based on my opinion and my ego is not tied to it like yours clearly is. I simply don't like false information about lifting spread by misinformed internet "experts." The funny thing is I actually agree with you that most people should not lift twice a day, however your logic about why and black and white thinking which led you there is entirely wrong. When volume, frequency and intensity are all properly managed, it's possible to make progress on many different lifting schedules, yes including twice a day.

I typed a well thought out, measured, cordial response to you the first time. Clearly your response shows you are so ignorant when it comes to lifting that you are in the unconscious-ignorant stage, you don't even know what you don't know.

I'd suggest reading some of Renaissance Periodization's free posts on their website and start to follow Dr. Mike Israetel on social media. Maybe after a few months of taking information in you'll be able to comprehend what I said.

Because a PHD and a PHD candidate don't know shit about science right?


Also it's funny because although I took the time to type out I'm not advocating for twice daily training, simply pointing out how you are incorrect, I'm sure you will still respond as if I am advocating for it. Because you so strongly identify personally with your position on an issue you can't comprehend someone arguing for sport from a detached and objective position.

[-] [deleted] 9 months ago
[-] whatnololyea 2 Points 9 months ago

Instead of going to the gym twice, it's much better to increase either weight or number of reps. Going twice is actually detrimental to your growth .

[-] ya_stepdaddy 2 Points 9 months ago

I do Low volume full body daily. Upper body focused in the morning and back/legs in the evening. Never going to extreme on one group unless I’m trying to gain strength in that area. it works for me.

[-] Trenned_out 3 Points 9 months ago

no bro you're wrong! I read an article on stronglifts or and think that I know everything when I actually have no concept of periodization or the interaction between frequency, volume and intensity!!

\^\^ everyone else replying to your comments. lol

[-] Trenned_out 1 Point 9 months ago

See my above comment. Missing the forest through the trees.

[-] WalterElliotArmstron 2 Points 9 months ago

I don't think a sense of entitlement is healthy for men or women.

[-] tooproforaname 5 Points 9 months ago

I don't think OP means entitlement in the common sense of the word. You are probably thinking of participation-trophy entitlement, which is a different phenomenon, and a mindset that should be chastised to no end.
Now, deserved entitlement is a unique beast. You don't see people talking about it, for it can only be embodied. It's the feeling of knowing you do your damned best day-in day-out. Of going to sleep satisfied with knowing you're not another brick in the wall to this world, no, this world is your bitch because you've fought tooth and nail for your own Mission. Remember, greatness fosters greatness.

[-] GanjaAllDay 2 Points 9 months ago

Great read and motivation, thanks

[-] celincelin 2 Points 9 months ago

“Don’t chase real goals, chase this feeling.”

Literally feels over reals.

[-] [deleted] 9 months ago
[-] Blackphish88 1 Point 8 months ago

The prize isn't worth the effort. That's what I always said and it was true. The prize was a woman. Now the prize is me. Much easier to stay motivated.

[-] Balkanskii 1 Point 9 months ago

I agree. In the end of the day you need to satisfy only one person - the one in the mirror.

[-] [deleted] 9 months ago
[-] [deleted] 9 months ago
[-] empatheticapathetic 1 Point 9 months ago

I smash a routine but it doesn’t do much for my self esteem or increase entitlement. Especially with women. Pretty much the last thing I’m stuck on, how do I feel like I’m worth anything in the SMP?

[-] SexdictatorLucifer 1 Point 9 months ago

Perhaps your routine, or whatever your working towards doesn't agree with what you truly want to become? Would need more details. PM me if you feel like it

[-] empatheticapathetic 1 Point 9 months ago

Cheers, i will figure out what i need to ask.

[-] [deleted] 9 months ago
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