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- Hide Preview | 26 Comments | submitted about a year ago by Skizzy4325 [Post Locked]

I have been a lazy, weak loser for most of my life, I got bullied and pushed over a lot, no girls ever found me attractive, and I pretty much gave up on social life because it was nothing but pain for me. I spent all of my time comfort eating and playing computer games or getting drunk/high, I was just completely lost with no direction.

A while ago I had probably the greatest revelation of my life altho it is actually so simple and obvious - Life is a competition in every aspect, and in order to be successful and happy you need to play the game of life.

You are not supposed to be a good citizen or a nice guy, there is a reason why nice guys finish last - because this type of behaviour is submissive and you cant win any competition by being submissive. No matter what you do in life, you will always have competition and you need to need to be competitive with no reservations.

The key is to completely get out of your comfort zone, forget about the comfort zone, life isn't supposed to be easy and you will never win if you don't play the game. It is very hard but you need to do everything in your power in order to be succesful. Every intelligent person has an idea of what success looks life - Looks, love, money. But even tho everybody understands this most people never achieve that. However nothing besides your laziness is stopping you.

I have decided to give my all to not be a loser, I have lived my life in the comfort zone and just getting by, but I feel like that is not the purpose of my life and I want to be ambitious and strive towards something before I depart this life.

In my mind, success = good looks, love, and money. Therefor I follow some simple steps to achieve that:

1) Looks/fitness - there is more to looks than just looks, it also means good health and confidence. I am talking about real physical conditioning not just putting on makeup and nice clothes. You will get orders of magnitude more attention from women, you will get respect from men if you are strong and capable of standing up for yourself, and your overall health will be much better. I went from not working out at all to exercising 1,5 hours every single day, and it is 100% worth it. Every man should do some lifting, some cardio, and some kind of combat practice.

2) Money - if you have taken care of step one and you are a fit and physically capable man, making money will also become easier, you will have more energy and motivation to do something, and that is the key JUST DO ANYTHING you can in order to not be a biological robot working a 9-5 slave job. Don't expect financial success to come fast but if you don't do anything to achieve that then it will never happen.

3) Love - By this I mean a gratifying social life, we are social creatures and need positive social interactions in our life. When it comes to women then taking care of the first 2 steps are crucial, if you are out of shape and broke then it will be very difficult to find love or any type of meaningful relationships. However if you are fit and have a decent amount of money it becomes much much easier and you will become desirable to many people.

Really you just have to ask yourself if you could do anything in life, then what would it be. And if you have the answer then just pursue it, get the hell out of your comfort zone and embrace the effort and hardship that is required of you. You will die one day and you will regret it if you didn't take everything you can out of life. Live for yourself and remember that life is a competition and you will have to fight for everything that is meaningful.

[-] Captain_Save_A_Hoe_ 13 Points about a year ago

Human civilization started from catastrophes. When large masses of forests went on fire it couldve seemed like the end of the world to our ancestors. They used the situation to gain control of the power of fire. The same can be said to our modern day situation where we are globally turned into faggots. Yeah lots of us will turn into faggots, some of us will kill ourselves and others will watch anime hentai until they are 30 but some of us will get toughened up and overcome the catastrophe of modern age. Today's misery will look like childs play in the future, just like the problems our ancestors faced seem simple now.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Mangasbzo7 10 Points about a year ago

People spend their whole lives trying to figure out the meaning to life. The meaning to life stares you in the face every single day.

Natural selection is the meaning to life. This world exists for one reason, and one reason only. For evolution - in other words, to weed out the weak from the strong.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] BobbyPeru 5 Points about a year ago

You will get orders of magnitude more attention from women, you will get respect from men if you are strong and capable of standing up for yourself, and your overall health will be much better. I went from not working out at all to exercising 1,5 hours every single day, and it is 100% worth it.

100% true, but 1.5 hrs a day is not necessary if you are working out hard. An hour 4-6 times a week will work. I put on 10 pounds of muscle (I was already pretty good sized), and I notice a substantial difference in how men talk to me, and their body language. Same with women/ lots of IOI.

[-] Skizzy4325 6 Points about a year ago

I didn't say it is necessary, I just said that is what I do and what works for me. The most important thing is to devise a routine that you are capable of maintaining, therefor it can't be overwhelming but it needs to be effective.

[-] HeftyAdministration8 9 Points about a year ago

Good for you. Everyone has an opinion on workout routines. Don't let them knock you off one that works for you.

[-] Trenned_out 6 Points about a year ago

Exactly this. Almost everyone giving the "don't do that routine" advice actually don't know what they are talking about either. Keep it up OP good job.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] NavyBlueCrow 2 Points about a year ago

You are what you belive you are. You don't have to do a shit. There are no rules. Improve for yourself not because of some shitty competition game.

[-] Nicolas0631 2 Points about a year ago

I never get why all you guy hate corporate 9-17H jobs. Many of them are interresting, well paid and get you respect and lot of money. This is just like you wouldn't run a random business by yourself, you wouldn't get a random job, working for somebody else neither.

[-] Razkolol 4 Points about a year ago

Taxes my man, taxes. If you own your own business you can literally write off everything as a business expense. That new ferrari 488? Wanna buy it for yourself? You're paying 20% (or even more VAT on it), buy it for your business, no VAT and no need to get the money out of the company via salary/profit (taxes on both). You can also write off the fuel on it.

Wanna get a cool place? Buy if for your business, no taxes.

Wanna buy toilet paper? Buy it for your business, no VAT.

Wanna get a fancy dinner? Write that shit off as a business expense.

You see where this is going?


If you work an executive level job that high salary gets tax-raped everywhere in the world expect the US, Europe has something like 40-50% taxes on that shit, 100k salary? You take home 50k.


This + freedom, no retarded bosses, etc. You shouldn't strive to go up the corporate ladder, you want to build ladders under yourself.


[-] [deleted] 2 Points about a year ago


[-] Razkolol 0 Points about a year ago

I know some business owners and studied business at uni, research your local corporate tax laws, it’s different in each country, in the US they have some weird system where they don’t pay VAT, in europe we get VAT/profit taking/salary taking tax raped so the worst thing you can do is take money out of your company. Most countries want to incentivise small-medium businesses so they will usually let you get away with « business expenses ». Even huge corporations are getting tax-cuts, amazon is not paying any taxes because apparently they’re not profitable xD

[-] Nicolas0631 1 Point about a year ago

This is true to a point, I agree. Even through people going too far this route typical get some nasty surprises. A friend of mine father had to sell the house to pay for the taxes he "optimized" as an example or to be put in jail.

Also clients are actually as great or as bad, if not more than bosses.

Both cases can be great or terrible. This depend mostly of who you are and what you strenghts are. Get what work best for you and don't imagine that it would be the same for everybody else !

[-] Razkolol 1 Point about a year ago

Tax evasion =/= avoiding taxes/reducing taxes

Tax evasion = not declaring income / providing goods or services with no invoice

Avoiding taxes = not being a dumbass


One of the two let's you drive around in a vat-unpayed ferrari 488 with the fuel being written off as a business expense, the other one puts your in jail. You figure which is which.

[-] Nicolas0631 1 Point about a year ago

Edit I double checked the law in my country:

- for an utility car, then you don't have to pay VAT, and can deduce the price of the car from the company income

- for personal car of the owner of the company:

- VAT can't be deduced for anything neither the car itself, the recuring costs or the oil.

- The cost of the car itself can be deduced from the company income within limits:max amount is 18300€, 9900€ for a poluting car like a Ferari.

Basically as a Ferari 488 start at 226,000€ and you can remove 9900€ from income tax. So maybe 4000€ saved. Doesn't look like a so big advantage.

[-] Razkolol 1 Point about a year ago

You don't declare it as "personal car of the company owner" jeez... utility car, business motive? Advertising, put a company sticker on it.

Fuel can be payed directly with company $$$ if you have a VALID BUSINESS MOTIVE.

A valid business motive can be literally anything.

You get the relevant nace code and you can even say "I'm buying this ferrari in order to resell it at profit" and keep it for 2 fucking years xD


You can write-off anything as a fucking business expense, some idiots used to write off hookers and blow as an "entertainment business expense".


[-] Nicolas0631 1 Point about a year ago

If it is an utility car, it has to have some characteristics as such. In my country at least, it cannot be any car. Could be a truck or a van. It cannot have back seats neither.

And then it cannot be used outside of work. You cannot use it to go see your familly, vacations etc: it become Tax evasion.

I think if you try to buy a Ferari in your company with justification as unconvincing as you provided, it will be considered as Tax evasion.

There of course no problem is you buy/resell Ferari as a pro, then you have a seller activity with a specific set of Taxes. You could rent them or whatever, but don't think the government is that stupid to take what you say as face value if it make no sence. At least you'll get an agent to control everything to double check.

You are right you can deduce lot of things as cost, but you need typically an accountant that check that everrything is by the rules in your country and you'll not go into tax evasion territory.


Anyway, this isn't very important. First and foremost, you work by yourself with your own company because you are a good fit for that kind of activity. You have great capacity to find clients, and make money this way. And you accept there far less social protection if you get ill or cannot find new clients.


I fully agree this shall be considered and there great benefits to that but this is not that easy. In statistics, 90% of companies go bankrupt in the first 3 years, many because they cannot pay the taxes they were thinking they would not have to pay but the government is taking anyway.

[-] _lifesgood_ 1 Point about a year ago

The environment is a big reason. If you have a good awful shitty boss work can be a nightmare. If you there aren’t anyone who can be good work friends then that can suck too. However if work does have an awesome environment it makes it worth going to.

[-] NextBad 1 Point about a year ago

Life is only a competition with yourself, if you are better than you were yesterday than you won, looks, money, and love don't bring any happiness.


> When it comes to women then taking care of the first 2 steps are crucial,


Out of shape broke man get women all the time... This isn't red pill, this is blue pill under a red pill lenses. Out of shape women date out of shape men...


Be yourself, I know a fat 400 pound guy who loves his wife and they are quite happy, I really wish men in gernal would stop taking 1 step forward and 5 steps back.


This pseudo self hatred/ self love crap has got to end.


> JUST DO ANYTHING you can in order to not be a biological robot working a 9-5 slave job.


As a business owner I will say a 9-5 is a gift, be thankful for the Corporate world, I can work a job with no skills and make $17 a hour starting out where I live.


> . However nothing besides your laziness is stopping you.


Abuse, Trauma, Social Oppression , Double standard, unfairness , Lies, Manipulation , Money has never made me happy, love has never made me happy, being content with myself and connecting with others on my terms has.



[-] dDiegoDLV 2 Points about a year ago

>As a business owner I will say a 9-5 is a gift, be thankful for the Corporate world, I can work a job with no skills and make $17 a hour starting out where I live.

Where is this magical place where the unskilled get $17 an hour to start?

If you're not happy being the boss sell the business and go work for somebody else. My father was his own boss. I saw the hours and effort he put into it. He also had flexibility and fringe benefits no other job could offer. He was also able to switch back and forth between employee and owner several times throughout his life.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
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