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- Hide Preview | 26 Comments | submitted 5 months ago by Skizzy4325 [Post Locked]

I have been a lazy, weak loser for most of my life, I got bullied and pushed over a lot, no girls ever found me attractive, and I pretty much gave up on social life because it was nothing but pain for me. I spent all of my time comfort eating and playing computer games or getting drunk/high, I was just completely lost with no direction.

A while ago I had probably the greatest revelation of my life altho it is actually so simple and obvious - Life is a competition in every aspect, and in order to be successful and happy you need to play the game of life.

You are not supposed to be a good citizen or a nice guy, there is a reason why nice guys finish last - because this type of behaviour is submissive and you cant win any competition by being submissive. No matter what you do in life, you will always have competition and you need to need to be competitive with no reservations.

The key is to completely get out of your comfort zone, forget about the comfort zone, life isn't supposed to be easy and you will never win if you don't play the game. It is very hard but you need to do everything in your power in order to be succesful. Every intelligent person has an idea of what success looks life - Looks, love, money. But even tho everybody understands this most people never achieve that. However nothing besides your laziness is stopping you.

I have decided to give my all to not be a loser, I have lived my life in the comfort zone and just getting by, but I feel like that is not the purpose of my life and I want to be ambitious and strive towards something before I depart this life.

In my mind, success = good looks, love, and money. Therefor I follow some simple steps to achieve that:

1) Looks/fitness - there is more to looks than just looks, it also means good health and confidence. I am talking about real physical conditioning not just putting on makeup and nice clothes. You will get orders of magnitude more attention from women, you will get respect from men if you are strong and capable of standing up for yourself, and your overall health will be much better. I went from not working out at all to exercising 1,5 hours every single day, and it is 100% worth it. Every man should do some lifting, some cardio, and some kind of combat practice.

2) Money - if you have taken care of step one and you are a fit and physically capable man, making money will also become easier, you will have more energy and motivation to do something, and that is the key JUST DO ANYTHING you can in order to not be a biological robot working a 9-5 slave job. Don't expect financial success to come fast but if you don't do anything to achieve that then it will never happen.

3) Love - By this I mean a gratifying social life, we are social creatures and need positive social interactions in our life. When it comes to women then taking care of the first 2 steps are crucial, if you are out of shape and broke then it will be very difficult to find love or any type of meaningful relationships. However if you are fit and have a decent amount of money it becomes much much easier and you will become desirable to many people.

Really you just have to ask yourself if you could do anything in life, then what would it be. And if you have the answer then just pursue it, get the hell out of your comfort zone and embrace the effort and hardship that is required of you. You will die one day and you will regret it if you didn't take everything you can out of life. Live for yourself and remember that life is a competition and you will have to fight for everything that is meaningful.