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- Hide Preview | 69 Comments | submitted about a year ago by mrpthrowa [Post Locked]

There is an often repeated mantra that feminism is a large scale shit test that you should smash. From a girl's perspective it makes sure she only gets the "natural true alphas" who aren't easily swayed by nonsense. A large scale cognitively dissonant anti slut defense of some sort - all of you have in some way or form experienced the militant feminist girl who is a freak in the sack and is all too happy to beg to drop to her knees and choke on an that cock, then wake up the next day to talk about women power and what not, then come begging for more the following night...

And all of this is is true to a degree. Except that feminism, and especially this latest wave, is much more dangerous than a shit test. And it is actually dangerous to think of it that way.

For a start... because of the current political climate, we have more male suicide, children are getting a raw deal when it comes to father access, men are literally being cucked into paying child support for children they haven't produced, research into male only or male dominated diseases is under funded, men do not have shelters and so on.

And now even the notion of being a male is under attack, with bodies like the APA espousing that to be male in and of itself is to be psychologically deranged, with all the power that will have on our policy making and legal cases...

And if you think you can mind your business, and be smart, and you'll never get trapped into this then think again...

Your tax dollars are paying for free sanitary produts for women...for free abortions...It's paying for all the cock carousel riders who spawn children than have the state take care of them

and because of the current climate, You, everyone of you, is at the mercy of the next batshit crazy girl, all she has to do is pick up the phone and accuse you of some shit, you could literally have never met her and you'll find your life in ruins in moments...

Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean you should act retarded and debate feminism with girls. We all know nothing dries vaginas faster.

I don't know what the answer is. But I sure as hell know that it isn't the rampant individualism that this sub espouses. That everyone should mind their business and enjoy the decline...

It could be more voting, more writing, lobbying of representatives, whatever... To be RP is to take charge, and to recognise that beta males and most females do not understand what is good for them...

It is time to take this more seriously than ... it's just a shit test.

[-] ReefaShark 78 Points about a year ago

Feminism is the Trojan horse of socialism to the United States.

[-] Truedemocracy4 24 Points about a year ago

Make no mistake, climate change is as well.whatever your feelings are about it -the left fully intends to use it to take over the private sector

[-] BuzzLightGear321 7 Points about a year ago

Man-made climate change (assuming it's real bah bah etc) has 2 things needed to deal with it. 1) Reduce your CO2 output per person 2) Reduce your population. If you cut your CO2 in half but triple your population, CO2 goes up.

The problem with 2) is that importing the third world to first world living standards increases CO2 output, yet the it's still encouraged by the same people arguing for fighting climate change. Another problem with 2) is that it goes against increasing government power. Gov'ts utiltize ponzi schemes (Social Security) to pay benefits now and tax later. Falling population kills ponzi schemes.

But the reason gov'ts love 1) is because it increases gov't control. It brings in carbon taxes, carbon assessments, subsidizes for their lobbyist friends in green energy (but never nuclear).

The fact that these 2 fundamental issues are not addressed together speak to an ulterior motive at play (socialism and big gov't).

[-] Kpwn88 14 Points about a year ago

The Feminist Lie by Bob Lewis is pretty good. It exposes it for the fraud it is in pretty good detail, as well as laying out the method and tactics feminists use to silence opposition and how to counter them. Well worth the read.

[-] Planner_Hammish 3 Points about a year ago

The 1 ???? reviews are as expected

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] DeGENZerate 73 Points about a year ago

The problem is far worse than feminism. I'm sure no one here needs to be told that thengs are getting bad at a rate of exponential growth. The income tax started at just a couple percent.

What OP realizes is that the cost of this postmodern society when weighed with the benefit a Red Pill man can reap from such a situation is getting doomy and gloomy.

Things were great in 2012 when you could trash on feminism to get the pussy wet and just live your life. This is less and less the case. In the West: income taxes are going to get higher, women will get fatter, children will get trannier.

The Red Pill will get quarantinier. What we are dealing with is the failure of the liberal democratic system. Red Pill men also need universal truths to orient their mission^^tm around. If you want to reconcile the two issues then read Ride the Tiger

[-] Watchingculturefade 7 Points about a year ago

I think it's reversing, more and more people see Feminism as a bad thing and the same amount of people are walking away from trying to act like women are victims.


It's only a VERY small portion of ultra far Left Progressives. I think Trump will win again, no I do not really support him I just hate Progressives and I think that will be a big wake up call that the hyper Progressive Feminism mantra is not working.


The lowest percent of men voted for the Democratic Party EVER in recorded US history at a touch under 41%


I think men will vote Democrat in somewhere around 37% and will be the new lowest total for a single sex for a party in history.


I do not think Progressives can win with that and hopefully the message will change...... hopefully.

[-] DeGENZerate 21 Points about a year ago

This is incorrect. The media and university are unilaterally controlled and women spend the most time on media and in university.

While I respect your willingness to resist internally, the West is a battle lost. We waited all the way until trannies happened to start resisting and the wave of dissolution is already sweeping.

There is however a book that teaches you to fight from lost positions and that book is called

[-] scissor_me_timbers00 2 Points about a year ago

Yeah the west is a battle lost. There are more people waking up but there are just as many doubling down on libtardism. It’s taken too deep a hold. Plus the younger gens are largely brainswashed. I look around at my millennial peers and cringe.

I have some very intelligent and well educated liberal friends who’s heads are up their asses with smug liberal orthodoxy. I literally had one tell me that Ta-Nehisi Coates was “must read”, but Nietzsche was “empty calories”. And this from a kid I have always known to be very smart and well opinionated. 10 years in Portland and grad school rooted that out I guess.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] Memus_Vult 7 Points about a year ago

I think it's reversing, more and more people see Feminism as a bad thing and the same amount of people are walking away from trying to act like women are victims.

It doesn't really matter whether anyone sees feminism as a bad thing - the majority always have done - what matters is that what was previously radical feminist delusion and hysteria is no longer considered feminist but moderate. The feminists and LGBTP cabal constantly push for more and more extreme measures to destroy society and the conservatives just lag behind by 10 years, consolidating the left's gains by calling what was previously called radically subversive 'common sense'.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] DeGENZerate 2 Points about a year ago

Women become attracted to men who act masculine in the context of feminine culture. Tolerance is the lube that slips the dildo of disfunction in to the ass of masculinity.

[-] tempolaca 44 Points about a year ago

It's mccarthyism and the red scare all over again. Incredible that millenials don't realize this.

However I think this time will be worse, because social networks and internet accelerate and amplify the witch hunts. It will be a while until it burn itself like all those movements do.

[-] largepaycheckaddict 25 Points about a year ago

considering public school is nothing more than indocrination/propaganda aside from maybe learning mathematics, I don’t think it’s hard to understand millennials not seeing between the lines. Our schools don’t even teach basic civics anymore.

Maybe when they’re older and decide to educate themselves they’ll understand.

[-] livear 16 Points about a year ago

Mccarthy turned out to be right dude.

The problem wasn't as bad as he explained it.

It was worse than he ever imagined.

[-] chadwickofwv 8 Points about a year ago

Interestingly enough, the source of the problem hasn't changed much. It was primarily feminists back then pushing for communism(aka mass murder/genocide). Now we have feminists pushing for it again.

[-] poohead5 3 Points about a year ago

Feminism was and is only one branch of the long-nosed agenda.

[-] tempolaca 1 Point about a year ago

It's crazy to think that Hitler was actually a socialist, and gained power with the women's vote.'s not crazy at all.

[-] grandmasbroach 3 Points about a year ago

Have you ever read Mein Kampf? Hitler was very, very vocal about hating socialists and communists. He thought socialism was a dirty political ideology because the jews preferred it. The only thing socialist about the Nazis was their name, the national socialist party. However, the one thing Hitler hated almost as much as Judaism, and that was the ideas of socialism and communism.

[-] kagetsuki32 1 Point about a year ago

Feminism is just a tool of the real schemers, when are you guys going to understand this. Once they'll get what they want,feminism will become obsolete.

[-] youngandaspire 8 Points about a year ago

if only you knew how bad things really are.

[-] Incel9876 2 Points about a year ago

It's mccarthyism and the red scare all over again. Incredible that millenials don't realize this.

McCarthy was right, and his allies, the Kennedy family knew it and tried to take back this country from the Commies, and JFK and RFK got blown away.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] largepaycheckaddict 32 Points about a year ago

Feminism and all of the other leftist victim politics that come with it are a tool of control used by the international elite.

Ever notice how rich girls still get married and still take on traditional roles? Go drive through a UMC suburban neighborhood outside of NYC, DC, or some other liberal elite coastal city. Almost all the households remain strong via marriage.

The only people this stuff is affecting is regular working/middle class people. It’s because the elites have realized they all ready stretched the male workforce too thin so now they have to get the women working. They also realize they can get away with paying women less for the same job cause they’re more likely to go with the flow where a man is more likely to make a deal/risks for a better wage.

Not only this, but the female vote is easy to manipulate. Lots of the women who hate the orange man seem to have no issues with surrendering their 2nd amendment rights to him. The female vote is what’s key to achieving elite totalitarianism via the smoke screen of the liberal democratic perspective.

Also this is a soft genocide to Lowe the all ready decimated white birth rate in America. Elites are essentially pulling strings to artificially select for an easier-to-deal-with race of peasantry.

This is the whole point of globalism. They know the world is going to hell in a handbasket so they want the masses to be as stupid as possible, so it’s more likely for them to secure a place of safety when SHTF.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] redpill77 27 Points about a year ago

Feminism is a FAILED shit test. Women tested the boundaries and men failed to enforce them. No one thinks it's innocuous.

[-] youngandaspire 14 Points about a year ago

Collectivism and identity politics are as old as time. It's literally how Hitler rose to power. "Progressives" today are no different than they were 100 years ago, they just have had over a century to gather strength and troops.

There will always be a segment of low iq sheep who care more about public opinion than actual accomplishment. I don't want to get into conspiracy theories, but I have the feeling that some foreign actors who hate the strength of the west and what it stands for are pulling the strings here.

The rise of collectivism (and it's compatriot, socialism) must be fought tooth and nail by everyone who values individualism, liberty, freedom and actual human progress because if it's not stopped soon, it will destroy the west and everything it stood for.

[-] AnitaSnarkeysian 6 Points about a year ago

I have the feeling that some foreign actors who hate the strength of the west and what it stands for are pulling the strings here.

Agreed, an they come from the one and only country in "The West" that is allowed to be an ethnostate. While preaching that "diversity is your strength" they actually see the majority increasing as a percentage of their country year after year. Ain't that interesting, diversity for thee, but not for me. Really activates the almonds, doesn't it?

[-] youngandaspire 1 Point about a year ago

Yeah, that's one good theory. Could also be the Muslim nations, China, Russia, North Korea the EU. I honestly don't know, but globalism is suspicious.

[-] virusofthemind 3 Points about a year ago

I doubt what you call socialism is what you actually think it is. The state has to tax you to pay for certain things for the overall good of (your) society or you get anarchy.

The debate is what gets included. In the Uk health care is a "socialised" benefit and you get a small amount taken out of your salary every month to pay for the NHS. I've never met anyone in the UK who's against this.

A friend of mine was in a bad motorbike accident ten years ago and ended up in hospital for 8 month. Had he been charged for his treatment he would have been looking at a £250,000 bill; instead he owed nothing.

If Trump decided to run the USMC as a "for profit" organisation with mass downsizing and cheaper equipment to earn billionaire hedgefund manager stockholders tens of billions of dollars profit all funded by your taxes surely you wouldn't be in favour of that?

[-] youngandaspire 1 Point about a year ago

I know exactly what socialism is, thanks. National defense, public infrastructure and emergency services aren't socialism. But thanks for your list of logical fallacies, I'll be sure to add it to my list of examples of what not to do.

[-] virusofthemind 5 Points about a year ago

Who decides what socialism includes and what it doesn't? Suppose someone says public infrastructure should be privatised and your views are socialist for thinking otherwise?

To them you would be a socialist and everyone of your arguments could be used against you.

It's all down to definition of the world and what your belief system thinks is the correct interpretation of the concept but your belief system interprets in the way(s) which doesn't conflict with itself.

I couldn't care less about politics.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] poohead5 1 Point about a year ago

Individualism didn't defeat Hitler, collectivism did. Why would you intentionally cripple your strength by subscribing to such a weak ideology?

[-] youngandaspire 1 Point about a year ago

because im not a facist or a pussy.

[-] tengo_una_pregunta 12 Points about a year ago

Violence. Never in the history of humanity has power been willing ceded from one group to another with out any form of violence, until the feminism movement.

You are right, by violating the established norms of evolution and natural world and ceding power without violence, yes humans may have really fucked things up for themselves.

[-] tempolaca 9 Points about a year ago

1) avoid taxes

2) Avoid marriage

3) I've been accused by batshit crazy girls. It sucks, you lose everything...for a while. Batshit crazy girl will continue to do batshit crazy things, and with time everybody will know the truth.

[-] mineralranch 2 Points about a year ago

Accused of rape/sexual harassment? How has it affected your career?

[-] tempolaca 5 Points about a year ago

No good obviously. Good thing I work remotely to another continent and my employer don't know about it.

But the girl did everything in her power to destroy my career, sending letters, harassing local professional meetings to keep me out of them, etc. It was a nightmare, the worst though, is the bullying my LTR had to endure. Luckily the bitch revealed itself as a psychopathic witch now, for everybody to see. I'm recovering but it will take a couple more years.

I'm suing her to oblivion though.

[-] NeinNoNon9 6 Points about a year ago

I know what dries vaginas faster. Asking for consent.

[-] Quo210 6 Points about a year ago

TRP isn't about making the world better.

The world can fuck off. It is following it's natural course. If "The West" falls into a 1984 dystopia it was too weak to stop happening, then so be it.

We are in the age of decay, as a many say, enjoy the decline. And if gets too bad, leave the place I guess.

... Of course, if some sense of morality would pull you into trying to combat the extermination campaing of the feminist, by all means, follow your mission. Personally, I've seen enough shit. The world can castrate itself, starve and die in their communist/socialist paradise if it wishes to do so. I'll continue to take for me what I can.

[-] ElXToro 3 Points about a year ago

The so called current west civilization is already in the 1984 & brave new world scenario. Even your words are censored. Can't say anything without offending anyone & etc

[-] mrpthrowa 2 Points about a year ago

It’s not morality, it’s self interest, or rather self preservation

[-] archaic-guy 5 Points about a year ago

Acting like a victim is an easy way to draw attention and support so many people do that and it is kinda sad becuase that disminisses true victims.

And yeah it is a shit test becuase if you retort back using their own weapons (egalitarism) and just say that they are the privileged ones they respect you more.

I study Law and there is a lot of disinformation about how the law punishes being a man with thing like "Author" Crimes and how protected are woman today so if you just explain people that egalitarism is a good cause utilized by lobbys to manipulate people for bad ends they usually snap.

Heck a lot of the supposed "Feminist" agencies are just a form of corruption , excuses made by political parties to stole money from the state while the womans who are true victims don´t recieve even 1% of the destined budget.

[-] BrosefJones85 2 Points about a year ago

Modern feminism is a taint on society. I have no issue with much of early feminism, but this shit is something else entirely. Victim-hood is glorified, male sexuality demonized, 30s single females are trying their hardest to restrict the sexual market, watch ages of consent begin to go over 20.

[-] Satou4 2 Points about a year ago

I was with you until the concern trolling.

[-] Vrabo 2 Points about a year ago

I don't know what the answer is. But I sure as hell know that it isn't the rampant individualism that this sub espouses.

The answer is MGTOW. Don't get involved with women at all. Period.

I don't understand all these posts on here that talk about becoming an epic alpha dude so you can fuck girls with ease.. you can still improve yourself for YOURSELF while not exposing yourself to all these risks.

No amount of alpha will exempt you from the possibility of your life getting ruined by a woman because no matter who you are, if you have a penis, she has every right to ruin your life. Just ask Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt or Jeff Bezos.

There are two reasons why men still stick around regardless of how terrible dating/relationships/marriage has become;

  1. They are blue pilled, unaware of all of this or

  2. They are completely aware of this but still choose to pursue pussy because they base their self-validation on getting pussy.
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[-] Watchingculturefade 2 Points about a year ago

Feminism is literally tearing this country apart, it is a caner.


The good news is they are losing, "women who call themselves feminists" is lower than ever and they keep extending their reach further than they should


With that, they no longer hold the moral high ground. People less and less think of women as some little victim class and are seeing that both sexes have different problems, but none is worse than the other.


Feminists are honestly either really selfish and power hungry people, or they are simply just really stupid and believe fake facts.


But their stupidity is going to elect Trump again in 2020 and like I said, the tide is turning. Feminism is losing pretty soundly now.

[-] Planner_Hammish 2 Points about a year ago

I disagree with you regarding anti individualism, but I concede that we must hang together, otherwise we will be hanged separately.

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] 2 Points about a year ago


[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] 8380atgmaildotcom 1 Point about a year ago

It's too latw. Enjoy the decline

[-] BuzzLightGear321 1 Point about a year ago

I don't know what the answer is. But I sure as hell know that it isn't the rampant individualism that this sub espouses. That everyone should mind their business and enjoy the decline...

It could be more voting, more writing, lobbying of representatives, whatever... To be RP is to take charge, and to recognise that beta males and most females do not understand what is good for them...

It is time to take this more seriously than ... it's just a shit test.

Want to change things? Mens Rights Sub is that way --->

[-] TheImpossible1 1 Point about a year ago

Best way to hit them is in their wallet. I will eventually get around to making a post about how to do that.

[-] ruga2 1 Point about a year ago

They are supported by the southern law poverty center, which has billions in budget.

[-] Techn03712 1 Point about a year ago

The only reason feminism has succeeded in destroying society is because men are too pussy to turn away pussy.

The fear of rejection and not getting laid is what causes the “well if I please her then she’ll like me” mentality, which causes men to go along with it and allow feminists to fuck them over.

[-] Ascend_Daily_305 1 Point about a year ago

I just personally want to say with all due respect....Fuck these bitches get money.

You are absolutely correct and I agree 100% but I also say Fuck these bitches get money.


We are losing this fight for one good reason, know what it is? A real, true, man, gentleman, or to keep it simple the male is a fixer by nature and we assume by logic that we can fix this feminist shit. What's going to happen is these women are going to get into a position to where they are so strung up in their masculine energy that they are reaching breaking points internally. More stress, more cancers, more headaches, more broken homes, more kids they cant control, more shit, more shit, and more shit. In my experience every woman knows when she has gone too far and has to walk all the shit back, they deserve it all hell yeah and because we are men, we'll help them put together their fuckup until the next 500-1000 years where they are tired of being "oppressed" by masculine energy and try this shit again.

We as men caused this shit when we put a price on the pussy, stop standing up for the shit thats right, and started let same sex couples raise kids ( no offense if thats you) which are things men just dont do..... Which is trick, clam up, and take it up the ass

Well they do all that today and thats why their women act the way they do, and their kids, and then the kids grow up wussy level 100.

How can a mother feel good raising a sucker who cant be the man his future requires?

[-] Gaboyski_ 1 Point about a year ago

Feminism is a shit test specifically targeted to white/Western men as a class. Yeah an individual redpilled man in the US can put those deranged women in bed, but they will lump him with all other blue-pilled beta bux guys as what their ideology dictates.

[-] deathhandmachiavelli 1 Point about a year ago

The title is actually and understatement.

Feminism, and the demographic catastrophe that it has caused, will literally destroy western civilization.

[-] Olram_Sacul 1 Point about a year ago

Women's power is manipulation. Men's power is physical strengh. The only solution I see to fight that kind of psycological violence is physical violence. And I don't see many guys willing to make it happen (I'm not up to it either).

[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] [deleted] about a year ago
[-] InformalCriticism 0 Points about a year ago

We know feminism is cancer.

Feminism can be defeated with logic and reason.

You know how there are people who beat actual cancer, but still many who die because there is no cure?

Well, same with feminism. Some people are smart enough to understand what feminism does to society and the human mind, and most do not.

In other words, as long as there are people stupid enough to believe feminist idealism, there will never be a cure for cancer in the same way that some people are born with a predisposition for a disease and die before their 18th birthday.

The shittest analogy is just for people who are willing to push through the bog of life trying to get a piece, and a cute way of dismissing what poisonous ideology has penetrated our culture(s) entirely.

You're not wrong to point it out, and I get that this is one of the few forums where this could be discussed openly and responsibly, but warning everyone that feminism is destroying our countries, indeed our ways of life, is not TRP content. The revelation of this, however, absolutely is a natural byproduct.