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- Hide Preview | 71 Comments | submitted about a year ago by artificialfather [Post Locked]

I’m going to cut the crap and be simple. I’m 21 yo and on December my oneitis broke up with me after being so beta for almost three years. Before (during the relationship) I used to say:

how can we not fuck more often?

Now that I have been reading The Red Pill since January I think:

How come I got to fuck her that many times?

Started trying new hobbies and posted a shitty field report which made the mods ban me. It’s been three months since that.

Me now. Retook my college engineering classes, started lifting (everybody is starting to notice but I’m still skinny AF), cut some toxic people out of my life, got a part time job as a software developer that actually pays really well for being an entry level position and I’m learning shit tons, I’m having fun.

I haven’t fucked anybody since my oneitis yet, however, I was anxious to even approach a girl during 3 months until I said fuck it, I’m walking the bus route and I’m not going to take it until I approach someone, did it, got a phone number (ignored me after that, but so fucking happy that I didn’t and still don’t care, because that’s progress).

Went out with a friend last week and approached 4 girls, two gave us fake numbers, the other two didn’t and I’m writing while on my way to our “double” date.

It all started when I started to read TRP and intensified when the mods banned me. So this is a post to say thank you to all of you who improved my life.