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- Hide Preview | 92 Comments | submitted 9 months ago by Ruinedgirl22 [Post Locked]

This is one of the hardest red pills I’ve had to swallow.

For me, it takes a LOT to be sexually attracted to a guy. He has to be physically out of my league it seems, have other women interested in him, make me laugh, make me nervous, make me “feel” things and on top of it all, have a connection with me. Basically, he has to be so amazing that I would want to become one with him.

I used to think that men were just like me. I took their sexual interest to believe that they thought I was amazing, that they wanted to become one physically and emotionally. I thought the same for their interest in other women. I heard phrases like “get one off” and “bust a nut” but I assumed they just said those things to sound cool. I had no inkling that sex could actually be that meaningless to them.

Not only does a woman not have to be “amazing” for a man to want to sleep with her; she doesn’t even have to be attractive. All she really needs to be is NOT hideous and interested. Men have nothing to lose by sleeping with women. The higher their n counts, the better they’re viewed (opposite for us of course). Some will even sleep with a girl just to raise his count. It’s absolutely nothing personal.

I know that not all men and women are the same and that this quote doesn’t fit certain people. It’s just something I’ve noticed heavily since I’ve come to this realization.