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- Hide Preview | 71 Comments | submitted 6 years ago by PhantomDream09 [Post Locked]

Why was the RPW sub created, and what is it all about?

This post was written to explain, clarify, and introduce the purpose of the RPW sub. For the lazy, I will include part of redpillschool’s writing:

We had a radical idea- what if men and women learned about their natures and took proactive control of them, came up with a compromise that made both parties happier in the long run?

We're a cooperative species, and great things can be achieved when we do. Women, you have the ability to find happiness when you embrace the reality of your biological urges and impulses. You have the ability and the requirement to become the optimal mate for your optimal mate. Do not believe the hype that you are good enough how you are, and realize that in life, the only things worth having take work. That's for men and women.

RedPillWomen is self-improvement and long-term goal setting to maximize your personal happiness.

What are Red Pill Women?

Short answer: Self-aware women that work to identify their weaknesses, stifle their inner Bitch, and increase their female sexual value as much as possible in order to attract (or keep) a good RP man.

Long answer: Red Pill Women recognize that as women, we have a lot of advantages when it comes to dating, attracting and keeping a mate. We understand and sympathize with the hoops men have to jump through, and the fact that masculinity is often discouraged and attacked in today’s world. We seek to understand how and why men and women are different, so that we can approach out SO’s (or dating in general) with open eyes. We work to minimize our negative characteristics (shit testing, hypergamy, sexual manipulation etc), and improve our physical and emotional appeal. We believe that casual, FWBs, and no-strings dynamics are harmful to women. Accumulating a mountain of one-night-stands and random hook-ups lowers a woman’s value and appeal, so we encourage women to be cautious, careful, and patient when it comes to dating. Jumping into the sack with a guy in the hopes that he will commit is a toxic and nonsensical approach.

We emphasize femininity (knowing how to cook, dress well, be pleasant) in combination with the advancement of educational and professional pursuits. You don’t have to be a home-maker with three kids in order to be a Red Pill woman. Some of the ladies here choose to stay at home, yes, but it’s by no means a requirement. Many RPW are still in school or have satisfying and demanding careers.

For more on this (and other topics) please read [this]( blog entry posted by redpillwifey.

What are the differences between TRP and RPW?

This is a post created by TempestTcup that very succinctly highlights one of the biggest differences between TRP and RPW subs. I will provide the quote here as well for the lazy:

The way /r/RedPillWomen differs from /r/TheRedPill is that women are the gatekeepers of sex and men are the gatekeepers of commitment, so RPW works toward keeping women from squandering sex while working towards obtaining commitment, and TRP works toward keeping men from squandering commitment while working towards obtaining sex.

This also plays into another important aspect of the RPW sub:

Why does a woman’s sexual partner count matter at all?

TRP and RPW both believe that women should keep their sexual partner counts low, because having a lot of partners decreases a woman’s ability to fully bond and lessens her overall value as potential Long-Term Relationship material with good RP men. On top of that, having a lot of male (or ‘experimenting’ with female) sexual partners shows that a woman has poor impulse control.

Which brings us to:

Aren’t men that have a lot of sexual partners hypocrites for wanting a woman with a low number of sexual partners? And what’s wrong with FWBs and no-strings dynamics

Well, aren’t overweight women that want men with 12-pack abs hypocrites? What about women that want men to be gentleman and exercise chivalry while also treating them as completely equal? TRP and RPW believe that what makes men attractive is different from what makes women attractive. Men that can attract women are desirable, and his value is not affected negatively when he sleeps around. Women however are not afforded that same luxury. Women retain value by limiting the number of men that get them into bed. This shows that she has standards, as well as the wherewithal and backbone to guard one of her most precious commodities. Fairness has nothing to do with it because both TRP and RPW believe that men and women are fundamentally different on personal, physical, and biological levels.

So is RPW the same as fPUA?

No. We don’t strive to pick up random men for the sake of obtaining sex. We don’t utilize “game” adapted for females to spin plates. That sounds exhausting and gross. Don’t do it.

Doesn't being a RPW mean you have to have kids and stay in the kitchen? Am I still a RPW if I want to pursue a career/education?

You don’t have to be a home-maker. Some women choose that lifestyle, other women pursue careers and getting an education. Some women here have successful careers and a family. Be a good woman, support your SO (if you have one) and don’t overthink it too much.

Doesn’t TRP demean and attack women constantly?

Here’s the thing: TRP is a space for men. Becoming a RP man is not an easy process, and it takes a great deal of time and effort. Some of the men are young and angry, there’s nothing wrong with that. TRP is a safe space for them to talk to other men, rant, share ideas, and drop all normal social pretenses. They are talking to other men without filters and reservations. Will you agree with everything that gets said there? Probably not, but why does that matter? Most of the angry members will calm down and gain perspective as time passes. Some will tire of spinning plates and start looking for a LTR. Some of the men on TRP are already married or in dedicated relationships. Women have a lot of leeway when it comes to complaining, and that’s an advantage men are not afforded nearly as often. Unless you want to censor ever single sub on reddit and the internet in general, just cool your jets and relax. I’m sure there are more productive ways you could be spending your time.

EDIT: Bad-mouthing TRP, or any RP sub will result in an immediate ban. Furthermore, any terms and insults stated for no reason other than to offend and demean another user will be grounds for banning as well. Finally, do not concern troll or tone police.

I want an equal relationship

(1) No, you really don’t. Most women will not understand how well a Captain/First Mate dynamic works until they start dating a good RP man that is higher value.

(2) If however, you are certain beyond ALL POSSIBLE DOUBT, that you want an equality based relationship, or that you want to be the leader in your relationship then I have only one question for you: why are you here?

What about the LGBT communities? How does this apply to them?

We focus on heterosexual dynamics. Some members of the LGBT communities find ways to apply aspects of TRP and RPW to their personal relationships. That said, TRP and RPW doesn’t factor in the LGBT communities when talking about situations or philosophies.

I have these red flags (many partners, dyed hair, etc) Why don’t guys want to date me?

Actions have consequences, and the way you look affects the way people see you. Having many alternative visual signals sends a very specific message that many men see as “sexually open/slutty,” “liberal feminist,” “party girl,” “poor impulse control.” If you dye your hair a bright, unnatural color – try something more toned down. If you have a lot of tattoos, cover more of them up. If your face looks like a Christmas tree, take some of the piercings out (tongue, nose, cheek beauty mark and eyebrow piercings send a message that you are rebellious, and many men just don’t like their potential wives and girlfriends to have a lot of metal). If you have a lot of notches on your bedpost, be honest about it and stop sleeping around immediately. Work to become a more attractive woman and increase your value.

How can women improve their value?

  • Go to the gym and start working out if you don’t already

  • Eat healthy

  • Learn to cook

  • Grow out your hair, dress nicely, make an effort to look good

  • Have a positive attitude. If you don’t enjoy your life and you aren’t fun to be around, then no man is going to want to invest time and effort on you.

  • Know your limits and establish boundaries: this applies to everything from drinking, to what your deal-breakers are when it comes to dating (ie: I cannot be in an open relationship, I cannot date a smoker, I will not tolerate cheating)

  • Understand what you bring to the table. You can have a great job and a fabulous education, that’s great, but men want more. They want a woman that knows how to be feminine, doesn’t get offended easily, knows how to joke around, has a good head on her shoulders, isn’t thirsty for constant outside attention, isn’t wrapped up with her social media life etc

  • Identify your weaknesses: Are you quick to anger? Do you have a negative attitude? Do you hold grudges? Figure out where you fall short, and look for ways to improve

  • If you are in a committed relationship/married: pay attention to his physical and emotional needs, stop struggling to be in charge, listen to what he says, don’t ‘mother hen’ him, don’t make a mountain out of a mole-hill, be calm and make logical arguments when you are unhappy, and show him that you appreciate his presence and leadership

What is solipsism?

Solipsism is the idea that only your own mind and experiences can be known for sure. It is a filter used to process how a certain thing relates to one’s self.

“Women’s solipsism and emotional wiring is generally the primary conduit through which problem solving and opinion formulation occurs. That’s not to say that women lack the capacity to be just as rational as men, but it is to say that this solipsistic logic is the innate filter that must be cognitively repressed when arriving at a rational solution to a problem.” –Rollo Tomassi

It has to do with self-centeredness. In every problem or situation, the person inserts themselves into the equation. Both men and women are capable of solipsism, and it’s not always a bad thing. The example that always sticks out in my mind is this:

When faced with a problem in a group, a woman will ask “how can I help?” She will have qualifiers that explain where her limitations are, and how they may hinder her ability to help implement the solution. Men, on the other hand will ask: “what needs to be done?”

To learn more please refer to the following links:






What is hypergamy?

TRP and RPW believe that women are more naturally inclined to be influenced by a “partner upgrade” impulse. The idea is that if she has a wonderful provider that makes her happy in every way, but an even richer or more handsome male comes along- she will abandon her current relationship and pursue the more appealing male. Now, that does not mean women are incapable of controlling and moving past this inclination. Biologically, men are more naturally inclined to be aggressive, but that doesn’t mean they are incapable of controlling their temper.

What’s a unicorn?

A “unicorn” is a highly desirable and extraordinarily rare woman. She surpasses all other women in personality, looks, and behavior. Some men on TRP don’t believe that unicorns exist. There’s also a lot of debate over what exactly makes a woman a “unicorn.” Some of the evidence is contradictory and ambiguous.

What is a shit test?

When a woman behaves or talks in a way to manipulate, undermine, or coerce a man into reacting in a specific way. Some women will perform shit tests without even realizing it. If a married woman suddenly decides that she wants to go to a party alone to meet an old flame – that’s a shit test. She is testing the waters, possibly vying for control, and trying to elicit a strong reaction from her SO.

What is the wall?

When a woman starts to lose her attractiveness. This can happen at 20, 30, or older - it varies from woman to woman. Make no mistake though, the wall happens to every woman.

Is the RPW lifestyle like a Dom/Sub relationship?

No. Being a Red Pill woman is not a sexual fetish, or a kink lifestyle. This isn't a game, or fetish.

Are RPW doormats?

No. A Red Pill woman defers to one man, and she can only do this because she trusts and respects that man completely. She does not defer to every man, and she is not a doormat. She knows that her SO has her best interests at heart.

Are Feminists welcome on the RPW sub?

It doesn't matter how you identify yourself, as long as you understand that this is an anti-feminist space. We aren't interested in locking horns over why feminism is good, bad, or what relevance it has in today's world. This is an oasis away from feminism. If you follow the rules, conduct yourself respectfully, and leave the "F" word at the door - you shouldn't have any problems.

[-] wonderfulmeg 8 Points 5 years ago

I found all this really interesting. Not necessarily sure I agree with a lot of it, but I enjoy being informed about different viewpoints. Some of it just generally made me uncomfortable, with the assumption that the way I feel is "wrong":

I want an equal relationship

(1) No, you really don’t.

Shouldn't this also be about women respecting each others' opinions or feelings? Or at least agreeing that it's a belief and not a fact?

[-] PhantomDream09 2 Points 5 years ago
  1. Your opinions are accepted everywhere else both online and off - this is a specific space that deals with certain ideas. If you don't like it/feel uncomfortable, then feel free to move along.

  2. There's a big difference between what women think/say they want and what they actually desire/need

  3. Understanding that you have faults, accepting your flaws are real and working to make positive changes is the first step to improving and evolving as a woman

  4. Women no more want a lesser partner than they do an equal partner. They need a man they can admire, trust, respect and look up to. If you feel you are on the same level as a man or that you are better - the relationship will not be a harmonious one. Women are attracted to desirable men, but they will settle for (or create) a weaker one (through brow beating etc).
[-] wonderfulmeg 3 Points 5 years ago

Sorry for misunderstanding, I read a lot of this as "this is the way we think that women should be", not as "this is the way women need to be or they're wrong". I was just curious about all of this, but probably it's not for me then.

[-] PhantomDream09 2 Points 5 years ago

This is the way women should be thinking (or pushing themselves to think) if they want to be part of this community. No one has to be here, but many women choose to participate on this sub. Ultimately becoming a RPW is a personal, self-driven journey. Success and failure depends entirely on the individual.

[-] wonderfulmeg 7 Points 5 years ago

I didn't mean to offend, just looking to understand better. Carry on, then.

[-] PhantomDream09 1 Point 5 years ago

I'm not offended, just being direct.

[-] pinkantlers 5 Points 6 years ago

This is great! The parts about the difference between TRP and RPW were really helpful to me. I've decided to just not venture into TRP as i know a lot of it would make me feel offended/upset, and it's not my place to venture into.

[-] PhantomDream09 1 Point 6 years ago

I will venture over to TRP and read, and I only comment when I think I can productively add to the conversation.

I'm glad you are doing what you need to in order to be happy. :0)

[-] pinkantlers 1 Point 6 years ago

I don't think I could productively add to the conversation tbh, so I'm staying away. That's why I'm so happy I found RPW :)

[-] TempestTcup 3 Points 6 years ago

Thanks Phantom - this is excellent!

Now, if we could only get people to read it before making their first post here :)

[-] nzcrazycat 1 Point 6 years ago

Agree, great post!

[-] PhantomDream09 0 Points 6 years ago

It probably won't happen, but we will be able to simply respond with a link to this post. :0)

And thank you for your input and help as well. In fact, a lot of the ladies on the RPW sub helped make this post possible, by submitting potential questions to be included as well as answers.

[-] [deleted] 6 years ago
[-] SirNemesis 2 Points 6 years ago

Probably a good idea to define the rationalization hamster too.

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 6 years ago


[-] PhantomDream09 0 Points 6 years ago

Yes, TempestTcup really knows her stuff, that's for sure. :0)

[-] superduperanonymous3 2 Points 5 years ago

I'm confused about why men having a lot of sexual partners isn't bad. I'll admit I'm cautious about dating any man who has been with a lot of women, only partially due to concerns about disease.

Mostly I am concerned about what the F.A.Q. says men are concerned about with women, I'm afraid he has poor self control. I'm also afraid that he may not be considerate of women and the emotional connections they formed by sleeping with him.

How does this problem fit with the redpill philosophy?

[-] PhantomDream09 1 Point 5 years ago

Men that can show they know how to get women are actively proving their value. They are showing that they know how to attract women. Seduction for men takes skill, all women have to do is say "wanna have sex?" - there's no skill involved. Unless she's truly hideous, men aren't going to turn down the opportunity to score. For women, turning down opportunities to sleep with men and actively avoiding random hook-ups shows that she has willpower, standards, and wants to guard her value. Men don't want to be with a woman that sleeps around.

[-] superduperanonymous3 2 Points 5 years ago

That sort of makes sense that it shows that they have skill, and skills are always attractive. I agree that it takes willpower and the confidence to keep saying no to avoid falling into hookups as a woman, but I still have questions about men with high numbers and their relative value.

What about concerns about his decision making skills? I still would worry that he was irresponsible with his health and possibly callous toward the feelings of the women he gained all that experience with.

[-] PhantomDream09 0 Points 5 years ago

Sexual responsibility and care is extremely important. This is why it's important to identify and catch the eye of a good man. Everyone has degrees, it's a sliding scale with many factors. I know my SO has more experience than I do, and it doesn't bother me. You have to make good decisions and measure his character accordingly. Do you admire his abilities and his judgement? Do you respect the way he conducts himself and treats other people? You have to figure out your boundaries and deal-breakers.

Sit down and figure out what you bring to the table. What qualities do you have that will make a good man want you? What are your flaws and strengths? Just as you have to identify what you do (and don't) want in a significant other - so too do you have to identify what men will like and dislike about you.

[-] pinkantlers 1 Point 6 years ago

This is a difficult one for me to bring up, but here goes: I read in another thread that some people who identify with TRP think that there should be an end to women's suffrage (i.e. the vote) and other pretty extreme things. This really concerns me :(. I'd like to know honestly, is that the view of a lot of people in RPW?

[-] PhantomDream09 1 Point 6 years ago

There are many things that you won't like reading about on TRP, which is why I encourage any woman that goes over to that sub to stop reading if they find themselves getting frustrated or worked up. I deliberately avoid certain threads and topics when I browse that sub, and I utilize that methodology wherever I go Reddit. With the exception of RPW.

Understand that just because someone said something on TRP sub does not mean it holds true for the RPW sub.

Those comments do not reflect my personal beliefs.

[-] pinkantlers 2 Points 6 years ago

I'm not frustrated or worked, up, I'm concerned and disturbed at the idea that people still think other groups of people should be disenfranchised. I read the RPW AMA thread, which is where I saw views about who should and shouldn't be allowed to vote pop up. I don't venture into TRP for the reason you said, nor do I generally discuss my politics in RPW. I'm relieved that it is not the opinion of the majority. I won't continue this discussion further as I don't want to get into a massive debate about it, but thanks for answering my question :) I'll also add that I'm in the UK, so our politics/voting structure may be rather different to in the US.

Edit: I will admit, what really got to me is that previously in these kinds of discussions I have seen it bandied about that non-white men should not be able to vote either. My partner is not white.

[-] [deleted] 4 Points 6 years ago

thats why i like my net taxpayer plan. ANYONE who could become a net taxpayer wuld be allowed to vote, race, sex, age, no matter.

[-] PhantomDream09 1 Point 6 years ago

I didn't mean to imply that you specifically were getting overly emotional - just wanted to provide a rule of thumb for anyone else reading. :0)

I haven't encountered the comments you are talking about, I'd dismiss them out of hand if I did however.

[-] pinkantlers 1 Point 6 years ago

It's a fair comment, sometimes keeping our emotions in check is exactly what's needed though :)

[-] [deleted] 0 Points 6 years ago

i aint going to lie--i oppose womens suffrage in my politics, but as a subset of limiting the franchise in many ways. ive reconciled this in the modern world with the idea of limiting the franchise to the military and net taxpayers, which i think would have the affect im looking for. its all speculative anyway. this is not an RP or RPW position, it is a reactionary position. TRP is also reactionary, so many times its population will intersect with other reactionary ideas and also heterodox and "forbidden ideas", but it doesnt HAVE to. dont let the politics aspect of it bother you and the politics certainly have nothing to do with what we are doing here

[-] pinkantlers 2 Points 6 years ago

Thanks for answering my question.

[-] [deleted] -1 Point 6 years ago

hope i didnt scare you lol it is not really anything related to rp or rpw, i was a reactionary libertarian way before i discovered the manosphere

[-] pinkantlers -1 Point 6 years ago

fair enough. I'm not gonna pretend I don't strongly disagree with those views, but I see no reason to pursue that. I was a little freaked out but the way you explained it made more sense. That's the beauty of RPW I think, we all have such varied views about so many different things, but we find agreement in relationship-related topics.

[-] [deleted] -2 Point 6 years ago

yes and i think we're little better at controlling "offendedness" than the average gal

[-] pinkantlers -1 Point 6 years ago

I like to think so :p

[-] meowfacenator 1 Point 6 years ago

this is such a great thread thanks :) I definitely have things i need to work on

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 5 years ago


[-] TempestTcup 2 Points 5 years ago

Hahaha, you don't have to submit to anyone except your boyfriend. I also submit, to a certain extent, to my boss because he is my boss and is paid to tell me what to do.

I do try to always be pleasant and cheerful towards my coworkers, of course, but if they tread on my toes I do not hesitate to give them the smack-down.

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 5 years ago


[-] TempestTcup 2 Points 5 years ago

Is there something like an alpha-woman - outside the relationship?

Maybe. It might be a little difficult to switch gears after work if you do that. I used to be really hard, don't step on my toes, ball-buster at work, but now I'm trying to be pleasant and accommodating and I've noticed that I really get a better response that way. It's like now people bend over backwards to do stuff for me if I need it, whereas before they grudgingly did it.

I'm Controller at company which recently was large-ish, about 500 employees, and I wasn't their boss, but about 8 people had to submit work to me to get the financials out, and I would have to make them re-work mistakes. Cheerful, positive and pleasant wins the day :)

[-] PhantomDream09 1 Point 6 years ago

I know there needs to be a section added that deals with RPW deferring to their men, and how this does not make them a doormat, nor is it a sexual kink. Deferring to your man does not mean you defer or submit to every man etc.

[-] SoftHarem 1 Point 6 years ago

This point needs to be hammered home. The vast majority of men want nothing to do with women who are doormats. Go forth young lady, kick ass, take names, and pursue your profession and interests. Take no prisoners, but remember - When you get home that armor comes off and you turn into a sweet, feminine, and demure woman.

[-] [deleted] 6 years ago
[-] [deleted] 5 years ago
[-] PhantomDream09 2 Points 5 years ago

Then feel free to move along. We don't particularly care what you think.

[-] KyfhoMyoba 1 Point 5 years ago

I think that you should replace 'shit test' with 'fitness test'. Shit test comes out of the PUA community, and while useful and descriptive in that context, 'fitness test' is more accurate and less judgemental. After all, it is hardwired into women to test men in order to find the most 'fit' for her reproductive needs.

[-] OccamsUsername 2 Points 5 years ago

Softening the language and diluting the intended message due to "bad feels" is always ill advised. "Bad feels" is not sufficient excuse to alter the message in any way. "Bad feels" is a typical feminine excuse/rationalization for manipulating their environment.

[-] superduperanonymous3 1 Point 5 years ago

I think it is easy to conflate shit tests and fitness tests. Some women (myself included) will do things with a partner early on to test certain traits. Such as challenging one of their opinions, showing up late, or asking them to solve a really hard problem. It's the classic "you don't know someone until you see them using a slow internet connection" test. This is, I think, fair because it is important to know how a man handles frustration, and whether he has a very bad temper.

I think "shit tests" are more about causing trouble for no reason because you are bored, and often come from women in immature relationships who need fights to feel like the passion is still there.

I have not spent much time on here though, so it's possible that none of this conforms with the redpill philosophy.

[-] PhantomDream09 0 Points 5 years ago

Shit tests stem from women being unaware, unreasonable, and obnoxious. We're not going to label irrational and ridiculous behaviors as "fitness tests" because that would implicitly condone those actions. Fitness tests are generally more subtle. "I have X problem - can he help me resolve it or come up with a better solution?" ---> Fitness test. "I'm going to flip out over something mundane because I want attention...but I'm not actively aware of what I'm doing (or why)" ---> Shit Test.

[-] [deleted] 6 years ago
[-] [deleted] 6 years ago
[-] [deleted] 6 years ago
[-] [deleted] 6 years ago
[-] [deleted] 6 years ago
[-] [deleted] 2 Points 6 years ago

yes thats what we try to nip in the bud. its really not just banning people for "disagreeing with us"

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 6 years ago

Absolutely love this.

[-] nzcrazycat 1 Point 6 years ago

I've got some reading to do ;)

[-] youreunbelieveable 1 Point 6 years ago

This is excellent have an upvote from a TRP guy

[-] Italianweddingcake 0 Points 6 years ago

Thanks for the links !

[-] Padawanbater 0 Points 6 years ago

I think you just proved unicorns do exist

Really well written

[-] Lady_Motido 0 Points 6 years ago

Doesn't being a RPW mean you have to have kids and stay in the kitchen? Am I still a RPW if I want to pursue a career/education?

You don’t have to be a home-maker. Some women choose that lifestyle, other women pursue careers and getting an education. Some women here have successful careers and a family. Be a good woman, support your SO (if you have one) and don’t overthink it too much.

I thought that we stood firm on the belief that a woman could not juggle all 3, husband/children/career, and that we should pick 2 because one or all would suffer otherwise? or does this only apply to childless dynamics?

edit: formatting

[-] PhantomDream09 1 Point 6 years ago

There are a few different schools of thought on this, but the main thing is that we don't want people to automatically assume that women with careers can't be legitimate Red Pill women. That perception is limiting and doesn't paint an accurate picture. I only recently heard the "pick 2" method, and while I think it's a good idea, I don't consider it mandatory.

I think it's important for every woman to know her limits and consider her options carefully before making certain commitments (whether that's a commitment to becoming a mother, getting married, or pursuing a career).

Yes, if you have too much on your plate, something (or several things) are going to suffer. That said, everyone has a different threshold when it comes to having a busy schedule. I think it varies from person to person, so while the "pick 2" is a good guideline, it's by no means a law. I'm not going to say women can't have all three, but I will advise caution.

There may be other users that disagree with what I'm saying, and hopefully they will chime in so you can get a more well rounded response.


[-] Lady_Motido 0 Points 6 years ago

I was just curious because every time this subject comes up most of the longtime RPW bring this up.

[-] [deleted] 2 Points 6 years ago

i think the problem word is "career". i think you can have a JOB, but a career indicates a primary focus, one above and beyond youre husband and family.

[-] Lady_Motido 0 Points 6 years ago

yes, I think you're right. Job or career does make a huge difference in the way this would be perceived.

[-] PhantomDream09 0 Points 6 years ago

I never thought about or made that distinction before, interesting. If anything, I just figured that "career" was the line of work you wanted to be doing. The term "job" isn't necessarily positive or negative to me, just factual.

[-] PhantomDream09 0 Points 6 years ago

No worries, I don't really think about it too much because I know what I do (and don't) want.

[-] BoBalderson 0 Points 6 years ago

Very informative!

There's just one thing I didn't quite get. Isn't "stifling your inner itch" contradicting to the notion of "emracing your biological urges"?

[-] [deleted] 1 Point 6 years ago

i think she was censoring bitch *itch see?

[-] PhantomDream09 0 Points 6 years ago

Yes, I was doing that...I could break my swearing rule though, so it's more clear.

[-] PhantomDream09 0 Points 6 years ago

It could be rephrased to say "embrace your positive biological urges." No one wants to date a harpy.


[-] [deleted] 6 years ago
[-] toysjoe -1 Point 6 years ago

In the

Aren’t men that have a lot of sexual partners hypocrites for wanting a woman with a low number of sexual partners? And what’s wrong with FWBs and no-strings dynamics

sub-heading, there is a mistake where you wrote retrain where it should have been retain.

[-] PhantomDream09 -1 Point 6 years ago

Good catch.