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yungboi 6 months ago

The absolute cuckery of this is astounding

redhead 7 months ago

@yungboi why do you care? give yourself a good look in the mirror and answer that question honestly first. then go talk to a girl, ask her out. be honest with yourself if she is hotter than you expect to be turned away. everyone can't be a winner

Master_Elrond 7 months ago

@yungboi start by understanding that bitches don't fuck down, always up. You can rate them high, but you must be higher (unless you're a good BB catch in their eyes).

yungboi 7 months ago

Recently I've been having a hard time not putting girls on the pedestal. I can't get back into that I don't care mindset. Any tips or suggestions?

EvoRationalist 8 months ago


If you can meet with triumph and disaster, and treat those two impostors just the same....

Chaddeus_Rex 8 months ago

@yungboi get her number and ask her out asap. Shud be easy if they ask ur number

Noblefiz 8 months ago

@yungboi some prefer it, some don't. I'm not one of those guys who (ATM) has slick text game. I literally only text 4 logistics. Maybe some innuendos before the first couple meetups but that's it. Once my SMV is established and I've fucked her a couple times, I always.(full stop). Let her text me first. 2/3 rule. Do what works for you tho

yungboi 8 months ago

What are the best strategies for texting? Now that I've taken red pill girls are asking for my number. Keep in mind I'm in high school still so any advice geared toward that would also be great.

jwayne 8 months ago

@yungboi Its not about that. The author paints a consistent picture that red pillers are unable to relate to women except in autistic cringey ways. He is obviously clueless when it comes to female nature. Because hes a bluepill dating coach who helps "geeks". He may have never experienced the raw slutty submissive feminine side of women.

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