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yungboi 3 weeks ago

@Noblefiz very true standing up for yourself doesn't equal being a dick. Those who try to manipulate alphas would think they are being dicks but they are just not taking crap

Noblefiz 3 weeks ago

@yungboi not everyone is going to like you. Im a good man. I have great posture, eye contact And I've worked hard to make it that way. Unfortunately for others who don't bother getting to know me, I'm: cocky, arrogant, stuck-up, a prick, etc. So be it. You're gonna be a douche to some ppl.May as well be for good reasons you pick. Be alpha

Noblefiz 3 weeks ago

@yungboi what you said can be viewed in both RP and BP perspectives.. from a BP view, it would mean being overly aggressive,confrontational, etc as a compensation mechanism. From a RP view, it just means figuring out who you are and what you're worth and standing up for yourself, what you believe in and anything else important to you.

yungboi 3 weeks ago

@ReallyGrounded true it just must be my blue pill way of thinking that I have to be nice to everyone for no reason

ReallyGrounded 3 weeks ago

@yungboi what's wrong with that? If someone is giving you crap they don't deserve niceties

yungboi 3 weeks ago

@ReallyGrounded to be alpha you have to not take crap from people and because of that sometimes you have to be mean. So you have to be a douchebag to be alpha so you don't take crap from people. Feel free to correct that logic

ReallyGrounded 3 weeks ago

@yungboi define douchebag. What about alpha makes you think you have to be a douchebag?

yungboi 3 weeks ago

@redhead ok so just be there to show how you helped them succeed but distance yourself from the failure because you know you weren't apart of it. Got it thanks

redhead 3 weeks ago

@yungboi theres a guy I train in wrestling with since 9th grade. We always were friends and he got really good at wrestling and I got a a lot of credit for being his training partner. But he got into drugs and fucked his life up at which point I just cut myself off from him to find a new training partner.

StrikePrice 3 weeks ago

@yungboi Thses are exact opposites. You cannot be alpha and be a douche. The PRIMARY responsibility of an alpha is to take care of his tribe. If you can’t do that, you can’t be alpha. I’m alpha because everyone around me follows me instinctively. Why? Because they prosper when they do.

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