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URL: Yams Everyday
Expertise: Masculinity

Relationship Philosophy:

I don't meet or approach 1000s of girls (but I think guys who do are great). I am most concerned with not getting get caught up in the storm of female bullshit but instead following your own lead and having relationships on your own terms. I want men to live freely rather than compromise themselves for women.

Most blue pill men don't want to be free, they want to be cared for. But, alas, freedom is all we have.


I missed out on most of societal conditioning and grew up pretty unorthodox. Still, I wasn’t immune to blue pill conditioning.

When I discovered the truth of relationships I felt more free than I ever had. I felt finally like I could live my own life. I started writing articles as a way to distill and organize my thoughts.

I am speaking from personal experience on how to capture masculinity energy and how to make it unique to yourself. Most articles are about whatever I’m currently working on in my life.

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