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jwayne about a week ago

@wrognspellign black pill is not true, looks only opens up tons of opportunities - some are exclusive and otherwise closed. black pillers are masturbating to their own misery, it feels good to complain and receive pity. It justifies being lazy and ignoring solvable probkens. it is self-defeating, pathetic, not respectable, very pussified.

tb87670 about a week ago

@wrognspellign Looks does help, but even fellows hit with the ugly stick do well to have muscle on their frames. Everyone acts different around a guy that is jacked and at least somewhat lean, and that is something you CAN control. The rest falls into place on the way.

wrognspellign about a week ago

Even if it's true, why in the world would a sane man accept such a reality.It's basically telling him to give up on life and lose all hope if he's not genetically the cream of the crop.Even after saying this,and looking things from a third persons perspective,this thing is canceruos and I would advice everyone to stay away frm Blackpill.

wrognspellign about a week ago

@tb87670 Black Pill's basically saying Looks>>>>Everything. Not just in dating but almost every other area of life.And the way it's presented, giving examples of people like Jeremy Meeks who became a millonaire by donations from women who even made a campaign to pay for his bail etc.It's really depressing.

tb87670 about a week ago

@wrognspellign Bad programming due to exposure to media your whole life. Takes a while to shake it. I had imposter syndrome when I first took the red pill, I was questioning if I actually wanted to improve myself after I started my initial monk mode. Internalize the pain, ask yourself if it is better to fight or take it up the rear.

wrognspellign about a week ago

Need your help with this.How to get rid of the victim mentality? I recently stumbled upon some horrible 'black-pill' stuff on YouTube and it was followed by me scrolling through incel forums for hours and doing nothing but just bitching about my genetics and why i am this way. Even if its true,it doesnt help me,so how to get rid of that?

redhead about a week ago

@wrognspellign how can you love bacon burgers and ice cream after understanding their true nature...?

wrognspellign about a week ago

How can you love women after understanding their true nature?

wrognspellign 3 weeks ago

First Time Here. Absolutely love this community. So fucking happy to see another bunch of people obsessed with self-improvement and personal growth. Max out on everything bruhs, grab life by the fucking balls. Just wanted to express my hapiness. Thanks.Tc Everyone.

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