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wrognspellign 3 months ago

@tb87670 And now with all the dogwhistling, it'll be even worse. Like ffs why are Neo-Nazi's and far-right conservatives so dumb

TheViolat0r 5 months ago

@wrognspellign hey! I'm an Indian (feather) too! Nice to meet the online you! But, what's the point of waiting three days? Just fuckin get it over with and find out if she's to be Nexted. She ended up blocking you anyway!

disabledtrp 5 months ago

@wrognspellign There is an easy solution: You don't care. You could have agree & amplify, shrugged it off, neg or whatever was a better option than showing that affected you. You actually have a chick approaching you, how big an IOI is that? make a ticker skin and don't be bothered with that shit.

wrognspellign 5 months ago

Chick approached me at the bar, we talked for 10 mins before i left , took her number. Texted her after 3 days, convo went like : She: You look mixed ,are you? Me:No,I'm Indian but thanks blocked How do I make people look past the racial stereotypes? I'm 6'2, lean, 18, though many people mistake me for hbhw I live in Europe.

TheStoicCrane 6 months ago

@wrognspellign Women of your own culture & race not necessarily race alone will treat you better most of the time than any other.

MentORPHEUS 6 months ago

@wrognspellign Unless there are local cultural mores against it, by all means date other races if you find the individual attractive. If you're seeking LTR, common cultural ground becomes more important for day to day compatibility.

Omnidempotent 6 months ago

@wrognspellign dating? Doesn't matter. Procreating? Yes.

tb87670 6 months ago

@wrognspellign It's your preference you should worry about, not what others will think. If you have jungle fever go for it. If you caught yellow fever you know the cure. If you like every color in the rainbow except one then so be it. If you think a woman is attractive then go for it.

TheViolat0r 6 months ago

@wrognspellign stick to dating humans? Absolutely.

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