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Beta male orbits thot for 9 years while she rides the cock carousel, then she hits the wall and he buys her a house. Don't be this guy.

Oof. Tough read, even tougher reading the replies left on the original post. I just cannot relate to that world anymore.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 2 months ago by throwitdownman
Why are girls conservative in high school but go wild in college?

It’s a door - once opened never closed. When you do something new, your brain becomes accustomed to it and you see it as a norm.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 2 months ago by throwitdownman
"Big Dick Energy" - Female's own theory that confirms RP truths

Watch this term become a trend. Guess it makes it easier when girls throw such complimentary labels at us whenever we do some form of game. Eventually we don’t even need advanced game, just a opener and we’ll be labeled a ‘Big Dick Chad’.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 3 months ago by throwitdownman
AskTRP told me to hard next my ex. I accepted her back and guess what

Never believe it when a women who went on a date with a guy says “I have no interest for him”.

If it were that easy, we’ll see every chub in the street get a date! If it were so, PUA wouldn’t need to exist! And we won’t need openers - clearly women do not go out with men they have 0 attraction for.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 5 months ago by throwitdownman
Time's precious. How long do you think you've got? Not much at all. 3800 weeks / 900 months / 27000 days. And they're are gonna fly faster than you think.

Freaky. A couple of days ago I was calculating the amount of days left for myself, and felt the exact same as you OP.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 6 months ago by throwitdownman
Female researcher gets Red-pilled while studying why 25% of men are now childless in Norway -- and it's steadily rising and mostly involuntary

Damn. Do they not divorce rape / common law marriage in Norway? Yet the article says they have strong rights for women there? If I have a baby with a chick I know half my net worth is at risk, and that number increases with more kids.

If I could have kids with no consequences I’ll be spreading my seed like crazy as well.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 7 months ago by throwitdownman

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