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[25m] my girlfriend[24f] told me she had only slept with 3 guys, her best friend[24f] blurted out that they slept with a guy every city in Europe they visited

Oldest trick in the book - N counts are never accurate.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 2 weeks ago by throwitdownman
Shit Test your overprotective parents before it's too late

There’s a lot of conjecture and projecting going on with OP. Interesting, however not an objective opinion.

There’s a lot of nuance to this topic. Hard to apply this as a theorem to other people’s lives. Hope OP feels better getting this off his chest.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 3 weeks ago by throwitdownman
Jeff Bezos to divorce wife of 25 years, leading to the costliest divorce settlement ever...

You know how growing up we had participation awards? Basically, we didn’t do anything but we got something?

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a month ago by throwitdownman
Youtube "Try-on" videos...example of the decline?

If we get into the numbers, I’d actually wager that most viewers are women.

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a month ago by throwitdownman
Beta male orbits thot for 9 years while she rides the cock carousel, then she hits the wall and he buys her a house. Don't be this guy.

Oof. Tough read, even tougher reading the replies left on the original post. I just cannot relate to that world anymore.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 4 months ago by throwitdownman
Why are girls conservative in high school but go wild in college?

It’s a door - once opened never closed. When you do something new, your brain becomes accustomed to it and you see it as a norm.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 5 months ago by throwitdownman

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