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The Paradox of Choice and Online Dating (AKA What Killed the Sexual Marketplace; recommended for beginners)

I met a woman by chance, who is good looking, has a graduate degree, and is in her early 20s with great career prospects. Anyway, I'm 20 years older than she is. It's going pretty well. Anyway, she told me Tinder notified her she has had a total of 25,000 matches and she has 3000 messages in her ok cupid inbox. All her dates so far were through online dating. I probably...[More]

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What is Borderline Personality Disorder? (BPD)

If you want to get deep into this, there's a epic, never ending horror show over at /r/bpdlovedones .

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[FR] Tinder HB5 first date close

Fat is ok if she has big boobs.

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Sluts and the City: A Carousel Rider's Regrets

Also, back in the day, it was accepted for older women to slut around as Ben Franklin will tell you. Younger women were supposed to be having babies and families.

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Stuff has Changed

I got into pickup in the late 90s when I found Ross Jefferies stuff in the bowels of the internet. It really worked well back then since nobody had even heard of it or believed it worked and the way you met women was going out to clubs and you had limited competition from the other guys there that night.

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You have two relationships with a women: One with her brain and one with her body.

They do something. Whether it will actually make a woman sexually interested is another matter. It made my LTR's body think I was a different guy, so this is probably not something that's particularly useful for dating, etc.

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