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Location: USA
Age: 30

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Age: 30 | Location: USA
thorgilbjornson 5 months ago

For several nights in a row now, I've gotten "please rape me," followed by, "thank you so much, I really needed that."

thorgilbjornson 5 months ago

@StrikePrice Either some DEEP crazy, or some rough and kinky shit that some other dude turned her onto.

thorgilbjornson 5 months ago

Some women need to be treated like addicts. Don't trust them, don't depend on them, cut them out of your life of they're not making an effort.

thorgilbjornson 5 months ago

Started lifting so I would feel less like dying. It makes a difference. Whatever excuse you need to make for yourself, start lifting, and keep lifting. I got a pair of cheap dumbbells at WalMart with removable plates so I can increase the weight later. Do it. No excuse.