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Location: USA
Age: 30

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Age: 30 | Location: USA
thorgilbjornson about a day ago

For several nights in a row now, I've gotten "please rape me," followed by, "thank you so much, I really needed that."

thorgilbjornson about a week ago

@StrikePrice Either some DEEP crazy, or some rough and kinky shit that some other dude turned her onto.

thorgilbjornson about a week ago

Some women need to be treated like addicts. Don't trust them, don't depend on them, cut them out of your life of they're not making an effort.

thorgilbjornson about a week ago

Started lifting so I would feel less like dying. It makes a difference. Whatever excuse you need to make for yourself, start lifting, and keep lifting. I got a pair of cheap dumbbells at WalMart with removable plates so I can increase the weight later. Do it. No excuse.