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tb87670 2 days ago

@TheStoicCrane I live in an area that floods every year in the same areas and farmers almost never got crops out of that land my whole life. They just plant it so the government can subsidize the crop loss on otherwise useless land they wouldn't plant on anyway. The few times they do get harvests it's great because the dead fish and plant material from the floods, but it's a major net loss.

TheStoicCrane 2 days ago

@tb87670 The US is experiencing a record high level crop failure right now. As much as I'd like to attribute increasing prices to greedy companies farmers are legitimately struggling to grow crops due to climate conditions.

tb87670 2 days ago

@TheStoicCrane Brazil, China, Indonesia, and Russia have had double-digit food price inflation. All are either corrupt, overpopulated, or both. Processed foods are bad for you and expensive, companies profit off the processing. Here a 12oz bag of mixed veggies is 84 cents. Carrot, corn, peas, green beans. Add baked chicken breast it's cheap and healthier than what humans had access to in the past.

tb87670 5 days ago

@MatrixofLe3adership Friend told me about it, didn't believe it until I saw it.

MatrixofLe3adership 5 days ago

@tb87670 -1 for being on Pornhub

TheStoicCrane 5 days ago

@tb87670 Yeah. Girls like are how regret rape charges are made. One second they have everything on display and the next they hamster they've been taken advantage of in a vulnerable time. Becoming less and less trustworthy by the generation.

tb87670 5 days ago

@replacemenwithalphas00 I personally thought it was funny. Not disagreeing with you about deceiving people all the time but look at the context of GLO's prior posts, he does this often.

tb87670 5 days ago

@TheStoicCrane IQ has been slipping at a consistent rate for many years now. There will be a tipping point where the average drops another point and it will suddenly be blatantly obvious how far we slipped. GenZ women are more retarded than ever when it comes to dating/hookup shenanigans.

tb87670 5 days ago

The randomness of the internet strikes again, one of my exes is on Pornhub. She looks a lot fatter, aged 10 years in 3, and the poor sap acts like he is getting a fine cut of meat when he's going at my table scraps. She had 2 months of me without protection or a reverse gear. I have found much humor in this, so not as anger phase as I was. "An Alpha's trash is a Beta's treasure" is a good proverb.

tb87670 6 days ago

@replacemenwithalphas00 “No one is as deaf as the man who will not listen.”

The school system is failing by deliberate design, not by sheer ineptitude. Alex Jones is the internet Jesus in a sort of way, crucified because those in power did not like what he said.

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