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TheStoicCrane 5 hours ago

@tb87670 A triviality. You perceive the West through the lens of a Westerner being a colonial descendant. I have dual perspectives being an immediate descendant of immigrants that allow me to see the flaws of the US more clearly. Flaws that make me inclined to desert it in pursuit of a more cultured country.

Omnidempotent 4 days ago

@tb87670 that's not true. If your family has been in the US long enough, at least part of your cultural heritage is American.

tb87670 5 days ago

@redpillschool I see the word "edgy" a few times. Made me laugh, so-called "blackpills" do come across as hipsters trying to be edgy. The slang term "tryhard" also comes to mind except "blackpills" do not try hard enough to improve their circumstances. Original TRP'ers were right about noise and static, getting too much nowadays.

tb87670 5 days ago

@TheStoicCrane To be fair no one in America has cultural heritage belonging to the US. Even the Native Americans were transplants that enslaved or killed the men, old women and children of local competition (look up Crow Creek Massacre Site). My family has roots in the US going back to colonization but I'm still considered "Caucasian".

tb87670 5 days ago

@Gaboyski Men don't need approval for the right to association. Weak males do. Boy Scouts has been a flailing do-nothing organization since I was born so I never joined, my father says it has been going downhill since the early 70's.

DennyHardy about a week ago

@jwayne @tb87670 our duty and role in being among the unplugged is to lend that open ear and guide the ill-informed to better themselves. The best we can do is offer wisdom. It is their choice whether or not to follow it. Sometimes it sticks and sometimes it doesn't. This is the modern day survival of the fittest.

jwayne about a week ago

@tb87670 I know it but it really does save lives. To think about where I was headed before TRP...smh And I see other guys on the same path, blue pill idealist, not masculine at all, weak, wasting ALL their free time in trivial entertainment... I see it all around me because these are the circles I used to move in. But I cant help them.

tb87670 about a week ago

@DennyHardy The point of the process is to internalize and manage themselves on the journey to their own goals. Point them to the TRP sidebar, from there they have to navigate the waters on their own. If they turn the other way let them go. Once my eyes were opened I couldn't go back, some run back enthusiastically.

tb87670 about a week ago

@wrognspellign Looks does help, but even fellows hit with the ugly stick do well to have muscle on their frames. Everyone acts different around a guy that is jacked and at least somewhat lean, and that is something you CAN control. The rest falls into place on the way.

DennyHardy about a week ago

@tb87670 I, too, tried to help my own brother years ago. And the only thing that worked for him was the example I set (he's way younger). Sometimes simply pointing things out that we notice and relating it to what we have learned is a segway to a bigger conversation. We cant save them all, but we save the ones we can.

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