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destraht 11 hours ago

Oh @tb87670 I got my wires crossed with another user. Anyways I'll chill out on the posting.

destraht 11 hours ago

@tb87670 Well you're older and have figured it out to your toleration. You were saying about people and RP therapists. Get them out there. They can hire me for $15/hour and I'll take all of their shit to the landfill with them, purchase a nice bag online, a plane ticket and a box of condoms for if they were to choose to use them.

tb87670 11 hours ago

@destraht I don't live in a liberal hellhole. I acknowledge I am anti-social and enjoy privacy. Direct family and my woman are close to the limit of what I can handle on a daily basis without any friction. As a kid I camped in the woods alone a lot and was happy exploring alone. Unsure if that is symptom or cause of my anti-social ways.

destraht 20 hours ago

@tb87670 Why don't you pursue relocating? About 80% of the reason that I suffer my native culture at this point is due to helping out with family. My mom finished her bankruptcy a week ago. Now they can begin to dream again since the house can now be sold. Cali is a mild hell for me overall. Do you pursue change? There are other places.

tb87670 22 hours ago

@Noblefiz Even without TRP I'd be quite happy alone. Most people out there are stupid and openly violent towards my viewpoints (redpilled and honest about life) so I don't talk to them and participate as little as possible in society. I can socialize well but I do not enjoy it, I keep looking for the exit. I highly value my time alone.

Pentalobe 2 days ago

@tb87670 Maybe, I really hope so.

tb87670 2 days ago

@Pentalobe Sex with other women opens your eyes about exes. You will not feel at a loss after hooking up, works every time. Work up to banging two different women within a 24h period then you will have more clarity on what's important and stop "freaking out" over minor shit. It feels major to you now but your perspective will change.

tb87670 2 days ago

@BornOfOsiris No. They can't fire you for not talking during break. They can't fire you if you technically communicate what is needed for the job. They can't fire you for being sexist/racist/whatever-ist if you don't say anything. They can't fire you if a co-worker thinks you don't like them because you did not say anything.

BornOfOsiris 3 days ago

@tb87670 Did you experience any disadvantages following this behavior ?

tb87670 3 days ago

@BornOfOsiris I said it at least once before on this website, I don't socialize at work at all beyond required communication to do the job. If they can get me fired because they think I'm conservative or redpilled then they don't deserve the pleasure of my company.

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