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Kexryn 12 hours ago

@tb87670 I am skeptical of the health dangers of 5G. However, if you want to improve landline Internet, go out there and improve it. If you don't have the resources, then recruit people until you do, or start small.

tb87670 13 hours ago

@Kexryn Big corporations seem dead-set on blasting RF radiation at higher frequencies from a more dense network of broadcasting towers. One man can't stop it, groups of people who know the subject very well are running into a wall trying to halt it. They will use patriotism as the excuse to do it so China doesn't get ahead. I'd say stick to landline and let Chinese burn their nervous systems out.

Kexryn 13 hours ago

@tb87670 Be the change you want to see in the world. If landline internet is inadequate in your area, start your own network with blackjack and hookers. Anything is possible.

Kexryn 13 hours ago

@tb87670 How did TRP get tied up with this conspiracy theory?

destraht 20 hours ago

@tb87670 Yeah its about packing as many people as possible into a hive grid with twenty sensors up their asses. Its back to Agenda 21 shit.

tb87670 20 hours ago

@replacemenwithalphas00 I don't get why we can't just focus on landline internet first. The push to 5G is all about profit and it will be at the expense of human health. Scary stuff is already coming out from various tests on 5G. People already avoid 4G hotspots to reduce how many headaches they get a month.

tb87670 2 days ago

@TheStoicCrane You get the same effect by putting a podium in your living room and talking to the pillows on the couch. "Good news everyone! begins blurting about what happened during the day"

tb87670 3 days ago

@MentORPHEUS Every SJW/leftist/feminist is in your face aggressive until you do something about it. Reason is because barely patting someone on the back can be considered assault in most western countries today. If it was legal to bitch-slap people for acting stupid we wouldn't have brazen crazies like Antifa showing up in masks with shields made of plastic barrels going 20-1 and declaring a win.

tb87670 6 days ago

@MentORPHEUS Then you see a video of a guy blowing veins over being called Fredo and wonder about how the world would be better if the common garden variety of leftist SJW's didn't get any airtime.

tb87670 about a week ago

@TheStoicCrane I live in an area that floods every year in the same areas and farmers almost never got crops out of that land my whole life. They just plant it so the government can subsidize the crop loss on otherwise useless land they wouldn't plant on anyway. The few times they do get harvests it's great because the dead fish and plant material from the floods, but it's a major net loss.

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Will we switch to / completely?

Ok the r/TRP is the one that is invite only, my mistake. Still just a quarantine for r/TheRedPill that anyone can still get into.

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Will we switch to / completely?

The shame is my account is banned on Reddit starting the day of the quarantine. Search my posts, I wasn't even a hardcore poster with the most extreme viewpoints, I have only been popping in every now and then for the past several months.

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Where's the new frontier guys? I'm taking the next boat...

There are no more frontiers left on Earth. It will be a while until we go to space and even then there is no guarantee of some sci-fi FTL travel or legit habitable planets.

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I shake my head thinking about a neighbor girl that was wanting to come over to bang all the time when I was 14-16. Kept hitting on me at school, way too obvious about it and she only acted like that for me, was too shy to talk to other guys. I seriously did not read it at all.

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Don't fool yourselves into thinking being muscular is a deterrent. When I was mushy and out of shape I was still able to to lay a muscular ripped guy's face into the pavement until his teeth were missing. Notice lots of chubby-ish country type guys? Cannot see definition in their arms, hard to tell how much of the bulk is muscle mass or fat, yet they can toss 80lb bales and cement bags all day...[More]

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