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Announcing: OFFICIAL NO-BAN FREE-FOR-ALL MODS-ASLEEP AMA-TRP DAY* WED 2/13 : "The biggest brawl of ill-conceived multi-colored pill metaphors baked into the biggest smackdown medicine cocktail since John Belushi discovered heroin."

Uh okay, so will this only be based of American time zones? Or can it be a little bit more universal and specify using UTC? And maybe, another idea, just mention that once the thread is 24 hours old the AMA stops and the thread is locked?

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a week ago by tam8a_tomato
Our Appeal of the Quarantine to the Reddit Admin

I know this is late, and I'm not sure if I should add this to the pile of modmail that is already present because of quarantine. But I also want to note that the sidebar, probably the most important asset of this sub, is GONE when viewing the sub as a logged-out user on the new reddit's desktop site. This is not the case for those subscribed to r trp, which may be why I haven't seen discussion...[More]

Context | Full Comments | submitted 4 months ago by tam8a_tomato
Mystery Man

Exactly. OP just needs a new reddit account.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 10 months ago by tam8a_tomato
Building Power - The brainstorm
Context | Full Comments | submitted about a year ago by tam8a_tomato
Don't wait for the New YearContext | Full Comments | submitted about a year ago by tam8a_tomato
Reminder: Neediness is THE Most Unattractive Trait

Preach. Those 2 steps should be the other way around:

Step 1. Don't be unattractive
Step 2. Be attractive

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a year ago by tam8a_tomato

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