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Google Executives Fall Pray to False Accusations

Hire a male that identifies as a woman

Context | Full Comments | submitted 3 months ago by sixseven89
Google Executives Fall Pray to False Accusations

I wonder if google will eventually crash due to hiring too many women

Context | Full Comments | submitted 3 months ago by sixseven89
Michael Kimmel, male feminist founder of the Stony Brook Center for Studies on Masculinity, the institution indicated by reddit admins as providing good reading on "positive masculinity", forced to step down on accusations of workplace sexual harassment and sexism by past collaborators

Just remember that Kimmel should still be considered an alleged rapist.

Let's not employ a double standard here; if we consider Kavanaugh innocent until proven guilty and shame the left for calling him a rapist, we should do the same for Kimmel. The only difference is there seems to be much, much more evidence against Kimmel of course.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 4 months ago by sixseven89
How did I handle this plate's exclusive ultimatum?

Mmm shake n bake

Context | Full Comments | submitted 6 months ago by sixseven89
Is MeToo turning into NotYou at small companies?

Narcissistic personality disorder is almost impossible to diagnose in women, because it's indistinguishable from normal female behaviour.

quote of the day haha

Context | Full Comments | submitted 7 months ago by sixseven89
Reminder: Never discuss your feelings

Obviously this makes sense when you feel sad or stressed, but does this also apply to anger? Ex: "My boss is being such a fucking idiot right now"

Context | Full Comments | submitted 9 months ago by sixseven89

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