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I Archived The Entire Subreddit And Coded A Simple Website To Read It

Did something similar here: I have every single post backed up but only the top 1000 are browsable at the moment. You’ll be able to search all of them soon though.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 4 months ago by robodylan123
Stop Reddit Censorship Join Our Petition: 1-Hour Boycott Nov 1st 4:00 PM PDT - Please Share

Hey, so I wrote a quick script today to pull the top 1000 posts and put them in JSON format. Threw together a site to make it readable, which is currently running at I have about 5MB of submission data currently. I'm looking into other ways to pull more data since the API has become more and more restrictive. If anyone has any ideas for pulling...[More]

Context | Full Comments | submitted 4 months ago by robodylan123
FR, failed to escalate

Thanks for this. I spend way too much time waiting. Too much time sitting quietly next to her before asking a question I've prepared well ahead of time. I need to work on my fallacy that there will always be a perfect moment to ask.

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a year ago by robodylan123

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