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Expertise: sports
Max Bench: 2 strippers
Max Squat: at least 4

Relationship Philosophy:

alpha fux beta buxxx

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TheViolat0r about a day ago

@redhead a stranger, quietly, but desperately, calling out for help whilst trying to get their life back together. Actions...say more than words. I do a lot of walking. Meet a lot of ppl. Outside of your jobs, your gyms, your phones, your clubs, your bars, your's just he HumbleSavage in me that's curious.

redhead 4 days ago

can't wait to run into some of you fucks at the beach this summer, destroy you in beach football, and steal your girls.

Noblefiz 5 days ago

@redhead interesting take. So would you agree with this statement? - that's it's a false notion that the degree to which hypergamy expresses itself is different in each woman

redhead 5 days ago

@Noblefiz no. a woman is a child and a child does not consciously suppress their instincts. Someone told me women are dumb and predictable, I think they're very smart (because they have a biological sexual strategy that men don't) but still very predictable.

redhead 6 days ago

@crypton808 you can't believe it? oh I'm sorry. your sense of reality is fucked

redhead about a week ago
redhead about a week ago

since the quarantine the # of SHIT quality posts and trolls on askTRP and the main sub have gone way up. i can't waste anymore time sifting through it for nuggets of info. im grateful for what TRP taught me, but I believe it is getting buried slowly again (population control for alphas)

nonstopas about a week ago

@redhead what about weight lifting, or during HIIT sessions you do not build any muscle and it's more like cardio?

redhead about a week ago

@nonstopas yeah 10 sets of 30 second on 30 second off sprints is a classic HIIT go-to. Do that 3 times a week and cut fat in your diet and you'll see results.

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