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Expertise: sports
Max Bench: 2 strippers
Max Squat: at least 4

Relationship Philosophy:

alpha fux beta buxxx

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redhead about a day ago

@TheStoicCrane If you want to be a farmer, good. We need those. Master your craft. Respect. We also need leaders. We, as a nation, are lacking in those right now.

bear-with-bit 3 days ago

@redhead Bible is full of RP truths, isn't it? Ironic how I left Christian faith and then discovered RP. "Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife." -Proverbs 21:9

redhead 3 days ago

Today is the best day to get a blowjob. Most girls will give themselves away out of purely not wanting to be left out of the valentines day festivities. take advantage boys.

redhead 4 days ago

@bear-with-bit You don't ever try to "awaken" people. As that is a feminine action in the first place. In the bible, Eve told Adam to eat the fruit which made him conscious. that is a symbol for how women are more self conscious and want to make others feel the same way. trying to awaken other men is never a good idea to begin with.

DennyHardy 4 days ago

@redhead (2)... be their own mental point of origin. Self improvement and self actualization are paths to that. The simplest way is to find a hobby and master it. The groupies will eventually follow. Obtaining the affections of women shouldn't be the goal, but merely a pleasant side effect. So, to a degree, I agree with you

DennyHardy 4 days ago

@redhead (1) I understand now. Organizing one's life around vag is simple pedestalization. One cannot be their own mental point of origin. Many find their way to TRP in pursuit of wanting to relight an old flame or want to simply get a girl. When they do that it is up to us to teach them to ....

redhead 4 days ago

@DennyHardy I want men to take responsibility for the future of society. Instead we're all focusing on getting our dicks wet, which is great, but it doesn't make sense to organize your life around the pursuit of vagina.

clavabot 5 days ago

@redhead I assume you missspelled 'amoral'

redforeducation 5 days ago

@redhead amoral, not imoral

DennyHardy 5 days ago

@redhead please elaborate... I may have missed the beginning of this thought. You have me curious

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