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Vagina Envy

If you’re good looking, you’ll get pussy anyways, but openly liberal men are more likely to get pussy than openly conservative men because women trend liberal and a lot of women hate Trump. At least that’s what I got from his statement.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 2 months ago by redbossman123
The 5 stages of becoming a redpill Alpha

Just one thing to correct is this. The inauguration pics were all taken at 9 am. Antifa and protestors were blocking the entrances so damn much people couldn't get in then. So yeah, later it got big, but all the pictures were taken early so a narrative could be formed, plus protestors were blocking the entrances to the inauguration for normal peeps. The VIP entrance was still very much...[More]

Context | Full Comments | submitted 9 months ago by redbossman123

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