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paperstreetvilla 7 months ago Tough nut to crack. At what point are you working towards being a better plow horse, vs tactical retreat

paperstreetvilla 7 months ago

@GayLubeOil See warlocks MRP rant for example. A few guys online test his frame and he crumbles... Flair next to your name doesn't offer protection from frame testing

paperstreetvilla 7 months ago

@dr_warlock TRP doesn't focus on Ironwood enough, and TRP focus on women a lot, but the boys there are on mission focus.

paperstreetvilla 7 months ago

@dr_warlock Dude... It's a different beast. Just because you're flaired in TRP, doesn't mean MRP guys give a shit. You come into any mans house swinging your dick, don't be surprised if you get your frame tested. Having said that, you DEER'ed and ego protected real bad.

88will took it, and now people converse with him all the time.

GayLubeOil 11 months ago

@paperstreetvilla My Grandfather told me something I live by: Russians Don't Surrender!

paperstreetvilla 11 months ago

@GayLubeOil Dude, between PPD idiots, TBP idiots, and MGTOW idiots lashing out, it can get tiring. Since you have a picture with a face, you get to be the lightning rod for everyone elses insecurities

paperstreetvilla 11 months ago

@Rollo-Tomassi Interesting series Rollo. Thanks for the read

paperstreetvilla 11 months ago

@Archwinger not being gay is a hallmark of actual masculinity in the west. It's being co opted, and guys like milo are further defining it as 'acting gay' instead of being gay.

Off topic, went to pull the reference, went offline finally. Another site bites the dust. His new stuff looks like AtholK, too bad

paperstreetvilla 11 months ago

@Rollo-Tomassi I'm surprised you're not angrier. Essentially, you built a brand over 5 years, and some fat fucks borrow it to impress a HB5 film student.

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